Windows 11 Gets Natively Integrated Windows 365

Microsoft used to offer Windows 11 and 365 separately, but not anymore. They have announced that Windows 11 will now come with natively integrated Windows 365.

This new announcement might not make much difference to those who do not need Windows 365. But, for Windows 365 users, this decision means they can access their Cloud PC more easily.

You might want to try this new feature on your Windows 11 when it is available. It will add 4 new features to your PC, which are listed below. Read to understand how these new features would change your experience.

What is Windows 365 & How does it Work?

You do not necessarily install the Windows system on your computer for office work. Instead, you can simply run Windows 365 on your web browser. It is compatible with all the Microsoft Office apps that you need for your daily tasks.

Being a Cloud service, Windows 365 requires you to buy a subscription plan. So, it is not an actual operating system, unlike Windows 11 and its predecessors.

How to Use Windows 365 on Non-Windows Devices?

You know already that Microsoft is going to integrate Windows 365 into Windows 11. In other words, you would be able to use it as a part of your device’s system. So, what about non-Windows users who use Windows 365? They would have to continue using this service the same way they used.

If you do not use Windows OS, open a browser and go to the Windows 365 official website. You can buy a subscription to the service through this site if you have not already. Then, create an account and log in to start using Windows 365. Add all the Microsoft Office features you need on your Windows 365 cloud PC.

What Features would Windows 365 add to Windows 11?

Windows 365 will bring several features that make it easier to use on Windows 11. They are meant to allow you easier access to your cloud PC. Then, integrated Windows 365 will add the following features to your computer as per the latest announcements:

Direct Boot

Do you want to boot your Windows 365 immediately while starting your PC? You had to boot your device’s system in older Windows versions first. Then, you could proceed to access your Cloud PC through any web browser. However, it would not work like that on Windows 11 with natively integrated Windows 365.

You will be able to boot directly to your Windows 365 system from now on. So, you can access it more quickly and in fewer steps. This would work the same way that booting into a regular system works. You would have to enter your Windows 365 credentials after the device starts up.

This is undoubtedly a time-saving feature that you must give a try. Moreover, it is not the only significant feature that Windows 365 would bring to your PC.

Offline Work

You will always need an internet connection to connect to Windows 365, and that remains unchanged. However, you do not need the internet to work on your Cloud PC. You must note that you would not be able to save your progress in the offline mode. So, you would have to go online to save all your progress; otherwise, you might lose all your unsaved progress.

You might often face power outages while working on your cloud PC. The offline mode will allow you to keep working in such situations. Needless to say, you would need a power supply for your computer to continue. You must make sure to sync with the cloud once you are back online.

Easy Switch

What if you are using Windows 11 and suddenly need to access your Cloud PC? In that case, you would not have to open your browser or reboot your device. You can simply switch to Windows 365 and back to Windows 11 once you are done. This is another convenient feature that Windows 365 would add to your PC.

All you need to do is open the Taskbar and go to the Task View. You can switch to other virtual desktops from this section, in this case, to Windows 365. Follow the same steps for switching back to Windows 11 whenever you must.

Desktop App

According to Microsoft, they are working on a desktop app for Windows 365. So, you should be able to log into your cloud PC easily through this app. Now, that makes it much easier for users to access their Windows 365 service. Also, it offers you another simple login option after the startup login.

Since Windows 365 would be natively integrated, this app would probably be pre-installed on Windows 11. You would have to install the latest system update to get this feature. If it is not pre-installed, you can easily download it from the app store.

How would You Benefit from the Integrated Windows 365 in Windows 11?

If you have never used it before, Windows 365 has quite a lot of advantages to offer. It is worth trying out in case you are thinking about doing that. Consider the following benefits of Windows 365 if you are not sure whether you need it:

Remote Access to Your Computer

As mentioned, you can access your Windows 365 system on any computer. And, that is undoubtedly the efficient way that it benefits you. After all, other Windows versions do not allow you remote access to your work. On the other hand, you can log in to your virtual PC using the previously-mentioned methods.

Enhanced Security

Cloud services offer you more security and that applies to Windows 365 as well. So, it is easier for viruses to breach your installed operating system than your virtual PC. With Windows 365, you get full control over your PC’s security and automatic updates. It is comparably much easier to keep the security aspects of Cloud computers up-to-date.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Running the latest Windows system requires you to invest in suitable hardware, which is often costly. However, Windows 365 does not have such requirements and works on hardware.

So, you do not have to worry about your computer’s RAM and disk space. All you need is a web browser to access your virtual computer. On Windows 11, virtual PC users will also have the login options mentioned earlier.

Scalable Storage and RAM

You can increase the RAM or storage on Windows 365 as per your requirements. This is one of the greatest features that makes using a Cloud PC worthwhile. It removes all your worries about the limited storage and memory on your device. Also, you only need to pay for the amount of RAM and storage you use.

When will the Windows 365 Integration Happen?

Right now, we only know that Microsoft will natively integrate Windows 365 to Windows 11. As for the date, they have not yet mentioned when this will happen. So, keep an eye on their latest announcements and install the upcoming Windows 11 system updates on time.