Valorant New Skins

Cosmetic add-ons known as skins can help you enhance your experience in online games. You can find them in all online games popular among gamers currently. The developers keep releasing new skins for physical appearances and weapons in the game. And, you can download some of them for free while others are paid.

Valorant has released a new bundle of skins for players called Endeavour. You might need some help with getting them if you are new to the game. In that case, the upcoming information can help you know all you need about Valorant new skins.

Follow the methods mentioned below to download or buy the skins on your account.

What is the Endeavour Skin Bundle?

If you have been playing Valorant for a while, you would know that all skin bundles have a theme. And, the latest one among such bundles is called Endeavour. Depending on the server, it was scheduled to release on 30th March or 31st March this year.

So, it is currently available and you can get it right away. All you need to do for that is go to the in-game store.

The Valorant new skins in the Endeavour bundle are based on a futuristic theme. And, this bundle contains only weapons skins, in case you are wondering. It includes the skins Endeavour Ghost, Endeavour Vandal, Endeavour Bulldog, Endeavour Operator, And Endeavour Ares.

Endeavour is Cheaper than Other Skin Bundles

As you might have guessed, you must buy Endeavour skins to get them. But, they are comparably cheaper than the skins released earlier. So, they would probably have more buyers than previously released skin bundles had.

The whole bundle costs 2930 VP while each skin costs 895 VP individually. You can proceed to buy them right away if you have enough VPs in your account.

How to Get Valorant New Skins?

Needless to say, you must play Valorant to get the new skins. But, there are various ways you can unlock or buy them.

Right now, you can get new skins on Valorant with any of the following methods:

By Spending Real Money

Most online games offer various paid content to their players. And, these contents can be worth your money depending on what you are looking for. Buying them helps you unlock new features and support the game developers. As you might already know, weapon skins are available for sale in the Valorant in-game shop.

However, you need to convert your real money to Valorant Points (VP) to buy Valorant new skins. The price of VPs is fixed depending on the server you are playing on. You can buy them from the in-game store, the same as in the case of skins.

So, launch the game and navigate to the store section if you want to buy VPs. Then, select a VP amount and buy them using real money.

By Completing Tiers in Battle Pass

Want Valorant new skins for free? Then, you can do that by completing Battle Pass tiers. And, that might require you to spend more time and effort on the game. Playing more matches is the only way to complete the Battle Pass tiers quickly.

You must complete them on time as they are available for a limited duration. However, you cannot unlock the full cycle of rewards for Battle Pass without paying any money.

Is there any skin that you want to unlock among the paid rewards? If yes, you have to use Valorant Points to buy them as mentioned earlier.

Through the Agent Contract Rewards

Agent Contract rewards are free for all players. You can complete them and unlock all the awards they have to offer. In other words, you need not pay for any of the rewards with money. Instead, you need experience (XP) points to unlock them.

However, unlocking all the Agent Contract rewards might be tough for some players. After all, it requires a huge amount of experience points. You might have to increase your playtime quite a lot if you want to achieve that. If that is not possible, you have other ways to get Valorant new skins.

How to Buy New Skins on Your Valorant Account?

As mentioned earlier, you need to use VP to buy new skins on Valorant. You might find the procedure a bit complicated if you have not bought skins before.

In such situations, you must proceed with the following simple steps:

Launch the Valorant Home Screen

Ensure a good internet connection to your computer and launch Valorant on it. You need to open the home screen of the game to navigate to the game store.

Do you have enough VP balance to buy the skins you want? If not, you need to buy some VP first, then you can move on to buy the Valorant new skins.

Purchase a VP Bundle

Click on the stylised V logo on the home screen that indicates your VP balance. This will open a new window where you need to select a payment method. You also need to select one of the VP bundles given there.

Then, enter the information that the game asks you and confirm your decision to pay. You can proceed to buy the new skins once you have received the VP on your account.

Buy the Skin

Click on ‘Store’ on the home screen and browse through the latest available skins. You should find the skins from the Endeavour bundle if you are looking for them.

Click on the one you want to buy and enter the information required to complete the transaction. Then, make sure you have received the new skin once the transaction is complete.

Get Unique Valorant Weapon Skins Quickly

As we have seen, Valorant weapon skins are usually available for a limited time. So, you must get them without any unnecessary delay if you want them. Follow any of the aforementioned methods to unlock or buy any skins you like.

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