Nowadays, people are more interested in watching TV shows rather than watching cinema. This has happened just because all the recent TV shows have turned out to be very much interesting and usually takes more than one or two seasons to complete. That is why the growth rate in terms of interest, amongst the people of Dubai, as well as all over the world has multiplied. 

There are multiple TV shows streaming websites available on the internet. A sort of massive competition is going on nowadays amongst all the sites. That is why knowing all the necessary information about the best sites will help you to pick your desired TV shows easily. 

Best TV Streaming Websites 

Are you interested in viewing videos through more than one type of language? Before selecting a streaming website, you need to know the basics. After that, choose your preferred streaming site, and begin your exciting journey in terms of real entertainment. 

1.Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime is denoted by “Prime Video”. It is done by the host, Amazon itself. There are no ads in this streaming site during an ongoing TV show. But, it’s not at all free. You have to subscribe to Prime and watch whatever TV show you want. After that, you can get in touch with TV shows in more than one language. There is one interesting thing about Prime Video. While watching the show, you will see the name of the people that worked in the show. There are also subtitles available in multilingual format. 

2.Movies Joy 

Movies Joy is a TV shows streaming site available free of cost. You don’t have to register for watching the media. With an enormous amount of shows present in HD quality, you can choose your favourite one. A filter is also present. With the help of this filter, you can search for a TV show by selecting the year when it is being released. In addition to that, the facility of the selection of genre is also there to help you with the type of TV show you want to watch. 

3.Sling TV

Just like the other streaming websites, Sling TV is also available easily. It contains a lot of channels and packages at an affordable price. This TV shows streaming is available in various types of streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV, Xbox One and other devices. Furthermore, it is also available in mobile platforms such as Android and iOS devices. If you are willing to opt for Sling TV, then the first 7 days will be a free trial. After that, you need to pay more to watch TV shows for the rest of the days. 


It’s Showtime !! Yes, this platform is one of the best TV show streaming websites all over the world. With the help of this website, you can get full access to cable channels, as well as to some of the best TV show channels. There is also a facility of offline downloads. Whenever you are busy with other work, you can download your selected episodes. After that, you can watch them without the help of the internet. The free trial is of 30 days and after that pay the subscription fees to continue watching. 


Searching for a huge collection of TV series, join Soap2Day. As usual, the filtering of the shows is also there. In addition to that, the rating of IMDB is also included. From this, you can witness the popularity of the show. The streaming facility is free, without any type of registration or subscription. The ad-free media environment will help you watch your favourite show in an uninterrupted way. Apart from watching the show, you can also watch your favourite sports live. 

6.Watchseries. to 

You can watch all the latest TV shows on this website. Several categories are to help you make a choice. An exclusive feature is also present in this TV show streaming website- TV scheduling. The scheduling feature allows you to stay tuned and get all the latest updates of the latest TV and documentary shows. More than 2 million viewers enjoy their desired shows on this website for free of cost. 

7.Vudu Movies 

Well, it is not about the movies only. Vudu also has a massive collection of TV shows. You can watch your selected items in 1080p Full HD. It is available in Dubai, as well as in other parts of the world. Some of the exclusive contents of the website don’t need a subscription at all. But, if you want more, then you have to subscribe to its premium version. The site is compatible with Smart TV, computers, and mobile devices as well. 

8.Peacock TV 

With a smooth playback and error-free synchronization, Peacock TV has gained much popularity in the entire UAE. It is one of the popular platforms that operate in term with NBC. The website came into existence in the middle of 2020. Till now, it has gathered more than one million users, as well as the subscribers. Most of the TV shows streaming devices have adopted Peacock TV for its good popularity. It is also available on mobile platforms. 

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Whenever you are making a payment for the subscription, make sure that you use a sandbox. The sandbox is a great feature that belongs to your security application. It has no existence and that is why unauthorized intruders will never have its access. Always try to choose and subscribe to the best website that suits your requirements. 

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