What does SMP mean in Minecraft

Minecraft offers its players a wide range of experiences through various types of servers. You can join all of these servers in the same way regardless of their categories. SMP servers offer you the classic Minecraft experience.

In case you are wondering, SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer. This category of servers is comparably new but has become quite popular quickly.

However, the meaning of an SMP server is not as simple as it seems. There are various categories within SMP servers as well. And, you might need to know more about them before joining them.

So, read all the essential information you need regarding SMP, meaning Minecraft.

What can You do in Minecraft SMP Servers?

As their name suggests, survival multiplayer servers allow you to join with other players. And, you can work with them to survive in the game world together. Moreover, you can also find PvP (player versus player) enabled on these servers.

And, that means you can also compete with other players and attack them. But, you would usually receive cooperation from other players with various activities.

You can do all the things in SMP servers that you do on others. That includes hunting for resources, forming towns, and exploring the map. Also, these servers have very few plugins and offer an experience very close to vanilla gameplay. This is a crucial point for understanding SMP, meaning Minecraft.

Do you want to know what SMP servers are like before joining them? Then, you can find many Minecraft streams on YouTube featuring SMP server gameplay.

Types of SMP Servers in Minecraft

Are you thinking of trying out an SMP server in Minecraft? Then, you must know about the different types of SMP servers available in the game. You can find the following types among them quite commonly:


A vanilla SMP server does not have any additions to the classic gameplay experience. In other words, none of the features of the game is modified. These servers are suitable for players who want a classic experience.

Also, the world is similar to the single-player mode, the only difference being that you can meet other players. And, you cannot claim land or lock chests in a vanilla server. And, that should give you a better idea of the vanilla SMP, meaning Minecraft.


A semi-vanilla server maintains most of the classic Minecraft experience. But, they also have some customisations to make your game a bit easier. So, you need not necessarily opt between vanilla and high-customised servers.

You can also go for a semi-vanilla server somewhere in the middle. But, how do you identify a semi-vanilla server? If you are wondering, you can find them through their highly limited use of plugins.


PvP servers can be quite fun in Minecraft. But, many players might prefer having other players as friends. You can join one of the ‘peaceful’ servers if you are not looking for competitive gameplay. These servers usually have the classic features untouched or modded slightly. Most importantly, they have PvP mode turned off.


You might have heard about servers where you spawn on a floating island in the sky. These are called ‘skyblock’ servers, and are quite popular among players. Also, they are one of the oldest types of Minecraft servers. You must expand the tiny island using the limited resources you have on these servers.


Faction fights have featured in a wide range of multiplayer games. And, you can find them on Minecraft as well. The servers with this feature are simply known as ‘factions servers’. As the name suggests, you must join a faction of players and compete against other factions. Also, you can participate in building, mining, claiming land, and more activities with your faction.


Do you want to play Minecraft with a highly modified experience? If yes, then you must join one of the modded servers, and they offer you something different from the classic Minecraft experience.

You need to download the mod that a modded server hosts before joining it. And, there is a wide range of mods available out there for Minecraft. Download a suitable one among them based on your preferences and join a server hosting them.


Do you prefer having absolute freedom in Minecraft? If yes, you must join one of the ‘anarchy’ servers in the game. They let you do pretty much everything, including hacking and stealing.

In other words, these servers impose no rules and limitations on the player. But, you should be warned that many players do not use their freedom responsibly on these servers.

How to Join an SMP Server in Minecraft?

Now that you know SMP meaning Minecraft, you might want to join an SMP server. In that case, you need to find the server’s IP address that you want to join. You can look for a server on www.minecraftservers.org. Check the websites for the servers you are interested in and determine their type. Then, pick a suitable one among them and copy its IP address.

Launch Minecraft on your computer and open the multiplayer menu. Click on ‘Add Server’ and enter the name and IP address of an SMP server. Hit the ‘Done’ option to view the results and double-click on the server once you find it.

Create Your Own SMP Server

Are you interested in creating an SMP server in Minecraft? Then, you must download the Minecraft server-client first. You also need the latest Java version on your computer for this task.

Then, you must create a batch file for the server and accept the EULA. Launch the server once you are done and ensure it is running properly. You can then start inviting friends into your SMP server.


The aforementioned information has hopefully answered all your questions regarding SMP, meaning Minecraft. Also, you are now ready to join a suitable SMP server, depending on your preferences. After all, most Minecraft players would like the idea of a survival multiplayer mode. You might also want to learn more about creating an SMP server based on your preferences.