We can’t ignore talking about payments and their security while we are dealing with e-commerce. The segment has witnessed an enormous rise in payment frauds and identity thefts. Hence, it becomes inevitable that e-commerce store owners offer a secure and safe environment for shopping.

Every time there is a payment fraud or hack due to the payment security issues, people embark the importance of a secure website. To deal with these security threats in the e-commerce segments, we are listing a few measures.

Opt For Processor Who Knows Online Payment

The first step to accepting the online payments is to choose the right payment processor. However, the selection of the payment partner is crucial.

The experience from your payment partner can help the client in complying with the PCI DSS, i.e. payment card industry data security standards. So, choose a partner who can provide all-time support.

Your payment processor must also maintain the PCI data security compliance for you.

If there is a data breach and there is a monetary loss, some processors even reimburse the money.  So, it is essential to have an experienced payment partner who knows everything about the payment security.

Monitoring Suspicious Purchasing Activities

If you are the owner of an e-commerce store, you must keep a keen eye on suspicious activity in your store. It could be a fraud happening right under your nose.

I remember a story of an e-commerce store owner. He noticed someone logging into his e-store from the same IP address and placing huge orders. And then he made payments from different credit cards every time.

The pattern and the behavior of the shopper indicated that he was using stolen credit cards for shopping. He made the complaint, and the authorities looked up into the matter. So, you see, being attentive can help you in knowing when fraud is taking place on your website.

Address Verification System

Address verification system is one way to ensure that. In the above story, if there was a way to analyze that the card user is the owner. 

The system will cross-check the data of the cardholder from the issuing bank to make sure the billing address is correct. The transaction could be declined in case of a mismatch.  The person with the stolen card wouldn’t have access to the correct billing address.

However, this process alone isn’t enough to prove a transaction is fraudulent. You must use in addition to the other Payment security measures.


We all know that encryption converts the original message into an encrypted code. This code is usually very complicated and robust to decode even by a hacker.

Encryption ensures the safety and security of the data and its transmission. It is done by various methods, but the choice depends entirely on the requirement and the context.


Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a very consistent security model.  It was developed for e-commerce business, to secure its payment channels.

SSL encrypts the transmission of data and authenticates the client-server information. It was designed for preventing tampering of information and the forgery while the data is transmitted over the internet.


Secure Electronic Transaction

Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or S-HTTP, is the advanced version of HTTP. It comes with enhanced security. S-HTTP ensures secured public key encryption, digital signatures, and authentication.

S-HTTP allows the websites to negotiate server-client encryption schemes and make transactions more secured. It uses a different defense mechanism and ensures optimal end-user security. Also, you can seamlessly integrate secured HTT  with the HTTP.

Secure Electronic Transaction

Secure Electronic Transaction or SET is a collaboration by Visa and Mastercard. It was developed to ensure the safety of all the parties involved in a transaction over e-commerce.

It authenticates cardholders and the merchants along with ensuring the confidentiality payment data and other related information. SET also defines protocols and electronic security service providers.

It enables the interoperability between applications over various OS and platforms. It integrates digital wallet software and secures all the online purchases of the cardholder through point and click interface.

SET also helps merchants to interact with customers and financial institutions securely. Merchants avail support from SET for enabled standard and automatic payment processes. And that’s how it secures the payment processes over e-commerce sites.

PCI Compliance

The security standard council of payment card industry was formed in 2006 for ensuring that the companies dealing with the credit card information are maintaining a secure environment.

It is a collaboration between various card company brands like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX etc. A non-PCI compliant company may face some serious consequences.

Safe Login

payment security

A secure login page is the base of secured e-commerce. If the merchant has the secure login access to the website, he is halfway through the work. If the login is nor safe, hackers can easily infiltrate and gain access to the details and sensitive data. Applying this method is easy, but it can protect from many security threats.

Digital Signature

A digital signature gives a unique identity to your messages. It is the process of encrypting the message with a private key. This key is used explicitly for verification purpose.

No one can alter the data because of the link between the data and the signature. However, if someone somehow alters the information, the signature automatically becomes invalid. And that’s how your digital signature helps in maintaining the confidentiality and authority of the data.

In the End

By now, you must be aware of the threats online payments possess and how can you counter them. These security measures are the lifeline of the e-commerce industry. If you don’t put these measures in place, the money for both the buyer and the merchant could be at stake. And after so many stories of security attacks and people losing money online, you must be especially alert. Some wise man once said it’s better to be proactive than reactive. A little upfront effort can save you from many risks and severe consequences.

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