For any business owners, their main goal is always to grow their business. And one of the important aspects which many of the busines owners fail to pay attention to is their digital presence. The website of a business is an effective place to attract customers. 

Good website design ideas are very effective in doing this job. It has been seen in a study that a person only completes a transaction from a website if they can trust the seller. This trust is generated by making the customer feel comfortable and safe when they are visiting your website.  

In this article, I will be discussing some of the best website design ideas which you can use to grow your business.

Website Design Tips And Tricks

So, here are the website design tips and tricks which you can use to make your website more effective in growing your business:

1. Incorporating Videos

Including videos is a very well-known way of increasing the effectiveness of your website. Reportedly, in a week, about 78% of the users on the internet watch videos online. However, this does not mean that you should put any YouTube video on your website. Rather you have to create a landing page, which will contain the video. 

You can use explainer videos for your CTAs, or a video that will auto-play on your homepage whenever a user will visit it. These videos can be informative videos. You can use this video for sharing information about your products or any particular product. Making of videos about how to use a particular product of yours is also very effective.

2. Parallax Scrolling

Many aspects of our daily lives have been improved with the help of digital experience. However, one bad effect it has on the people is that it had made them lazy. Due to this laziness, the pushing of a button seems like hard work for them.

This is where parallax scrolling comes in. The parallax scrolling is an uneven-like scrolling effect. Due to this, the users have to stay engaged and hence abandon their laziness. In this, a user is able to get your information with a single swipe while they move down your page. 

As the popularity of parallax scrolling has increased, many of the websites have obtained a single page design and a deep-scrolling method. This has proved to be one of the best website design ideas out there.

3. Animated CTA

CTA is a necessary evil in the design of a website.  This because, a customer does not know what to do unless you tell them. But, telling them simply to do something will not work either. Other websites are also trying to attract them by giving instructions and using stimuli. Hence you also will need something extra to make it work. 

Using a little animation on the CTA might be a good idea. A user is more likely to press that CTA which catches their eye rather than a simple one. You can use this trick for any small purpose, like making the user “liking” one of your posts on Facebook, to big actions like making a purchase. 

4. Customize The Typography

Texts are needed on every website. It is one of the primary ways of sharing information. But, that does not mean that you have to make the font style in the boring old design of “Times New Roman” or any of the basic design. You have to make the font style to be something unique and interesting.   

You can make this unique font style to be of any shape or to be found in various areas of your website. Some may choose to incorporate this style into their logo, or some may decide to do it for the entire website. The way to use it is up to you. But, whatever style you may choose, you must never overdo it. Otherwise, it will have a negative effect on your website. If done with precision, this will prove one of the valuable website design tips and tricks.  

5. Artificial Intelligence

People like to have a connection with the website they are using. Due to this reason, the use of AI has become so much popular in website designs. The AI on the websites can be given any shape. Some of the most famous AI are chatbots, personalization, and machine learning. 

The personalization and the machine are similar to some extent. This helps the user to generate a feeling of being special about themselves. Due to this factor, the users also get attached to the brand.

The Chatbots, on the other hand, has a direct influence on the users. They help to provide a good engaging element. The main advantage of using chatbots for the convenience it provides to the customer in the customer service area. With the use of chatbots, the customers can ask a question and get the answer instantly. 


Good website design ideas are always useful in growing your business further. With good website design, you can offer a good user experience, which is very useful in making a user stay on your site for longer period of time. The above-discussed website design tips and tricks are among the best design ideas. So, use them and you will see a considerable amount of growth in your website.