Every year e-commerce is increasing its range. The circle is getting bigger and better. E-commerce sites must follow PCI and DSS rules. This is not enough in a world of online breaching. E-commerce sites also require some extra security features to maintain their customers and minimize the threat. PCI DSS is a security service that looks into the data handling activities with card payments and online transactions. It is considered the base of cybersecurity, however, it does not consist of all the necessary security weapons needed by the e-commerce business website.

Issues e-commerce sites face

The identity resource center surveys for about 1093 violations in 2016. 13.1% were revealed records of the credit and debit card information. Fraudulent activities, middleman, phishing are some of the security threats to e-commerce websites.  The company has to bear a lot of breaching cost for this problem which cannot be ignored.

The types of problems faced by e-commerce sites are

There are several bot accounts of malicious content on the sites of e-commerce with huge traffic.

  • Price scrapping- identification of the prices of the competitors in the market. So that you can improve your settings.
  • Fraud login- Legal user credentials can be hacked, bots are used for detecting threats, give access to the third party allows them to steal information.
  • SEO impact- If you try to cut the bots then there will be a possibility of imitating your contents. This is harmful as it will lower your rank.
  • Fraudulent purchases with wrong means – Bots are extremely dangerous as they are capable of detecting CVV numbers of the cards that are stolen. This possesses a great threat to the customers
  • Inappropriate analysis- Bots are also capable of downloading JavaScript, it hampers the conversion rate of the page, increases the bounce rate of the website, other techniques that will destroy your business.

ecommerce security

Let us see the 6 ways in which you can secure your e-commerce sites

Get a hold of good service providers

A lot of e-commerce sites hires the third party to store and host their data on payments and services. Otherwise, what happens when the third party utilizes your website? It poses a threat to your website. These increase the complexity and increase the danger of risks. Your e-commerce applications may fail.

Your hosting service should cater to the following rules- ensure 256-bit encryption, have a proper backup, maintenance of logs, monitor tour network, demonstrate dedicated need to secure the site credentials through PCU and DSS.

PCI compliance and security prioritization

PCI basically checks the minimum requirement of your security. It helps to compromise only one issue. Patching your system is important, even on the same day any version is revealed. you must audit and test your systems on a regular basis.

the major reason for which this breaching is possible is when hackers gain access to raw credit card details on the system. For this, there is a process called Tokenisation which deletes the need for storing customers card data.

If you cannot get hold of the complicated e-commerce security systems, then you can ensure the use with a PCI compliance security technology.

Train employees

Cyber attacks the most frequent and constituted about 60 percent of the kind of attacks that takes place. Employees must be trained to understand the signals when they access the sites. For example- red flags which occur due to phishing attacks.

For instance, if the employee cannot recognize them then they won’t check and record the vulnerability that is caused. This can inevitably harm the company site. After recruitment, make sure your employees are thoroughly trained in cybersecurity systems.  In addition to this, a creation of a password, checking of flags, signals of attack, will do nothing but make your business a solid attack proof.

Maintain SSL certificates

If your site is not safe, the worst thing that happens is, you lose out on your valuable customers. As a company, you will definitely not like that. As a result, to get some relief from this, maintain SSL certificates. This actually helps the business to secure authentication and encryption of the precious consumer and customer data. It safeguards cardholder and the site from fraudulent attacks.

What happens here is the certificate has some encryption protocols to make your payments safe as they enter the transit. If the cardholder data match with the card provider then that’s safe. It is this time when you know the customer is valid and it can also stop your data from reaching the cybercriminals. They can be prohibited from reaching our sites.

ssl certificate

Monitor e-commerce activities

There are a lot of times when people do not make regular transactions. Irregularities take place and there comes a time when financial issues come up. Check for these irregularities on a daily or monthly basis. On the other hand,  there are customers whose IP address can change, whose shipping address and billing address change, keep a look at those. At times, anonymous email id registrations can make purchases. All of these reflect reg flag.

Try to inspect the doubtful purchases and protect your e-commerce site with proper security.

Conduct vulnerability and penetration testing

Finally, we can say that e-commerce is a process which enables easy, quick and automatic transactions and purchases. The more benefit it has, the more vulnerable it becomes with its methods. To combat the threat keep a continuous assessment of networks, e-commerce solutions. Over the period of time ensure secure data hosting, processing, and storage.

For example, try to work with a security contractor to perform attacks. Accordingly, check your missed out vulnerabilities. Try to manage the patches on the website. Reduce the criminal or fraud activity by these methods. Furthermore, check famous and reputed e-commerce security services. Not to mention, cybersecurity is not a one day or one-time phenomenon. You have to keep on updating the systems and make sure you shield your organization from dangers.

Beware and follow routine checks and inspections. If this article was helpful for you to please like it and share it with people and let them know about the ways how you can have a secured website for your business.

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