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Confusion overflows your mind whenever you encounter any issue on your laptop or computer. Whether trying a DIY according to the problem or asking for a professional intervention would resolve the laptop menace, it might lead to an unexpected delay in the service. Furthermore, finding a miracle laptop repair or computer-specialist maintenance service is not an easy task.

Additionally, interrogating every repair company individually isn’t possible, either. It would take days to sieve out the best laptop or computer repair company in Dubai as per your laptop brand, variant and issues. That’s why we have decided to provide a list of trending and all-rounder laptop and computer repair and maintenance service providers in Dubai. You will find all the A-listers for emergency laptop repair here, and you won’t have to worry about quality service, any more.

1. Atdoorstep

atdoorstep logo

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of laptop or computer repair and don’t want to leave your home or office to reach the service center? Then, you shouldn’t miss the extraordinary repair and maintenance service formulated for all laptops and computers from Atdoorstep. This company has earned years of experience in delivering happiness straight to your location by employing trained and certified technicians. 

Atdoorstep brings laptops and its peripherals’ repair services under one roof. And, it hasn’t missed a single laptop brand in Dubai. Additionally, services from Atdoorstep are pretty easy to book. Either you have to browse the official website or install the ADS application on your mobile device. The technicians associated with Atdoorstep carry essential pre parts to repair the faulty parts of your computer. 

In case, the device has encountered a fatal accident such as water damage, broken screen or hinges, data loss or operating system malfunctions, then the technicians would provide you free pick-up and delivery service along with the repair service. Payment processes are kept as minimal as possible so that you can pay for the impeccable service with cash, card or other online payment. Additionally, Atdoorstep partially refunds your service charge, if you have to cancel the scheduled service, based on the terms and conditions.

2. UAE Technician

uaetechnician logo

Say goodbye to stubborn laptop and computer issues with the UAE Technician. Designed for every single issue in the world of computers and fair budget, UAE Technician never fails to impress its customers. From MacBook, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and Acer to MSI, Fujitsu and Toshiba; UAE Technician has uplifted the laptop repair standards to another level of excellence. The in-house engineers and technicians are well-equipped with genuine spare parts for laptops and computers.

On the other hand, UAE Technician has deployed only certified and veteran technicians to diagnose the root-cause of any technical issue. So, the repair takes a minimum time. Every external and internal hardware replacement of your laptop and computer mostly takes a few days. Your laptop is within safe hands when you entrust UAE Technician. Moreover, the customer service helpline is open 24/7 for customers. This facility has won countless hearts in Dubai.

3. Urban Clap

urbanclap logo

Not every computer and laptop repair and maintenance service provider can offer satisfactory deals. But, thanks to Urban Clap, it is here to deal with your worries about the repair and replacement service of your laptop. Urban Clap has arranged a great professional team of vetted, trained and experienced technicians. 

They are capable of eliminating hardware and software issues from your devices irrespective of brands and variants. Especially, if you own a gaming laptop and want to solve its complexities then contact Urban Clap today. Meanwhile, the repair process is crystal clear from placing a repair request to the delivery and payment. And, Urban Clap never includes any hidden cost in the repair bills. Avail 100% guaranteed and authentic laptop repair service from Urban Clap. So, why wait! Join today.

4. 800 Fixing


In case, you are looking for laptop-specialized services in Dubai, then you should have a look at 800 Fixing. This laptop repair and maintenance service vendor offers a vast range of laptop services to omit daily struggles with your laptop. From hardware issues with motherboard, DDR memory modules and water damage to software troubles such as Windows can’t boot, malware invasion, etc; everything is within the repair and maintenance service range of 800 Fixing.

The associated technicians of the company would diagnose the issue with your device. After that, they submit the details of the laptop defects at the repair section, the customer will receive an estimated budget of the repair cost. After the repair or maintenance process, you can make the payment. Moreover, in most cases, 800 Fixing delivers a limited-time warranty on repaired parts.

5. Micro Computer Plus

This leading computer repair service company provides both on-site and in-shop repair services for you. You can pack your personal computer and head towards their location near you. Or, call the technicians from Micro Computer Plus when you can’t leave your office. The professionals offer hardware installations and repair, system upgrades, software installs, malware and virus elimination along with printer services.

Request for a computer repair service just by filling a mandatory form with personal details. And, you can expect the technicians at your location or a service date at their dedicated shop soon. 

6. Just Repair

Just Repair logo

Render free diagnostics service from Just Repair when you consider your laptop issues. Additionally, the technicians claim no charge if they fail to fix the problem. This is a perfect solution provider for Windows-based and macOS devices. After all, it has been a consistent trending name in laptop repair Dubai services for the last six years.

Just Repair dispatches only certified technicians along with 100% OEM products for repair and replacement purposes. For complicated cases, the technicians would initiate pick and delivery service with repair service. Moreover, recommendable customer interaction makes the service provider one of the top picks.

7. Dubai Laptop Repair

In case, you are searching for reasonable pricing of laptop and computer repair and maintenance services, then Dubai Laptop Repair would fit your budget. Besides budgetary consideration, Dubai Laptop Repair is a renowned name for resolving a vast array of laptop or computer brands in Dubai. Moreover, online assistance from Dubai Laptop Repair makes the service recommended.

On the other hand, free onsite visits along with pickup delivery are remarkable advantages of rendering laptop repair services from this company. The trained and certified technicians would solve your laptop and computer issues within hours.

8. Royal Step Computer Solutions

Royal Step Computer Solutions logo

Are you looking for the best laptop and computer repair solutions for new buys? Gift life to broken computers and laptops with Royal Step Computer Solutions. The company endorses all the advanced solutions along with the manufacturer’s products so that nothing seems compromising to your laptop servicing.

In addition to this, professionals offer free pick-up and delivery services for repair purposes. The business claims to deliver transparent services anywhere in Dubai. Customer assistance is helpful enough, as suggested by the reviews.

9. Fixerman

fixerman logo

Eager for availing a service from service on wheels? Fixerman has made it possible to offer you incredible laptop repair services at your location. You need not ruin your day or waste your time standing in a queue at a computer repair shop. The professional technician team of Fixerman would reach you in their in-house and solar-powered tech-vans. 

Accompanied by original spare parts and replacement equipment, the certified technicians would visit you to eradicate laptop issues. On-time delivery to warranty facilities, Fixerman is doing a wonderful job for computer and laptop repair and maintenance. Alongside this, trade-in functionalities are also available at Fixerman.

10. Quick Fix Dubai


When the laptop and computer repair services are to be done within the deadline, Quick Fix Dubai can be your saviour. You can entrust this computer repair business for delivering prompt solutions to network, software, upgrade, hardware issues. Even, data recovery services hold an impressive record when you are talking about Quick Fix Dubai.

Moreover, clear communication with tech-experts from behalf of the company makes the service flawless. The technicians of Quick Fix Dubai strive for customer satisfaction by availing of the phone solutions. Additionally, availing service from them won’t break your bank.

So, How to Choose the Right One?

We have made the job easy for you by sorting out 10 recommended laptop and computer repair and maintenance service providers. Because now you don’t have to search among thousands. Those above-mentioned businesses are doing great with respect to qualified technicians, cost-efficiency, repair budget and on-site repair facilities. Check out the portfolios to decide the right choice for your laptop or PC.

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