Idle Status in Discord

When the Discord runs on a system, the user can set the status as idle. Idle is nothing just depicts whether the user is online or offline. Before we go on with what idle means in Discord, we need to gather some ideas about Discord first.

Discord has become very popular among gamers. It is nothing but a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) based on messaging applications. It has different advanced features along with a wide range of personalisation. One of the abilities that have led it to add up more users is creating servers that are a chat group.

An idle user’s status in Discord basically means the user has not logged out of Discord but also has not interacted with Discord for a few minutes. It is quite similar to AFK “Away from the keyboard”. Many users are shown as idle in Discord when they open the Discord in their computer or browser but haven’t interacted for a while.

How can you Manually set the Discord Status as ‘Idle’?

If you change the status to idle in Discord it won’t do much help, the messages and servers will still be notified to you. The only advantage you will get is to show others that you are not active in Discord at that moment.

The status can also be changed by using the following steps given below.

  • At first need to open the Discord where you are willing to set the idle status.
  • At the bottom left corner, you will see your profile. You need to click on your profile.
  • Now you just have to select the idle status to activate it.
  • After that, you will see a yellow crescent moon icon next to your profile in the right sidebar.

Inactive channel on Discord

For voice channels, you can set an inactive or AFK channel for idle users. In this way, any voice channel will automatically move to the AFK channel. The users will know that they are idle and will join the chat after they come back online.

To set the inactive channel, some steps are given below:

  • First, you need to open the Discord and direct it to the server where you are admin.
  • At the top left, click on the server name and open the drop-down menu. And, from the list, choose the Create Channel option.
  • Now, you need to select the channel type that is voice channel and name it AFK. Next, you need to click on the Create Channel button. Other than AFK, you can also set some other names.
  • Again you need to select the server name and select the Server Settings option.
  • You will see the inactive channel and the timeout option on the overview tab. Then, you need to set it to the AFK channel and also the inactive time. Now, you will see that the users have moved to that channel, and their microphone will be muted.
  • Finally, click on the save option for the changes. Due to these changes, any idle voice channel will automatically move to the AFK channel.

Types of Discord Status

You must be wondering how many types of Discord statuses are there. Well, for your information, there are various types of statuses, and they are given below:


For the statuses type, the users can set a custom display message and other types like online, idle etc. The users can set this type for a fixed time period based on certain conditions.


The phone statuses will appear as a small, green smartphone icon next to the users’ icon. If you set phone statuses, then it means that you have logged in to Discord from our phone and use it from there.


There are many similarities between invisible and offline. The online difference is that you can set the invisible status manually. It means that even though your Discord app is open, other users will see you offline. And, you will be easily able to access all the Discord features like the messenger normally.


This simply means that you are offline and thus the users have set these statuses. It is a default case when you have not opened the Discord app.


On Discord, if the users set the streaming status, it means they are streaming a game on twitch. To show the status you just have to link the twitch account with Discord one. And also have to enable the Streamer mode on. In cases where the Streamer mode is enabled, it will automatically detect when the user is streaming the game and accordingly display a status.

Do not Disturb

When a user puts “Do not disturb” status it means that the user is not available for the chat and should not be disturbed. You will see a red circle next to your profile when you set the DND status, which will mute your Discord notification. You need to set the status manually so that other users will know that you are busy.


If the user sets “Idle”, then it means that the user has been AFK (Away from keyword) for a minute. It means they are not near the computer or the Discord app is open in the background. Basically, you will be able to receive the notification, but might not respond immediately.


It is similar to what it sounds like. It simply indicates that you are online and available on Discord. You will be able to receive notifications, read messages and be ready to engage on the server.


So, these were all about idle status in Discord. After going through the above instructions and facts you will get to clear all your doubts. So, now you know how to react if you see the Idle status on your friends’ Discord account.

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