The world is progressing day by day, so is the technology. It is like two parallel worlds going side by side one is the physical world where we see people in person and interact with them while other is the virtual world where we connect with people from around the world through social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, E-mails and many more.

How to understand data speed that is required?

If we look at the packages that Spectrum is offering which can are also mentioned on Spectrum Customer Services online there are different speed tiers available according to the usage of internet.

One thing to keep in mind is that what is your need? How many devices like tablets, laptops, computers or mobile phones you want to connect with your internet and how those devices will consume the Internet data that means either it will be a work from home, or someone has to take online classes and how many persons at your home likes to play games online and if there will be any Play Station or X-box that needs to be connected with your internet. Being a user you have the answer to all these questions. One more important thing is that what kind of surfing will be done online is it only social media or you like to watch YouTube videos and Netflix or Hulu as well. For official work you need the highest speed internet because you need instant responses for your Emails and meetings that are also happening online these days.

By keeping all these things clear in mind you understand what kind of Internet Speed or Data Limit you are looking for.

Basic speed that Charter Spectrum is offering is of 100 Mbps per sec that is ideal for 4 to 5 devices with which you can easily watch online videos or take online classes as well, it is also good for gaming. If you want to connect more than 6 to 7 devices you can choose 400 Mbps per second that is ideal for larger data use you can connect up-to 10 devices very easily. Then comes the highest speed available that is more than enough for any kind of usage that you have at home that means it is good for schooling, it works perfectly fine for your office tasks and even for all those Pro games who cannot live without their PS4 and X-box, you will not face any intrusion if you choose 1 GIG internet which is not very affordable for everyone as it costs you around a $100 every month but if you invest in it you will have the blazing fast speed internet and you will not face any interruption.

Other key features are also there:

  • No Contracts that means you won’t face any issue or you will not have to pay any extra charges if you have to cancel your services.
  • Free Modem comes along with any package that you use.
  • Free Security and Protection is provided for which all other Internet providers charges you extra because it makes your surfing and devices safe from any virus but Spectrum is offering it for free.
  • Free access to Nation Wi-Fi hotspots that means even when you are away from your home you can still stay connected to your internet services because you can catch the signals through hot spots available around you. You can easily use internet while waiting for your bus or subway and use your internet services on the go.
  • Promotional discounts are also offered by Spectrum and they are very generous in this regard.



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