est Living Room Furnitures

Aside from the master’s bedroom, the living room is one of the essential parts of a particular house. To make your home more elegant and good-looking, you have to check some of these living room furnitures.

Betsy Furniture 3 Pieces Sofa Sets

Only a few people have the knowledge and creativity to find the perfect furniture for their house, especially for men. But if you’re in the market of finding the best living room furniture right now, the Betsy furniture three-piece sofa sets can be the right choice. These three pieces of sofa sets will definitely make your guest, and you feel at home.

What makes this sofa set very impressive is its leather cover, which is excellent for cold places. It’s also elementary to clean, unlike other sofa sets that have fabric-type covers. The Betsy furniture three-piece sofa sets offer a reclining feature, which is excellent when watching movies during your vacant time or if you just want to rest.

You can buy the Betsy Furniture on Amazon, and they have four different colors available right now, such as black, brown, grey, and sandstone beige. Amazon also offers different types of sofa sets, such as 2+1, 3+1, 3+1+1, 3+2, 3+2+1, and more. You can just visit Amazon to check Betsy’s furniture sofa set availability.

With the Betsy furniture three-piece sofa sets, you’ll get features such as elevating footrest, full extension recline of up to 160 degrees, exceptional comfort, and a split-back design. If you’re not too familiar with Betsey’s sofa sets, it has three different sofa sets as Motion Sofa, Motion Loveseat, and the Motion Recliner.

Harper & Bright Designs Living Room Furniture

If you’re looking for comfortable and simple living room furniture, Harper & Bright Designs is the furniture manufacturer’s best living room. They create and design the most comfortable loveseat sofa that you ever tried before; if you like fabric upholstered sofa sets instead of leather, Harper & Bright Designs can provide that to you.

You might be wondering why Harper & Bright Designs offers a sofa set in linen fabric instead of leather. The reason for that is comfort; linen fabric sofa sets are more flexible to heat and cold. Leather-covered sofa sets aren’t too good in hot places; it tends to heat so much, making the one sitting on it very uncomfortable.

Another impressive thing about fabric types of sofa sets is their durability. Fabric-covered living room furnitures tends to have more lifespan compared to leather-covered living room furnitures. So, if you want your living room furniture to living longer, you should pick the fabric-covered sofa sets instead of leather. Nonetheless, fabric and leather sofa sets are both excellent.

The Harper & Bright Designs living room furnitures have three colors: black, grey, and light gray. There are also seven options of sizes: 3-seat, Loveseat+ 3-seat, Single+ 3-seat, Single+Loveseat+3-seat, Loveseat, Single Seat, and lastly, Single+Loveseat. All of these colors and sizes are available on Amazon, which you can check anytime right now.

Meridian Furniture Contemporary Velvet Upholstered Living Room Sofa Set

A modern house is like the norm right now; to create a much modern feel on your house’s interior design, you need to have stylish and modern-looking furnitures. The Meridian Furniture Contemporary Velvet Living Room Sofa Set is a masterpiece. It’s not just good-looking, but it’s also very comfortable.


The style and design of the Meridian furniture living room sofa set suits well to any movie night activity or gathering. If you’re familiar with silk, the Meridian’s upholstery is made up of premium silk, which not just provides exceptional comfort but also looks very luxurious. Furthermore, the large tufting along the sides and back also complements its luxury.

They say that colors are one of the main reasons a piece of particular furniture stands out aside from its design and style. Good thing the Meridian furniture contemporary velvet upholstered living room sofa set offers four colorways: Cream, Grey, Navy, and Black. Meridian did an excellent job choosing these stunning colors, perfect for any type of modern house.

It’s also good to know that the Meridian furniture offers style and design features such as velvet, black plush velvet, deep tufting, double-chain sectional plus throw pillows, and a customized chromed leg or stands. By the way, its overall dimension is 127″ x 69″ x 30.5″ (WxDxH).


Interior designing might not be your genre, but as long as you have the right knowledge or know what to buy, especially in living room furnitures, you don’t need to worry. There are too many choices online, and to make it easy for you, these three living room sofa sets are your best choice.


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