The Trusted Installer process on your Windows 10/8/7/Vista is related to updates. It handles the installation, modification, and removal of your system updates. So, you usually need not worry when you find TrustedInstaller.exe running on your PC. It is a legitimate file and does not contain any viruses or malware. However, you might sometimes consider stopping this process as it takes too much CPU resources.

Stopping the TrustedInstaller.exe might cause issues with updating your system. You can take other steps to fix any issues you face due to this program. Here, we will take a look at the effective ways to do that. Keep reading and get to know the detailed information regarding the TrustedInstaller.exe.

Check Whether TrustedInstaller.exe is a Virus

The first thought many users have when they find TrustedInstaller.exe is whether it is a virus. After all, viruses are often disguised as legitimate files on your computer. However, it is not so difficult to identify them even when they do so. Proceed with the following steps to know whether the “TrustedInstaller.exe” is a virus: 

  • Check the CPU Usage

High CPU usage is one of the most common signs of a virus on your computer. And, this is often the main reason why people might take TrustedInstaller.exe for a virus. So, you must check the CPU resources that this program uses on your device. You can find this information easily through the Task Manager on your PC.

Do you find that TrustedInstaller.exe has an unusually high CPU usage? Then, it might be infected with a virus. But, you must look for other signs as well before you conclude on this matter.

  • Open the File Location

You must try to open the file location of TrustedInstaller.exe if it has a high CPU usage. It is usually located in your system drive’s Servicing section of the Windows folder. If you cannot open the file location, that might indicate a virus. In that case, you must remove any viruses and malware using your antivirus software.

If you can open the file location, then it probably does not contain viruses. All you need to do is take the necessary steps to fix TrustedInstaller.exe. 

  • Scan Your PC With the Antivirus

Do you get the sign that TrustedInstaller.exe is a virus? Then, you must simply scan your device with reliable antivirus software.

Removing the viruses should fix any issues you were facing on your device. If the problems persist, then you might need to fix TrustedInstaller.exe.

How to Fix the Problems With TrustedInstaller.exe?

The TrustedInstaller.exe might appear due to various reasons on your device. As a result, you might face a wide range of issues while using your PC. In such cases, you must check for viruses and malware first, as mentioned above. Then, you must try the following solutions if the problem persists:

Repair Your System Files

TrustedInstaller.exe might get corrupted under various circumstances. In such situations, you must repair it as soon as possible to fix any performance issues. Your computer might also have other damaged files apart from TrustedInstaller.exe. In that case, you need to fix them as well. And, you can do that with the System File Checker (SFC) on your device.

The SFC will fix all the corrupted files on your computer once it detects them. You must launch the Command Prompt with administrator privilege to use this tool. Enter the command “sfc /scannow” once you are ready to scan your device. Wait while the SFC repairs your files, and then restart the computer once you are done.

Disable Automatic Startup for TrustedInstaller.exe

Does TrustedInstaller.exe start automatically when you power on your device? Then, disabling the automatic startup might provide an effective solution. Go to the System Configuration window by running the ‘msconfig” command.

Open the Services tab given there and uncheck the box next to Windows Module Installer. Click on Apply and then OK to save the changes and restart your PC.

Next, open the Services section on your system and find the Windows Module Installer there. Access its Properties window and go to the General tab to check the Startup Type. Change it to Manual if it is set to Automatic, and click on Apply. This should fix the TrustedInstaller.exe error in most cases.

Disable Automatic Updates

TrustedInstaller.exe might keep using your CPU resources as long as you have enabled automatic updates on your device. But, you can fix that simply by disabling the automatic updates if you prefer to do so. This should stop the TrustedInstaller.exe from running when you do not need it. You can turn off automatic updates from the System & Maintenance section in your Control Panel.

The system can still look for updates if you select the option. In such cases, you can decide whether you want to install them. You can also set your device to download the updates and decide on the installation. Apart from that, you also have the option to never look for updates automatically.

Disable TrustedInstaller.exe

If you are wondering, you can also disable the TrustedInstaller.exe on your PC. But, you might want to do that only if other solutions do not work. After all, various update-related functions on your PC depend on this program. You can disable the TrustecInstaller.exe through the Services section.

Find the Windows Modules Installer service and right-click it to bring up its options. Click on Stop to disable it on your device. You need to start it again whenever you want to update your system.

Can You Remove TrustedInstaller.exe?

Many Windows users might often want to remove the TrustedInstaller.exe from their devices. You can delete this program quite easily if you prefer. But, should you do that? As mentioned earlier, many functions might get affected if you remove TrustedINstaller.exe. So, you are recommended to keep this program on your device.

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