MacBook Screen Black

MacBook might display a black screen when the operating system fails to reload. Usually, it occurs for installing out-of-date or incompatible Mac software. A corrupted driver or misaligned screen can also generate this problem in the laptop. 

Did you install a third-party utility on the device? It could prevent the system from rebooting, resulting in a black screen.

Besides, Mac users encounter a black screen error due to battery drainage issues. Thus, you must check the internal battery condition. If you find any wear and tear in the Mac battery, consider replacing it immediately. However, if that doesn’t solve the Mac black screen issue, the problem lies on the hard disk. 

Incorrect disk permissions can restrict the macOS from booting. Thus, modifying the disk permissions can help you to eliminate the problem. The incompatible external devices can trigger the black screen error in MacBooks. Whatever the reason is, you can fix it without any external help.

Now, let’s find out more reasons why is my MacBook screen is black and how you can troubleshoot it.

Why is My MacBook Screen Black?

The Macbook screen might appear black due to multiple reasons. It seems pretty obvious, but power issues are the prime cause of this screen glitch. If you have a worn-out power cord, the device won’t charge and will display a black screen. 

Thus, you must first check for the frayed charging cable. Replace the damaged power cable with a new one to resolve the issue.

Here are the other reasons for the black Mac screen error:

Sleep Mode

Did you enable the “Energy Saver” feature on the Mac laptop? Probably, this is why the Macbook screen is going black after a specific time. Press the “Enter” key to wake the device from sleep mode and disable “Energy Saver”. However, if the error persists, then something is wrong with the Mac screen.

Poor Connection between the Hardware and Firmware

The Mac laptop won’t start if the contact between the hardware and firmware is loose or damaged. You can experience connectivity errors if the Mac ports are clogged with dirt. Don’t try to clean the laptop ports with D-I-Y methods. Take an expert’s help to remove dust/dirt particles from the Mac ports.

Corrupted macOS

Did you install the latest Mac software from a malicious or illegitimate site? There is a high chance that the laptop has a corrupted OS. The malware or virus is stopping the macOS from reloading and displaying a black screen.

Login Items

Login items are apps that allow the Mac device from booting or starting up. Sometimes, a login item can cause a blank screen issue or startup problems. Thus, removing the problematic login items can help you to fix the Mac screen glitch.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Why is My MacBook Screen Black 

There are many easy D-I-Y fixes that can help you to fix the Macbook black screen error. However, you must first determine the root cause of this complicated Mac problem. 

Otherwise, resolving the screen glitch might be difficult. If you are unable to detect why the Mac screen is going black, try out the solutions to solve it:

  1. Check the Mac Laptop’s Power 

Are you experiencing the black screen error after charging the MacBook? Ensure anyone hasn’t tripped over the cord. If the plug was suddenly yanked out from the wall outlet, power issues might occur in the laptop. Before replacing the cable, you must check the laptop’s power cycles. 

Access the Apple menu and tap on “About this Mac” from the next window. Head towards “System Report” and navigate to “Power”. Scroll down to the page until you find the “cycle count” and the battery health. 

If the laptop’s power cycle is below 1000, then the device is in top-notch condition. However, if the Mac shows “poor” or “bad” battery status, it’s time to replace the internal battery. Check the MacBook model number and get a compatible battery from the nearby Apple Store.

  1. Restart the MacBook

Restarting the Mac laptop can often fix complex screen issues. There are multiple ways to reboot this Apple device. Press the Ctrl and Eject keys together and select “Shut Down” from the pop-up box. Then, press the “Power” key after at least 2-3 minutes and check if the black screen error is solved.

Additionally, you can press the “Ctrl”, “CMD” and “Eject” keys together to restart the MacBook. Hold the power button for at least 4-5 seconds and turn off the device. Wait at least 10-15 seconds and press the “Power” key to reboot the Mac laptop. The MacBook should restart to its normal state and fix the black screen error.

  1. Reset the SMC Configuration

System Management Controller helps MacBook users to modify the power settings. Moreover, resetting the SMC configuration can resolve Mac’s black screen error. However, you must first unplug the power cable from the MacBook and turn off the device.

Wait for at least 10-15 seconds and reconnect the power cable to the Mac laptop. Press the Shift, Option, Control, and Power keys together. Release these Mac keys when the laptop starts rebooting. The SMC will reset within a few minutes. You can now use the Mac device without experiencing any screen glitches.

  1. Enable the Safe Mode

Mac users might experience the black screen error if there is any problem with the startup disk. You can fix this problem by booting the device into Safe mode. Press and hold the laptop’s “Power” key until the “Startup option” window appears. Select a volume and press the “Shift” key, and tap on “Safe Mode”.

The Mac laptop will restart automatically after entering Safe mode. The login window will appear on the laptop screen, and the “Safe boot” option will pop up on the menu bar. Try to open any application and check if the black screen error is resolved. 

Do you use an Intel-powered Mac laptop? Press the “Shift” key to access the login window and provide the login credentials. The MacBook will then restart in Safe mode after running a diagnostic test of the startup disk. You can now use the Apple device without getting a black screen problem.

  1. Reset the Mac Laptop’s NVRAM/PRAM

NVRAM and PRAM stores the MacBook’s default settings, including display resolution. The black screen might appear on the device when the RAM partitions get stuck. Without resetting the NVRAM/PRAM, you can overcome the Mac problem. 

Turn off the Apple laptop by pressing the “Power” key. Wait for at least 10-15 seconds and press the power button to restart the booting process. Hold the Option, Command, P, and R keys together when the device reboots. Release these keys when you hear the startup chime two consecutive times.

The M2-powered Macs will display an Apple logo when the NVRAM/PRAM reset is complete. Access the browser and open any site from the MacBook. You won’t further experience the black screen error on the device.

Lastly, Reinstall the macOS ….

Reinstall the MacBook’s operating system to fix the MacBook’s black screen error. Access the Apple menu, select “Restart’ and press the Option, Command, and R keys together to open the Recovery window. 

Click “Reinstall” and choose the correct macOS version from the list. Tap on “Continue” and follow the on-screen introductions to complete the OS installation. If the laptop screen still goes black after the macOS update, contact a technician immediately.

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