What if Australia was a Pokemon Region

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have Hawaii-based in-game locations. Whereas, Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Galar map features the British regions. And, now there is going to be an Australian-based Pokemon game. But, when this game is going to be released is still unknown.

VivinkArt shares an Australian Pokemon map on his social media account. He shares an image of a new region and pokemon in this game. Gamers can ride, surf and dive with their Pokemon. Besides, this game developer also introduces new trainers in this art project.

VivinkArt is currently working on a game called “Alluri”. It is a 2D game which will be released on Nintendo and Steam platforms. He is a well-known artist who shares posts about the Australian Pokemon universe. Moreover, this art concept acquired worldwide acceptance.

Thus, you can expect to get an Australian-based Pokemon game in future. But, no developers haven’t yet talked about this game. But, many have been inspired by VivinkArt’s game project.

Do you think what if Australia was a Pokemon Region? Then, follow this guide to know more:

What will be the Name of this Australian-based Pokemon Game?

According to VivinkArt’s art, two new games can be introduced. One can be named “Pokemon Yeah”, and the other will be “Pokemon Naah”. Here, gamers can explore different Australian regions to capture pokemon.

Do you know the reason behind these names? “Yeah” and “Naah” are the most used Australian words. “Yeah” means “I Understand”, and “Na” means “No”. And, when VivinkArt first shared the Australian-based game images, nobody took that seriously.

But, now developers are showing interest in making an entire game based in Australia. Moreover, he added the Pokemon that can be most noticed in this region.

Is there Going to be a New Map in Pokemon Yeah and Pokemon Naah?

VivinkArt shares this art project after the Pokemon Sword and Shield update. And, he added a new region named “Straya” in his Australian Pokemon-based art. Straya is short for “Australia”, and the players can choose from different maps in this revision. Moreover, you will get new cities and towns on the in-game map.

You must have heard about the Wajiant City, right? It might be added to the upcoming Australian Pokemon game. Additionally, gamers can find rare Pokemon in Garawha Town and Europolis City. You will get four choices to choose from in the Straya region. According to VivinkArt’s post, there might be a few more locations.

He shared a new image of the Starya map on March 1, 2022. And, there, he added regions like Northern Hills, Wetlands, League Island and The Gorges. You will even see “The Bush”, “Karu Forest”, “Tropic Coast”, and “Turpine” on the map. Additionally, gamers can explore the following region in the Australian Pokemon Universe:

  • Kaha Frontier
  • Eorapolis City
  • Straya Sea
  • Boonborne
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Southern Tundra
  • Great Desert
  • Ash Island
  • Outback Farms
  • Eastern Beaches

Who will be the Trainer in the Australian Pokemon World?

Steve Irwin is perfect for the Champion and Professor of the Straya region. Moreover, it will motivate the gamers to play the game. Many positively reacted to the post where VivinkArt shares the idea of Irwin being a Pokemon Charm. He came up with new trainers in the past few months.

There may be a trainer named “Bruce” in Pokemon Yeah. And, the trainer’s anime in Pokemon Nah will be “Shella”. As these names are pretty common in Australia. Thus, VivinkArt decided to stick to these two names for this project. Gamers can unlock Steve Irwin’s character after reaching a certain level. Until then, they have to either choose Bruce or Shella.

Which kind of Pokemon can You Find in this New Game?

Similar to other Pokemon games, you will get different pokemon types. Most of them might be a mix of water and grass-type Pokemon. Moreover, you may get Ghost-type pokemon in the wild regions. VivinkArt posted a picture about the Straya regional Pokedex, and there are new types of Pokemon here.

You won’t get Pikachu in the Australian-based Pokemon Game, but there might be rare Pokemons like Scampic or Emball in this latest game. Some Pokemon are based on actual Australian animals, and the others are based on Mythical creatures.

VivinkArt claimed that he got the drawing inspiration from Australia’s military history.

Excited to know about the new pokemon of this region? Here are some of the Pokemon you may get in Pokemon Yeah and Nah:


It is a water-type Pokemon based on a platypus. And, you can further evolve it to Bogano, and it has the ability to Torrent attack. Gamers can evolve Bogano to Bondiver. And, you can eliminate the other pokemon from the game with its “Swift Swim” move.


Ibin is a bin chicken Pokemon as per VivinkArt’s concept. It is a common Pokemon that can be found in the Straya region. Where can you get Ibin on the in-game map? Look for this Pokemon in the wild and trash cans. Ibin has six legs, and it enjoys eating from the trash like ‘Ratata’.


It is a grass-type Pokemon and can be used as a starter. Though, Skippee looks like “Pikachu”, both have different powers. Skippee can attack the enemy with its tail, and it can be evolved into “Wallaboom”. It can be further evolved into “Kangaran”, a legendary Pokemon. Use this against the water-type Pokemon to win the 1v1 battles.

What else Can You Expect to Get in the Australian-based Pokemon Game?

Pokemon Yeah and Pokemon Nah might have a snake Pokemon named “Venolistic”. However, you won’t get this Pokemon easily in the Straya region. Look for “Scorcht” and evolve it to ‘Hissleep”. And, you may have to collect 50+ candies to evolve “Hissleep” into “Venolistic”.

Like Chansey, you will get Gallipoli in this Australian-based Pokemon universe. It can heal or revive the other pokemon and increase their health. Moreover, there are going to be dark-type pokemon like “Igupup”, “Glowanna” and “Glowonitor”.

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