Discord Error 404 Link to the Old Homepage

The page not found error, also known as error 404, prevents you from using Discord on your device. So, you need to find an effective solution to it as soon as possible. This error has quite a wide range of possible causes, as you might know.

If required, you can simply reach out to the support team for help. However, you can sometimes get a quicker solution by applying some fixes all by yourself.

Does your Discord error 404 link to the old homepage on the app? Here, we have simple solutions that many users have reported as effective.

So, you must go through them and try them out to get a solution.

Why does the Discord Error 404 Link to the Old Homepage & How to fix that?

The 404 error page might show up quite often when you are using the Discord overlay. In such cases, it would cover the entire screen, and you need to apply the necessary fixes.

It might also indicate a problem with the app or a temporary error with your device. In any case, you should get an effective solution with the following troubleshooting steps:

Close all Discord Functions to Relaunch them

You can apply various fixes for the “Discord error 404 link” issue. If you are unsure which solution would be appropriate, you must start by relaunching Discord.

So, close Discord and stop all of its background processes. Open the Task Manager and find any Discord processes running there. Right-click each of them and select the ‘End task’ option to stop them.

Launch the app after closing all its processes to check on the problem. If the error appears again, you must also consider restarting your PC before trying other solutions.

Restart Your PC

Rebooting your computer can resolve a wide range of temporary problems occurring on it. And, it should fix the errors in any processes related to running Discord on your PC.

Moreover, many Discord users have reported that restarting their devices effectively resolved the issue. Perform a restart on your computer before launching Discord again.

Does the error occur when your PC runs a game? Then, launch the game as well to check whether the Discord error 404 covers its screen. If it does, then there might be a conflict between the game and Discord. So, you might have to disable the overlay for a solution.

Try Using Discord with Another Game

Does it seem that the “Discord error 404 link” occurs only while playing a specific game? Then, you must verify that by using Discord with a different game on your computer.

Launch another game if you have one on your device and relaunch Discord. If the error does not appear, Discord had an issue with the previous game. In that case, you might have to update the game or Discord or both.

But, what if you get the 404 error page again? In that case, disabling the overlay feature might do the trick. There are other possible solutions as well, such as reinstalling the app. You must proceed with the next step first before trying other fixes.

Disable the Discord Overlay Feature

The overlay feature might not always run well with all games on your PC. So, you might have to disable this feature to resolve the error code 404 in some cases. Launch Discord and open the Settings menu on it. Find the in-game overlay option there, and turn off the ‘Enable in-game overlay’ option.

Launch the game once you are done to check on the problem. You should be able to run it without any issues now. This is the most effective solution when the Discord error 404 link occurs due to the overlay.

Update the Discord App

An outdated app version can cause a wide range of problems on your device. So, you must make sure that you have the latest version of Discord on your device. You can update it by simply allowing an update when prompted after launching the app.

Alternatively, you can also download the latest version from the Discord website. But, make sure to download the app from a legitimate source.

Delete all the previous installation data if you want to download the latest version from the browser. And, that should help you avoid a Discord installation error, which is quite common.

Update Steam

Does the Discord error 404 link to the old homepage when you launch a game with Steam? If yes, then you must consider updating Steam on your device for an effective solution.

After all, some users have mentioned that a recent Steam update caused the Discord 404 error. And, the developers launched another update after that to roll back the previous one.

So, updating to the latest Steam version might help you resolve the error. Launch the app and opt for updating it. Also, consider enabling the auto-update feature if you have not done so already. And, that should make it much easier for you to keep your Steam app up-to-date,

Update Your Device System

A system update is yet another effective way to resolve issues with various apps. After all, the app version you are using might require a specific system version. And, this applies to any device on which you are using Discord.

So, go to the Settings and navigate to the software update section. Look for the latest update there and download it on your device.

Wait for your device to complete the update and restart itself. Then, launch Discord to check whether the “Discord error 404 link” problem persists. If it does, you might want to reach out to the support team immediately.

Talk to the Discord Support Team

You must try all of the aforementioned fixes for the Discord error 404 link to the old homepage. But, if none of them works, reaching out to the support team might be the most viable solution. Finally, reinstalling the app might be the only effective alternative to that.

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