Stellar Converter For MBOX

Are you in search of a converter tool for migrating Outlook to other email platforms for your business? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on the Stellar Converter for MBOX. When you consider migrating through different email platforms, the MBOX files should be converted into the file format of PST. Thus, data extraction and compatibility should not deploy manual effort.

What’s so unique about this converter tool? Especially, who doesn’t want to avoid a technical glitch at prime time! Thus, they should give this software a try. Additionally, the free trial for thirty days with a money-back guarantee makes your journey easier, with this software. 

Let’s check what wonders are awaiting through this converter.

Product Details and Claims

Stellar Converter for MBOX claims to convert every MBOX file into the PST format. And, the in-partnership, MBOX clients are AppleMail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Pocomail, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, OperaMail, ClawsMail, Evolution, Eudora, Spicebird, Cone, Netscape, Mutt, Gnu and Mozilla Mail. 

Additionally, the software can convert data on all these mail platforms into PST files. So, fetching remains easy. On the other hand, you can export data from MBOX straight to Office 365. Sounds interesting, let’s sneak into the major specifications of the software.

Advantages of Stellar Converter for MBOX

The main characteristic of Stellar Converter for MBOX is to convert MBOX contents into PST files. So, the owner or user need not look for any technical help or assistance separately. 

Here’s what has stolen our attention.

  • Sleek Interface

If you are thinking that you cannot handle the entire procedure, as you are not that tech-savvy, then this converter software can prove you wrong. The craze for the software begins with its ultra-smooth user interface that has been kept as minimal as possible. 

Even the mail conversion approaches are straightforward. You have to select the corresponding email client from the available drop-down menu. Then, switch it to a PST file with the Convert option. And, the overall migration won’t take hours, but rather a few minutes.

  • Speedy and Efficient Conversion

Coming to the entire procedure, the software first, scans the entire email content for file extraction. Then, it proceeds with the conversion. Honestly, the scanning might take a few minutes, but the conversion really occurs at a light-blazing speed. 

Moreover, you can continue with your other work at the same time, while the software is performing the conversion from MBOX to PST files. Additionally, you get a chance to preview the scanning before you go for the Convert option. So, don’t convert those files that aren’t essential enough.

Apart from speedy conversion, you can avail multiple conversions simultaneously. Users can’t experience any lag just because of the direct importing of the files. On the other hand, you can import those email client files into different formats. Now, that’s what we call time management, with this astonishing conversion tool.

  • Performance Booster

You can validate every possible mailbox with this software. The software doesn’t miss emails, contacts, other attachments, journals and calendar events. Even if you go for Outlook conversion, then you can find the maintained folder hierarchy for a feasible conversion to PST format.

However, don’t forget to save your converted data from the Main Menu option. The software has also introduced the Apply Filter option to convert only applicable content over the email clients. It saves you both effort and time and enhances productivity, consequently.

  • Compatible with Office 365

If you go with the Technician version of this software, then you can avail the export feature for PST files on Office 365. In other words, you can directly process those PST files by using the converter tool and applying valid credentials on your Office 365 account. Moreover, you can convert those imported files into PDF, RTF, EML, HTML and MSG formats.

Features of Stellar Converter for MBOX: At a Glance

So, here is the summarized view of the capabilities of the Stellar Converter for MBOX software. 

  • The software can import almost every recognized MBOX component. 
  • It can scan the emails and additional attachments and show the preview before conversion. 
  • The conversion is available in mostly PST format. However, you can avail multiple conversions and multiple formats for selected versions and MBOX clients. 
  • Moreover, you can refrain from converting non-essential email components by using the Apply filter option, which only retrieves the pertinent components from email clients.

Technical Supports for Stellar Converter for MBOX

You can render the converter software for web-based applications on your Windows-empowered computers. Stellar hasn’t yet introduced compatible applications for iOS and Android devices. And, you can avail of the conversion only on the online mode. 

On the other hand, the software suits small to medium-sized businesses. However, you can reach the customer support number anytime, whenever you encounter any issue with the converter tool.

About Purchase and All

Three modes of usage available for Stellar Converter for MBOX, and they are- a free trial, Technician and Corporate. If you are a bit confused about the efficiency of the converter software, then you should start your step with the free trial that comes with a money-back guarantee within thirty days. 

Or, if you are already impressed with its free-trial performances, then you can choose between Technician and Corporate one. Technician version offers the users to export multiple files and save them in multiple formats for direct collaboration with Outlook and Office 365 accounts. Reach the Stellar support team online to make a valid purchase of the converter tool.

Final Words…

Stellar Converter for MBOX is more than just a converter tool for MBOX emails as it supports different attachments and file formats for conversion. If you are running a small or medium-sized business, then you can absolutely gain the benefits of this converter tool. However, its uninterrupted performance factors, fast conversions and multiple platform support are its punchlines. Let’s check what wonders are awaiting through this mbox to pst converter

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