What Can You Do with Bone Meal in Minecraft

Minecraft has advanced from its basic sandbox gaming in the last few years. Eventually, new items have been introduced to the crafting table to make the game more interesting and brainstorming; such an item is a bone meal. However, it’s not a powerful potion or gem, but it ensures your survival throughout the game.

Exactly, what can you do with bone meal in Minecraft? Well, a bone meal is an item generated from the skeletal bone. You can use bone meals for their fertilising or dyeing properties. With the mention of fertiliser, you can grow crops and plants fast with the help of bone meal.

However, there’s more to the usage of bone meal in Minecraft. Let’s check how you can utilise bone meal in this gameplay.

What to do with Bone Meal?

Most players are aware of bone meal’s uses as a fertiliser and dyeing agent. But, the bone meal can do much more than you can imagine. Here are the best uses of bone meal:

Growing Crops

Minecraft players can boost any plant or crop growth with bone meal. If you notice that a plant is not growing in its desired form, then a bone meal can help. However, the entire process might depend on the player’s fortune.

Yet, there’s no hiccup at trying to revive your plant’s growth with bone meal. Enhance your farming capabilities with a bone meal as a fertiliser. Bone meals add nitrogen and phosphorus to the plant’s nutrition regime.

The following plants or crops can grow when you add bone meal:

  • Saplings
  • Melon seeds
  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Wheat
  • Grass

However, the following plants don’t find bone meal helpful for growth:

  • Nether wart
  • Cactus
  • Sugar cane (for Java Edition only)
  • Chorus plants
  • Vines

On the other hand, you can focus on your outdoor decoration with a bone meal. For instance, you can cover a grass block with a bone meal. This will lead to growing shrubs and flowers on the grass block and bone meal. No doubt, it will give you more space for decoration purposes. In addition to this, you can get wood by adding bone meal to tree saplings.

Crafting Dyes

What can you do with bone meal in Minecraft except for farming? The universal answer will be dyeing. Yet, the dyeing mechanics differ from one Minecraft version to another. For example, if you play Minecraft Bedrock edition, you can use bone meal directly to dye any white items. You don’t require any other processing.

However, you need to process bone meal before using it as a dye in the Minecraft Java Edition. Players need to craft the bone meal and turn it into white dye with items such as sheep, wool, or beds.

Why do you need white dye, by the way? You can create other essential colours with the help of white dye. Create countless coloured wools such as pink, magenta, grey, light blue, and much more with white dye.

Revamping Banners

Customisation is one of the most appreciated functions in Minecraft. You might want to decorate your house’s banner in a trendy or personalised way. Bone meals can be used to dye your banner white or any lighter shade.

This is a derived application of white dyes originating from bone meals. Well, bone meals are quite handy when vanishing any existing design from the banner. The white dye can easily coat whatever you don’t like anymore. And, you can efficiently redecorate your house banner.

Making Blocks of Bone Meal

What can you do with bone meal in Minecraft? You can create bone meal blocks and use them diversely. Yes, you can craft bone meal blocks just like you do with iron and coal. Place nine bone meals on the crafting table, and your block will be ready.

Bone meal blocks take less space, and you can store bone meals in an efficient way. It will help you to store more items in your chest. In addition, you can use bone meal blocks to decorate your outdoors. You can shape your builds with blocks of bone meal, and they come really handy.

Creating Rare Items in Minecraft

Minecraft is intuitively designed, and every item comes with various uses. Similarly, you can use bone meals to make some rare items in Minecraft. If you are a fan of Minecraft Bedrock edition, then you can’t deny bone meal’s importance.

What can you do with bone meal in Minecraft Bedrock edition? Craft rare items such as shulkers, balloons, glowsticks, and fireworks with bone meal. Why do you need a bone meal to craft all these? They require a bone meal for dying purposes. White is a default colour to add charm to these items.

How to Retrieve Bone Meal in Minecraft?

This is another important query apart from ‘What can you do with bone meal in Minecraft?’. Well, you get all the possible uses of bone meal, so far. Now, you can get bone meals in different ways on Minecraft.

  • The first and most straightforward approach to getting a bone meal is through crafting. You need to place a bone block or bone in the crafting grid. A single bone block can give you 9 bone meals. Whereas you can obtain only 3 bone meals from a single bone. You can find bones from killing skeletons and skeletons are more likely to be discovered near treasure chests.
  • Place seven slabs on the crafting table and add two food or plant items. This will lead to a composter. After the composter becomes full, it will turn into a bone meal.
  • Killing fish mob in Minecraft Bedrock edition provides guaranteed bones, and use them to craft bone meals. On the other hand, there is a 5% chance that you can get a bone meal after slaying salmon, pufferfish, cod, and tropical fish in Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Finally, you can trade three bone meals in exchange for an emerald from the Wandering Trader. Or else, you can get a bone meal from the Wandering Trader once it has been days playing Minecraft.

Wrapping up…

What can you do with bone meal in Minecraft? Well, there are so many opportunities with bone meals and blocks. However, you must keep the Minecraft edition in mind before crafting bone meals and using them. Bone meals are really important for farming, especially during survival mode.

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