Why do I need an SSL Certificate

Billions of people transmit sensitive and vital data over the internet daily; if the user does not ensure the data’s security, any third party can intercept and misuse the data.

The majority of the people will not browse or use a site that is not secured. Even widely used search engine, Google also prefers SSL secured websites as security is the top priority.

SSL certificates make the site more secure. It empowers websites to move from “http” to “https,” where additional “s” indicates security. Lack of HTTPS are often flagged as insecure sites, keeping away lots of users.

In the fight against hackers, phishing, and fake sites, a trustworthy SSL certification is the potent weapon.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are small data files installed on a web server that digitally bind together a domain and server name and organizational identity and location.

SSL certificate helps safeguard the critical data transferred between two systems; data is encrypted while in transit; hence it cannot be read by anyone other than the intended user, which prevents hackers from misusing it. A certification authority can provide an SSL certificate to the owner of the website. This certification authority is a third party who confirms that the website owner is who they say.

For buying an SSL certificate, you need to have

  • A unique IP address
  • A CSR Certificate Signing request
  • Correct contact information in WHOIS record (the ownership and contact information associated with each domain name)
  • Business/Organization validation documents

How Does an SSL Certificate Work?

SSL Certificates use public-key cryptography.

This cryptography connects the power of two keys, namely – private and public keys.

The server makes public key available to the public domain, which can encrypt any message. In contrast, the private key is kept secret and is used on the server-side.


If A sends some essential data to B, A will lock it with B’s public key. B will be able to unlock it by using only B’s private key. B is the sole owner of his private key, so only B -the intended user, can open A’s data. If any third party intercepts the message before B unlocks it, they will get an unbreakable cryptographic code.

The public key helps in data encryption, and the private key is used for data decryption.

Step by step working of SSL

Step 1: User connects a website secured by SSL.

Step 2: The user’s application then exchanges its public key with the server’s public key, helping both the parties encrypt the information or data that only the intended party can read.

Step 3: When the user sends the data to the server, the application uses the server’s public key to encrypt it.

Step 4: Another server receives the data and decrypts it using its secret private key. Similarly, information sent back to the browser is encrypted using the public key generated by the user’s application.

Why SSL certification is Important

The SSL certificate initiates secure sessions with the user’s browser via SSL protocol.

Any organization doing ecommerce business must have an SSL certificate on its web server to ensure the safety of customer and company information and the security of financial transactions.

Obtaining SSL security is vital for the following reasons

  • It secures online payments and credit card transactions.
  • It provides the security of essential and legal Data.
  • It authenticates and verifies the owner of a website.
  • It includes verification of the information that is listed on websites.
  • It prevents attackers from creating a fake version of the site.
  • It helps in getting users’ trust and win over competitors.

Types of SSL certificates

Depending on the business requirement, there are different types of SSL certificates. They can be differentiated based on their level of validation and the number of secured domains and sub-domains. The main objective is to ensure the user knows who they are connected to while sending private and essential information or data.


  1. DV SSL (Domain validated) – It is apt for small businesses or sites providing information. Its an automatic process of validation and required less time and money. The certificate authority verifies administrative control over the concerned domain.



  1. OV SSL (organization validated)- It is best for medium-sized businesses. Compared to DV, OV SSL certification is more trustworthy. In addition to the applicant’s control over the domain, an investigation of the organization is also done. OV SSL has a medium level of validation. It takes a few days to complete the procedure.




  1. EV SSL (Extended Validated)- EV is the most reliable certification. It is best for sites conducting financial transactions and having crucial legal information. Compared to DV and OV certification, the verification process of EV SSL is more comprehensive. Comparatively, an EV certification is expensive as it provides the most strict level of security. It takes about five days to complete the procedure.



  1. MD SSL (Multi-domain) – With multi-domain ssl certificate, multiple domains can be encrypted under a single SSL certification. This type of accreditation helps in a combination of several different hostnames having the same or different domains. The renewal process saves time and money as all domains can be renewed at once.



  1. Wildcard SSL – This type of certificate is advisable for businesses using a single domain and having various sub-domains. It can secure the base domain and unlimited first-level sub-domains. User can add any number of sub-domains as per the requirement of the business.


Irrespective of the business type, it is recommended for all websites to install SSL security into it. Obtaining an SSL certificate is a legal requirement for websites that collect vital user data such as credit card details. With the rapidly increasing cyberattack cases, you need to be on the safe side by acquiring an SSL certificate. if you are looking for a reliable SSL certificate provider, check out cheapsslshop as they assist you to make your server stronger than ever at a much lower cost.