Mac Mini Models are the smallest units from the powerhouse of Apple. It is a portable desktop and weighs less than other devices. You can connect it with other Apple manufactured devices and in some time it will start working. Present in the market since 2014, Apple’s Mini desktop has three models and they come at different prices. Upgrading these powerhouses is what troubles most of the Apple users.

Since Mac Mini is a solo device unit, it does not come with extra tools like keyboard and mouse. It has a solid cover aluminium. It is really compatible when used for personal purposes. Recently, some problems are arising related to upgrading Ram in the Mac Mini models. To be honest, upgrading the Mac Mini is not very easy. A person has to work a little harder to fix this.

A Sneak Peek at Mac Mini Models

Mac Mini model is reaching new standards since its inception. Till date, 4 models of Mac Mini has been launched. Each model differs in terms of memory space. The four models are Mid 2010, Mid-2011, Late 2012 and Late 2014. The price range starts from $499 to $999. In every device, the power setup changes.

It has some pretty impressive credentials. Mac models come with a memory space of 2GB. The weight lies somewhere around 3.18 cm which makes it easy to carry. With regards to the capacity to hold the RAM, it has 4GB expandable RAM.

There are enough reasons to buy Mac Mini Models. For the amateurs, Mac mini is an incredible machine. It is budget friendly. It can handle simple tasks like writing, web, email, as well. However, for complex tasks like video editing or for handling mass work, shift to iMac.

The defining feature of the Mac model is its aluminium shield. Every model comes with a registration id. For example, Mid 2010 has a registration number “2254 EMC” beneath the device. While you are upgrading RAM make sure you note this. You can take help from the Technical Experts of Apple Support, by calling on the Mac Mini Support Number about the ID.

Mac mini Models

Key Points to Remember While Upgrading the RAM

The models differ in memory space. Mid-2010 supports 1066 MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 SO-DIMMs. This might sound like a complex algorithm but it is not. In simple terms, DIMMs are small units containing the memory in chips. Currently, engineering teams are working to expand the memory modules. Mac model Mid-2011 is undergoing the same operation as the previous one.

Mac Mini model Late 2012 has two memory slots but is faster than the previous versions. It supports 16GB of RAM. The engineers are expanding the chip memory to support 32GB.

Late 2014 can hold up to 16GB but only during initial configuration. Users cannot upgrade the RAM power later. In that respect, it is the weakest one among the four models.

Upgrading is Quite a Hard Task!

Most models of Mac mini ( like Core 2 Duo) store two storage types. Mid-2011 and late 2012 hold similar storage drives of 2.5 -inch and have faster connectivity support( 6Gb/s). A user has to attach a cable with the drive for the installation process to continue. These models come with only one hard drive.

Apple provides easy instructions for the users who wish to upgrade the memory in the unibody of the models. However, for the model “Late 2014” the procedure of replacing the hard drive is hazardous. It is not a customer friendly installation. The unibody of Mac models is made of aluminium which retains a lot of heat. Experts at Apple believe that changing hardware or internal structures incur a lot of heat which is harmful for the users. Thus, we recommend you to take help from the professionals.

You can check the videos present to Upgrade the unibody yourself. But remember the hardware is a danger spot. Do not try any experiment unless you are an expert in this.

Note to Remember

The small devices from Apple are changing many lives. It is easy to use and pretty useful for everyday life. It is true upgrading the models are bit tedious but not impossible.  The steps stated above along with the information will help the readers to update the RAM on their own. If you find the language difficult or need further assistance, please contact the Apple Tech Support

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