Android OS for pc

Android is the popular operating system designed for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. The latest electronic gadgets like streaming boxes and Smart TVs also have this OS. The Android operating system, created by Google, can also be used on a Windows PC.

Windows computer users can download and use Android apps using emulators. There is no longer a need to have a phone to play your favourite Android games. All you need to do is install the Android emulator on the PC. 

However, ensure to check there is sufficient storage on the device. Otherwise, installing the Android OS might be challenging on Windows PCs.

You must verify whether the Android emulator is compatible with the Windows OS. If you install an incompatible emulator, the Android apps won’t run on the PC. Thus, check the Android emulator’s system requirements before the installation. Besides, the Android OS for PC should be easy to use.

Now, let’s find out the best Android OS for PC that is worth installing:

1. Chrome OS

ChromeOS is the popular Android OS designed for the latest Windows computers. This operating system is for users who use the PC to surf the web. It’s a desktop OS from Google that offers a fast computing experience. Besides, ChromeOS requires minimal hardware specifications to run on Windows devices.

Setting up ChromeOS is also easier than macOS. Turn on the Chromebook and log in to the Google account to get started. Moreover, Google updates this OS automatically and removes security patches or bugs. 

Here are the advantages of installing this Android OS for PC:

  • It supports almost all the latest Android apps
  • Users can run office productivity apps and Google-branded communication apps on ChromeOS.
  • This OS is suitable for professionals who use PCs for multitasking.

What are the Drawbacks of ChromeOS?

ChromeOS has limited computing capabilities. It can’t run resource-intensive video or photo editing apps. Moreover, this operating system is not designed for hardcore gaming. Popular game titles available for Windows can’t be accessed from ChromeOS due to software limitations. 

2. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the best Android emulator available for Windows PCs. Over 500 million people use this Android OS for PC to download their required apps. This free emulator allows you to run Android games on computers. It is a reliable gaming platform available with lower CPU and memory usage.

Currently, 212 countries have access to Bluestacks. This easy-to-use Android emulator has better RAM consumption than Nox or MEmu. Enable its “Trim Memory” feature to reduce RAM consumption while playing a game. Bluestacks kept their UI design minimal to help users to access all the features quickly.

With Bluestacks, you can explore the following benefits:

  • You no longer have to access Game Center to look for games. Instead, open the Android PlayStore to install the best games.
  • Users can play Android games at high FPS using this emulator.
  • It helps the users to add multitasking features on the PC screen.

What are the Downsides of Bluestacks?

Many users experienced compatibility issues on Windows PCs when using Bluestacks. The computer might run slow after installing this Android emulator. 

Sometimes, you might encounter problems when updating this app. Thus, if you want to avoid these issues, consider looking for an alternate option.

3. PrimeOS

You must have heard about this Android OS for PC, right? It is designed for Windows desktops, allowing users to run Android games and apps. PrimeOS uses Android x86-based OS for computers to provide a desktop experience. Besides, its “Key Mapping” feature helps you to set keys for Android game controls.

PrimeOS can be installed autonomously without another OS. It also allows PC users to access Google Play apps, like YouTube. Moreover, you can play popular Android games like PUBG: Mobile on PC using this emulator. 

Do you want to work on multiple Android apps simultaneously? Consider using PrimeOS on the computer.

How to Install PrimeOS on the Windows Computers?

Installing PrimeOS on a Windows PC is pretty straightforward. Open a web browser, go to the search bar and write “PrimeOS download”. Access the PrimeOS site, select the Windows OS version and click “Download”. 

Once the download is complete, enable the “Dual-boot” mode. It will help you to create a separate disk partition for PrimeOS every time you restart the PC. Moreover, you can easily switch from Windows OS to PrimeOS when Dual-boot mode is on. 

What is the Drawback of PrimeOS?

Windows applications are not compatible with this Android OS for PC. Thus, you can’t run them after installing PrimeOS on the device. If you want to use the Windows software on the computer, use Bluestacks instead. 

4. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is an enhanced computer operating system based on the Android platform. This is suitable for high-end laptops, tablets and other large-screen devices. 

Phoenix OS is the best alternative to MacOS and is also safe to use. Furthermore, it consumes less RAM compared to Windows 10/11/8 OS.

Phoenix OS boots 2x faster than the other advanced PC operating systems. It is designed in x86 architecture and can run on any Intel-powered computer. Additionally, its “Notification Tray” helps you to check important emails or messages. 

Install Phoenix OS on the personal computer to get these advantages:

  • You can install this Android OS for PC on a USB flash drive
  • It supports Legacy BIOS and UEFI boot methods
  • The “File Manager” in this operating system is easy to navigate
  • Adjust the screen brightness from “Display” using the “Brightness Control” feature
  • Phoenix OS only consumes 370MB, and it provides access to Play Store apps

What are the Drawbacks of Phoenix OS?

There are several reasons why most Windows users avoid installing Phoenix OS on their devices. This operating system lacks Ethernet support. You can’t connect an external monitor to the PC when using this Android emulator. 

Moreover, Phoenix OS doesn’t support 32-bit Windows OS. Users can’t use Microsoft Office Suite once they install this OS on the computer. Besides, the apps sometimes won’t close even after clicking the “X” icon on the top window bar. 

Alternative Android OS for PC that is Worth Using in 2022

You can use Android x86 to use the Android apps on the computers. It is an open-source emulator which provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. Additionally, it allows you to add multitasking controls to improve your productivity.

Remix OS is also an easy-to-use Android OS that is compatible with Windows PCs. You can run Android apps and games after installing this OS. It offers a similar Taskbar to Windows, which makes browsing easier. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best Android OS for your PC and start using the required apps.

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