Chatbot is no longer a strange phrase to today’s modern online community. Nearly every online business is taking advantage of automation features to serve customer needs as well as simplify business. Moreover, by adding automation to your business is actually just one of a few sales support software, making sales easier and more convenient.

In this article, I will introduce you to the easy way to communicate with customers on the website with your phone. Discuss in detail how a customer support team can create an automatic chatbot or include smart widgets that will help them a lot in the condition that they do not have time to reply to messages for regular users.


Chatbot your sleepless assistant

Basically, a chatbot is an automated messaging software that can be programmed to chat with customers. The bots are pre-programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and perform certain tasks 24/7. Mobile app design will be even more useful when integrating this feature.

For customers, chatbots are a time-saving, friendly and accessible method. Instead of having to open an app, make a phone call, run a search or load a website, now, thanks to chatbots, customers just need to type a message and chat like a regular friend.

In fact, in the past, chatbots have appeared in many different forms and now, they are starting to show up more commonly on webpages, apps, and other social media, depending on the user’s wishes.

Messenger Chatbot is a type of chatbot displayed in Messenger, whose task is to take care of and meet the needs of company customers quickly and conveniently. Moreover, the chatbot is also capable of scaling up Facebook Messenger strategies, helping you to save significant marketing costs.

Talk to customers in real time

Live chat is a form of messaging in real time. It is no coincidence that many websites in the world choose live chat as the optimal solution in their customer support strategy. With the ability to actively invite chat without having to wait for visitors to contact first like yahoo, skype tools or by phone, the number of conversations with customers increases, leading to an increase in the interaction rate. 

Live chat is quickly becoming a preferred choice of all customer care services in the field of online business. It offers a blend of benefits centered on cost effectiveness, sales, and customer relationships. 

Advertise your business without moving tabs

Currently, advertising in TV programs in the form of pop ups is a fast-growing form of advertising and is favored by many businesses with advertising needs. The most popular smart widget, pop ups by definition are advertisements on websites. Pop ups are often associated with web pages and they appear when users access those sites via the internet. Pop up is usually a place for businesses to promote their seasonal offers or upcoming events.

Pop up on the phone is multi-window multitasking. Basically, you will see a floating application window with a minimized size that you can move around the screen. Because one feature is that the space on mobile will be less, so the space will also be more limited; thereby posing the problem of fonts and the message will have to be more concise but still convey the full meaning to the customer.

Communicate with customers via mobile phone

Indeed, chatbot, live chat and smart widgets are a new direction for online businesses and services. The particular reason is that it helps to interact with users in a more automatic and friendly way. Automated marketing tools can read incoming messages, understand what the user wants, then reply in the form of text, images or links, depending on how the response message syntax is built.


After understanding what business automation is and its uses, it can be seen that the design of a mobile application today is indispensable. Chatbots play an important role in many applications. Thanks to chatbots, the application works more efficiently and attracts more customers. Therefore, chatbots can bring many useful benefits in mobile app design:

  • Interaction with customers
  • Fast customer support
  • Cost savings
  • Save time

A chatbot can respond to customers quickly and accurately. Therefore, you can save time typing, searching for customer information, etc. So convenient and many advantages, chatbots have now become an indispensable tool in many mobile apps. Especially for online shopping mobile applications, chatbots have proven their great role.

To summarise, Ethical Ocean has just brought you knowledge about what a chatbot, live chat and pop up is as well as the benefits when designing mobile apps. Chatbots have become extremely useful tools for many mobile application platforms in particular. It has a great and indispensable role for the development of a business, developing a website, etc. 

Therefore, if you are a mobile app developer, you should not ignore this. Hopefully this article will be the fastest solution to help you create an automated chatbot for your page to promptly interact with users as well as create a professional look for the page.

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