With up to 100 million active MacBook users, this software tops the game of the best laptops or machines used in the world. From exceptional performance to overall functionalities, there are numerous reasons why people look upon MacBook.

The reason why millions of people are showcasing their trust in MacBook is the consistent efforts by Apple that has kept people intact with this technology brand. Be it an iPhone or MacBook, Apple’s each gadget offers seamless technological liberty to play around.

Talking about the library, MacBook has some matchless apps and software ready to tenfold your experience in many ways. From giving you key iOS apps access to macOS Mojave’s ultimate line of features, there is a lot to explore in MacBooks. And it all comes with experience and discovery.

There are countless things to do with MacBook apps. If you are someone who just bought a MacBook or about to buy it but don’t know if the apps are going to help you anyhow then here is something waiting for you.


1. Amphetamine – Many MacBook users fear closing its lid as it goes to sleep mode instantly. However, it may not seem like major trouble for many, but at the same time, it can be a massive drawback for some. Well, when there is an issue, there is a solution too. And that’s Amphetamine which lets you get access to your MacBook even when closed. It is a FREE app available on the App Store to download and use.


2. HyperDock – While the Windows 7 users were able to snap the program to an edge of the screen, Apple did not have any such functionality until OS X EI Capitan came into existence. But now luckily, HyperDock is fully loaded with all the functionalities required to give you the access to both App Dock and Windows at the same time. Just hover and drag the program you want to access, and you are done. You can get it from the App Store at a nominal charge of $9.99.


3. Gemini 2 – There are times when, while surfing the internet, a random file sneaks into your system and stays forever. These are often referred to as duplicate files that can increase the risk of malware functionality and storage issues if not wiped at the right time. In such circumstances, use duplicate finder Gemini 2 that offers a smart, laser-accurate functioning without compromising on the safety of your Macbook. It runs a thorough check on the system while detecting and deleting the duplicate files in seconds.

The last word –

If we go by numbers, more than 32,000 MacBook apps are belonging to different uses and features. Records say that a vast number of people have been using a MacBook for decades but could not explore all the apps made for it. Although the MacBook is self-sufficient to offer you everything you need to improve your experience, when it comes to adding a tinge of entertainment and additional leverage, you may need to look upon the line of software or apps made for it.