Apple Watch Screen Black

The Apple Watch can be stuck on a black screen of death and still vibrate. Nearly 80% of users experienced this issue due to insufficient charge or a dead battery. Incorrect settings can trigger this problem in the latest Apple Watch. Besides, you can encounter a black screen error due to a broken Watch screen.

A hardware or software glitch can freeze the Apple Watch screen. Moreover, a bug in the latest iOS version can be the reason behind such an occurrence. Otherwise, there might be the presence of dirt or dust inside the watch’s terminals. These contaminants can cause a malfunction in the watch’s circuitry, leading to a black screen.

Apple watches are waterproof, but they aren’t resistant to moisture. Thus, the iOS device can get damaged when exposed to excess moisture. Thus, you might have to replace the Apple product’s internal components to fix the error. However, before repairing any Apple Watch unit, try out the D-I-Y solutions.

Now, let’s find out the additional reasons why is my Apple Watch screen black but still vibrates.

Why is My Apple Watch Screen Black but Still Vibrates?

Apple Watch has a built-in accessibility feature named “Screen Curtain ”. This iOS device’s screen might appear black when this feature is on. You won’t be able to notice anything on the screen due to added privacy after turning on the Screen Curtain.

A drained Apple Watch battery can trigger the problem. Users can encounter the black screen error for installing corrupted iOS. The Apple Watch will face issues charging the device of a faulty charger. 

Thus, check if there is any sign of wear and tear in the Mfi-certified charger. If you notice a frayed cable, consider replacing it with a new one.

6 Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Apple Watch’s Black Screen Error 

The black screen error is most likely noticed in the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 7. Users experienced this issue after installing the latest iOS update. Try to downgrade to the previous iOS version to eliminate the problem. 

However, if the black screen error persists, implement the following solutions:

1. Force the Apple Watch to Restart

Like other smart devices, the Apple Watch can cause software issues, resulting in a black screen. If the watch has sufficient charge and doesn’t have a cracked screen, consider a force restart. It will help you to resolve the black screen error in minutes. 

Press and hold the Apple Watch’s “Digital Crown” and the small button beneath it. Release these two buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen. When the Apple Watch restarts, it will back up the data and run in no time. 

The reboot process might take at least 20-30 seconds. Don’t press any button until the Apple Watch restarts. Otherwise, it could prevent the device from turning on. Connect the watch to the iPhone and check if the black screen error is resolved.

2. Disable the Screen Curtain Feature

Turn off the Apple Watch’s “Screen Curtain” feature and check if that solves the black screen error. Tap the white and grey gear-shaped icon on the smart device’s “Home Screen”. Select “General” and opt for “Accessibility” afterward.

Scroll down to the screen and head toward “Vision”. Select “VoiceOver” and tap on “Screen Curtain”. If the feature is enabled, toggle its switch to the “OFF” position. Restart the Apple Watch and use it without experiencing a black screen error.

Additionally, you can disable the “Screen Curtain” from the iPhone paired with the watch. Open the Watch app from the phone and navigate to “My Watch”. Go to “General” and select “Accessibility”. 

Move towards “Vision” and tap on “VoiceOver” to turn it off. Locate “Screen Curtain” and move its toggle from right to left to disable it. Force restart the Apple Watch and check if the black screen issue is fixed.

3. Disable the Power Reserve Mode

Power Reserve shows only the time on the Apple Watch and preserves the battery life. However, this feature can often conflict with the device’s functions. Thus, consider disabling “Power Reserve” to overcome the black screen error. 

Press and hold the Apple Watch’s side button until the Apple logo appears. Wait until the watch restarts and connect it to the charger. The SmartWatch will return to its normal state once it reboots. You can now use the Apple Watch without noticing any black screen. 

4. Change the Apple Watch Clock Face/Watch Face

Apple Watch lets the users switch the band and change the watch’s face. However, if you haven’t set the watch face properly, a black screen can appear. Thus, consider adding a new watch face on the Apple Watch to fix the problem. 

Ensure the iPhone is connected to the Apple Watch. Open the Watch app from the phone and tap on “My Watch”. Swipe through the collection below “My Faces” and rearrange the order. 

Select “Edit” and drag the watch face up or down. Restart the Apple Watch after changing the watch face. You won’t further see a black screen when using Apple’s Smart Watch.

5. Charge the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will show a black screen if it doesn’t have sufficient charge to power on. Thus, charge the device by positioning the magnetic charging cable below. 

Wait until you hear a chime sound, and the green Bolt icon appears on the screen. Leave it for at least 30-40 minutes and check if the Apple Watch restarts automatically.

If the Apple Watch doesn’t turn on even after charging, the power outlet is at fault. A faulty charger or cable can also trigger this problem in the watch. 

First, try to connect the Apple Watch charger to a new power outlet. If the device charges, then there is a problem with the old power outlet. Besides, you must try to connect the Apple Watch to a brand-new charger to solve the issue. 

6. Update the Apple Watch’s Software

Out-of-date software can lead to a black screen error in Apple Watch. Thus, consider updating the device’s iOS version to eliminate the problem. Pair up the Apple Watch with a compatible iPhone. Open the Watch app and head toward “My Watch”.

Go to “General” and locate the “Software Update” option. Tap on it and enter the iPhone password when prompted. Tap on “Download” and select “Install” when the new window appears on the screen. 

Restart the Apple Watch when the iOS update is complete. The black screen won’t appear further when using this high-end Apple product.

Lastly, Erase all the Apple Watch Setting and Content ….

The Apple Watch will start running if you erase all the current settings and stored data. Open the Watch app from the iPhone, go to “My Watch” and tap on “General”. Select “Reste” and choose “Erase All Content and Settings”. 

Enter the password when prompted and click “Erase All” when the confirmation message appears. The Apple Watch will restart automatically and display the time on the screen. However, if the error persists, contact an expert and replace the Apple Watch screen.

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