My TV Screen Black

Restarting the TV, with the help of the remote control, might fix the problem. However, chances are there that the TV still remains black or blank. Why is my TV screen black? We guess that you are thinking of the same query.

Well, a lot can contribute to a black screen on your TV. You might hear audio from the TV, but there is no picture. Or, both the picture and audio components might have stopped working. 

Let’s check out what causes a TV screen to turn black and how you can fix that.

Why is My TV Screen Black?

A blank or black screen on your TV might be a temporary glitch. Once you remove the cause, then the TV might recover automatically; that’s why it’s important to learn the reasons why your TV screen has turned black or blank. 

Here are a few reasons that professional TV repair experts have found responsible for a black TV screen:

Cable Connectivity Problems

Why is my TV screen black? Well, loose cable connections might be the answer. Reportedly, most television screens suffer from the same consequence if one of their cables is loose. 

In addition, damaged or frayed cables can raise the same issue. So, you must check the cables when you can’t experience either audio, picture, or both on your TV screen.

Wrong Input Device Selection

Have you connected the television to the right source? You can encounter a black TV screen if you fail to select the right input device. Nowadays, there are ample numbers and types of input devices that can be connected to a TV.

For instance, you might want to select the set-top box instead of HDMI connections. Now, if you choose the wrong source, then the TV screen might appear black. That’s why you should review the source using the remote control of your TV.

A Firmware Update is Pending

All the latest smart TVs out there need updated versions of corresponding firmware. Without them, your Smart TV might act weird. And, a black screen is not quite unusual if your device carries an outdated firmware version.

Faulty Input Device

Apart from selecting the wrong input device, this can be another leading reason behind a black TV screen. For example, the video console you have selected as a source might be defective, and all you can see is a black screen. 

You can be sure about this if you press the Menu button on your TV’s remote control and the Menu appears on the screen. This ensures that your TV is fine and there is an issue with the input device.

Hardware Issues

Besides the above-mentioned causes, the hardware of the TV might be at fault. Mostly, it’s the backlight of the TV that might wear out, and you experience a blank screen on your TV. For LCD screen TVs, the backlight illuminates the picture. Now, the TV will turn black if the backlight doesn’t work.

Sometimes, capacitors can wear out, and your TV screen goes black. In addition, it can be the power supply board or the T-con board inside your device that might not work. Now, hardware issues are comparatively complicated, and hence, they require expert intervention or a complete upgrade.

How to Solve the Black Screen on Your TV?

Fixing a TV with a blank or black screen can be simpler than you thought if the issue is minor. You can check out the following tips to revive your TV from the dead black screen.

  1. Fix the Power and Other Connections

Why is my TV screen black? You should start by checking your TV connections before you freak out. Mostly, it can be the power glitch or other connection issues that might be preventing the TV from displaying pictures. So, check out the connections and tighten all of them, including the power.

Perhaps, one or more of the cables are frayed or damaged. Examine them closely if you suspect so. Replacing the cable might help you to fix the black screen on your TV. 

After you have checked every single connection, proceed with the following steps:

  • Turn off the TV and remove the power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Leave your TV like that for at least 15 minutes. Now, connect the power plug back to the outlet and hold the TV’s power button for a while.
  • After that, let go of the power button and turn on your TV.
  • If the TV screen remains still black, then change the source or input device.
  1. Check on the Input Devices

You might find a particular input device not working on your TV. However, how will you figure that out if your TV is connected to a single input device, currently? To understand whether your TV is defective or the input device is the culprit, press the Settings button from the TV’s remote control. 

The TV is fine if the Settings menu appears on the black screen. The input device might be fishy. Try another input device, such as a video console, instead of the regular set-top device.

  1. Configure the Source Properly

You might have selected the wrong source rather than the desired one. that’s why your TV flashes a black screen. TV users have complained that poor set-ups and connections can lead to such instances. 

Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Use the remote control and press the Input button on it.
  • If the display works properly, then the TV will let you navigate to the available input devices.
  • Select the input device that you want to watch.

Additionally, make sure that you have physically connected the input device to your TV. Otherwise, your TV can’t find that. Also, check out if all the HDMI ports are free from issues.

  1. Turn off the Power Saver and Sleep Timer

Have you ever turned any of these two features on your TV? If yes, then a malfunctioning power saver or sleep time might be interfering with your TV experience. Navigate to the Settings menu and check if the TV has the Sleep Timer on. 

Additionally, you must disable the Power Saver feature. This feature dims the TV screen, and you might get an illusion of a blank or black screen. So, turn off the Power Saver mode and check if the issue persists.

  1. Update the Firmware

Updating the TV’s firmware can rescue you from a black screen. Press the Help button on your TV’s remote control if it has any. This might display the current firmware version and the new firmware version that remains pending. You can navigate to Settings > System option.

Then, go for About and then select the System Software Update option. This will help you update your TV firmware. To avoid frequent black screen scenarios, keep the automatic update on for the TV firmware.

Seek Professional Support

Why is my TV screen black, still now? If the issue persists, you should go for expert intervention. Only professionals can fix a power supply, T-Con board, backlight, and other hardware issues correctly. On the other hand, it won’t be a wise decision to disassemble your TV if it still has a warranty on it. So, go for a professional TV repair and fix your TV’s black screen.

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