chrome components

Your Chrome browser consists of many components that are essential for performing various functions. You can view them by entering “chrome://components” in your browser. These components work in the background, and you need not pay attention to them unless for updates.

Moreover, you can look for updates for each of them separately instead of updating the browser. You might also need to update them individually to enjoy a certain new feature.

Here, we will take a look at all the important components of your Google Chrome browser. Apart from that, we also have some more information for you, including how to update them.

Important Chrome Components and their Functions

The components of your Chrome browser have quite a wide range of functions. And, you must understand them in case you face any problems with them. And, that should make it easier for you to get a solution.

So, here are some of the components that you can find in the latest Chrome browser version:

Desktop Sharing Hub

This feature is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome systems. It makes copying links and generating QR codes easier for users. Apart from that, it also has some more benefits to offer you. When you enable this feature, it adds a “+” on the right side of the Omnibox. It allows you to access various copying and sharing options.

MEI Preload

You probably play various types of media files daily on Chrome. And, the MEI Preload is the component that preloads those files for you. So, you would face problems with playing media files if there is an issue with this component. You must make sure it is up-to-date in such situations.


This is yet another crucial component on your Chrome browser that ensures your device’s safety. As it happens, you might often open a website with a bad certificate. CRLSet keeps a record of all such websites to warn you when you access them.

Federated Learning of Cohorts

In earlier Chrome versions, ads were individually targeted at users. And, this caused a privacy concern among many people. So, Chrome has added the Federated Learning of Cohorts to address those concerns. This component joins multiple users with similar interests and shows them similar types of ads. Thus, the ads are no longer individually targeted at users.

Software Reporter Tool

As the name might suggest, this component reports software issues to the browser, including suspicious ads and popups, among other problems. So, it is yet another important Chrome feature for keeping your device safe from viruses and malware.

Crowd Deny

This component mainly handles the site permissions on your browser. Many websites you access might not have a good reputation, and in such cases, Crowd Deny can revoke the permissions granted to such sites. However, this component works only with HTTP websites.

Subresource Filter Rules

The subresource in your Chrome browser identifies and removes malicious content from filtered pages. And, the Subresource Filter Resource contains the rules related to this function. So, it is yet another crucial component of Chrome that you might need to update in some cases.

Intervention Policy Database

Your Chrome browser has a wide range of policies regarding various aspects. And, it keeps them in a database called the intervention policy database. Does your Chrome browser keep crashing when you use it? If yes, then you might have to update this component as soon as possible.

Origin Trials

The developing team keeps performing experiments on Chrome to improve its user experience. And, they might often cause issues with the browser while doing so. But, the Origin Trials component prevents that from happening. Thus, the developers can perform as many experiments with the browser as they want to.

Safety Tips

Chrome uses a wide range of components to ensure data security, and Safety Tips are one. It alerts you whenever you open a malicious website on your browser. Moreover, it also suggests you exit the site to keep your device safe. So, it is yet another important component in Chrome that you must keep up-to-date.

Chrome Improved Recovery

Like other apps on your device, your browser might often face update and installation issues. Chrome has a component named Chrome Improved Recovery to deal with such situations. It detects every update and installation problem with the browser and repairs them automatically. You would also find many other components apart from the aforementioned one on Chrome.

How to Update Your Chrome Components?

As we have seen, you will find certain signs when the components mentioned above need an update. You can do that either by updating the individual component or the browser. Here is how you must proceed depending on which method you choose:

Updating an Individual Chrome Component

You might not need to update the browser in all cases. Sometimes, updating a certain component might fix the problem you are facing. You can access the components by entering “chrome://components” in the omnibox.

Click on “check for update” under the component facing the issue. Chrome will install an update for the component once it finds any. After that, you must restart the browser and check whether the problem persists.

Updating Chrome on Your Device

Are you using an outdated version of Chrome on your device? If yes, then you might want to update the browser instead of an individual component. You can easily do that by opening the “About Chrome” section in the browser’s menu.

Opt for installing the latest version that Chrome finds and restart the browser. This should update all the existing components and also add any new ones that were introduced.

Do You Need to Update Chrome Components?

Keeping your Chrome components up-to-date is important for your browser’s performance. And, you usually would not need to update them manually unless you face certain issues. These problems include update issues, flash failure, and Netflix not working among others. You must proceed with the aforementioned ways to update individual Chrome components in these situations.