What does SMP stand for Minecraft

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer in the Minecraft game. It allows players to connect to the central game server. This helps them to communicate with each other. And, they can prepare a strategy to achieve their Survival goals.

SMP is mostly used in the private Minecraft servers. Minecraft has introduced multiple SMP servers over the years. The developers set different rules in these SMP servers.

Moreover, the player’s account might get banned if they violate these rules. Go through the SMP rules before joining any Minecraft server. The Minecraft SMP was added to the game in May 2020. And, the prime aim of it is to grow the Minecraft community. Besides, you can add new friends and win the Survival matches.

Are you struggling to get to Minecraft’s next game level? Connect to the professional gamers and increase the game level easily.

Types of SMP available in the latest Minecraft Game

Popular streamers like Dream and Pewdiepie talked about the SMP in their last videos. It is one of the best Minecraft servers so far. Sometimes, winning the Survival matches becomes challenging. This is why the developers added this multiplayer server.

The SMP server has increased the player’s gaming experience. Moreover, endless possibilities open when you play the game with experienced players.

Though, this is not something new to Minecraft. Hermitcraft is the first server which lets you play raids with multiplier players. And, you can now do that in the SMP servers.

SMP is more interesting than Single Player survival mode. Moreover, you can do a lot more on this Minecraft server. Here are the best SMP servers for this role-playing game:


There are no rules and limitations in this SMP server. This indicates that the players can win the matches by spoofing. Additionally, you can steal the blocks from other gamers. Playing Minecraft in Anarchy might be risky. But, this server is the best if you want to play Minecraft without worrying about the rules.

Do you want to improve your PvP skills? Then, connect to Anarchy’s Bionic PvP network. Moreover, you can also get a higher rank by playing on this SMP server. More than 700 players can join this Anarchy SMP. Select the Mineland server if you want to create a clan and eliminate others from the game.


This Minecraft server provides the best Survival Multiplayer experience. The players can join a faction and claim land in Factions. Additionally, you can loot the required in-game items, including weapons.

Do you want to battle against other factions? Then, connect to this game server. Factions SMP usually encourages the players to join PvP matches. Learn how to collect logs within a limited time on this server.

Additionally, you can make a stone pick or sword in Factions. Increase your multiplayer survival skills playing this Minecraft SMP.


Modded SMP included mods in the game server. Additionally, there are more than thousands of mods available on this server. Each of these modded servers caters to a different game style. Players who want to play on this SMP need to download the mod pack.

Moreover, these mods can add more features to the game. And, it also changes how the Survival Multiplayer game works. Join the Complex Gaming server if you want the popular mod packs like VoidPack 2.

All Modded SMP servers require a modified client to create servers. But, you don’t need it in Minecraft’s Purple Prison server. Besides, the Crafters Land supports over 21 different mod packs. You can also choose Dirtcraft to play Minecraft at a low ping rate.


It is one of the most popular SMP servers in Minecraft. There aren’t any mods or plugins in the Vanilla SMP servers. And, this indicates that the players can not claim land. Moreover, you can’t lock the other player’s chests on this game server.

Vanilla SMPs are a single-player mode, but with friends. Certain Vanilla SMP servers let you choose server-side plugins. And, the players will get a special land allocation system to avoid raiding and griefing.

Do you want to join the Vanilla SMP server but don’t know which one to choose? Go for Vanilla Europa IP. You can even participate in special UHC events and get exclusive rewards on this server. Or, you can join the Vanilla High IP server. It has certain rules for the SMP players. For example, you can’t steal other players’ items here.


Skyblock is envisioned to be the best SMP server of Minecraft. The players can spawn on a tiny island on this game server. However, you need to learn how to survive and expand the island. Otherwise, the other players can remove that and win the Survival match.

Moreover, Skylock provides limited resources to build blocks. To create the in-game items, you have to make the most. The developers made significant changes to this server. Join the Skyblock SMP and explore the new gameplay features.

Are you new to this game? Go for the Mox MC server in Skyblock. It is easy to learn and also less complicated than the other SMPs. Moreover, thousands of players join this server every day.

Do you know what the best part about the Mox MC SMP is? You can take any path to reach the island.

How to Join a Survival Multiplayer Server in Minecraft?

Joining an SMP server is pretty simple. Find the server from the list and copy the IP address. And, then paste that to the SMP server field. Fail to connect to the game server? Close the Minecraft app, and open it after a few seconds.

Head to the Minecraft Multiplayer menu and click “Add Server”. Write the SMP server name which you want to join. Enter the server’s IP address and tap on “Done”. For instance, you have to write “hd.join-ml.com” to join Anachacy’s Mineland server.

A new web page will open on the device screen. Double-tap on the server name from the list to access the SMP server page. However, sometimes it may take ample time to join the SMP servers. Check the Wi-Fi connection in such circumstances. Disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi to fix the connectivity problem.

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