Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101

Netflix is a popular online streaming service that more than 200 million users use. It releases a new update every week to improve the user experience. Netflix allows users to access the latest movies, series and TV shows without any hassle.

But, sometimes, you might experience the tvq-pb-101 error while streaming the contents. This issue usually occurs when there is no internet connection. So, restart the router to resolve this network connectivity issue from Netflix. Ensure the streaming devices are connected to the right wireless network.

Did you change the Netflix settings recently? Incorrect Netflix configuration can also result in a tvq-pb-101 error. It can also occur because of using an outdated/corrupted Netflix application.

An unstable Wi-Fi connection can be the potential reason behind this connection problem. Due to a service outage, this error can be triggered in the Netflix application. Whatever the reason is, this issue can be resolved without any technical support.

List of Devices where the Users Experienced TVQ-PB-101 Error

There are many devices where you can get this Netflix error. Many have faced this connection issue while watching videos from the Roku TV. This error message can pop up while streaming TV shows from Amazon Fire. Moreover, users experienced the tvq-pb-101 error in the Blu-ray player and on Playstation 3, 4 and 5.

Do you use streaming media players like Apple TV? This Netflix error can appear on this device and freeze the screen. Some users came across with tvq-pb-101 error while connecting Netflix with Xbox One. And outdated device firmware is the prime reason behind such an occurrence. Update these Smart TV or PlayStation’s firmware to overcome this critical issue.

Possible Solutions to Fix TVQ-PB-101 Error

Restart the Netflix application from the devices in the first place. Sometimes, this solution can fix this connectivity issue from this leading streaming service. But, if that doesn’t work, change the Wi-Fi network and watch movies without further interference.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi when using Netflix from smartphones. Because it can prevent users from accessing this on-demand application.

Sometimes, you might face this issue for not setting up the Netflix account properly. Add Netflix to the Roku TV from the Channel Store and tap on “Add Channel”. Click on “Yes” and choose a subscription plan, close the app and open it again. It won’t further display the network connectivity error message.

Do you stream the latest Netflix movies from Amazon Fire TV? Check whether you have downloaded the latest version of this streaming application. Select “Sign in”, and provide the correct email address and password. Choose any content, and Netflix won’t further display the tvq-pb-101 error. But, if that doesn’t fix the tvq-pb-101 error, follow these solutions:

Update Netflix

Update this streaming application from PlayStation, Smart TVs and other devices. This will help the Netflix users to stop getting the tvq-pb-101 error. But, before that, it is important to check whether there is any update available for the app. If you use an Android device, open the Play Store, go to the search box and write “Netflix”.

Tap on “Netflix” and choose the “Update” option afterwards. It might take a few minutes to complete the update process. Now, open Netflix from the Android device and check whether it shows the error. Unable to update Netflix from the Play Store? Switch to Wi-Fi from mobile data to resolve this connection issue.

How to Update Netflix from PlayStation?

PlayStation 3 users need to open the PlayStation Store first. Head to the “Apps” section and tap on the “Movies/TV” option, and choose “Netflix”. Select the “Option” button of the game console’s controller. Can you see the “Check for Updates” option? Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update procedure.

Did you connect the Netflix account with the PlayStation 4 or 5? Then, first, access the device menu, and tap on “Netflix” from the list of the pre-installed apps. Click on the “TV & Video” section and choose “Option” using the game controller keys.

Next, locate the “Check for Updates” option from this window. Click on the “Download and Update” option to get the updated version of Netflix. Open the app, and the tvq-pb-101 error message won’t further appear.

How to Update Netflix from the Xbox One? 

First, you need to go to the game console’s settings and tap on “All Settings”. Click on the “System” option and opt for “Look for Updates” from this page. If any latest updates are available for Netflix, this section will show them.

Choose the “Download and Install” option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. And, don’t forget to toggle on the “Keep My Games & Apps Up-to-Date” option, and it will remove the hassle of updating the installed app repeatedly.

How to Update Netflix from Desktop, Roku TV and Amazon Fire Stick?

The Windows users need to open the Microsoft Store to update the Netflix application. And, if you watch Netflix’s content from Roku TV, open the Settings from the home screen. Go for the “System” option and tap on “Software Update”. Choose the “Check Now” option and select “Update” to update the Netflix app immediately.

When was the last time you updated Netflix on the Amazon Fire Stick? Was that a month ago? Then, go to the menu, tap on “App”, and choose “Netflix” from the download app list. Click on the “Update” button and wait for a few seconds. Close the app, open it again, and stream unlimited content without any issue.

Sign Out of Netflix on the Devices

Sometimes, Netflix users can fix the tvq-pb-101 error by signing out and signing in again. On Android or iOS devices, you will find the “Sign Out” option on Netflix’s home page. But, it might be difficult to find this option on game consoles and smart TVs. Because these devices use certain key combinations to sign out of Netflix.

If you use PlayStation, open the app, press the controller’s “O” key. Choose the gear icon and tap on “Sign Out”. Choose the “Yes” option, then open Netflix, provide the login information to sign in again. It won’t display the tvq-pb-101 error while watching your favourite videos.

First, the Xbox One and Roku TV users need to open the Netflix home screen. Tap on “Get Help” or “Settings” to get the “Sign Out” option. Click on that and launch the Netflix app to sign in again.

Now, check whether you can watch the Netflix content without this connection issue. Contact the Internet Service Provider if you are still experiencing this Netflix error.

Alternative Ways to Fix Netflix Error TVQ-PB-101

Remove the existing Netflix account and create a new one. Find the series you want to watch and check if it shows this error. Additionally, you can restart the streaming devices to resolve the tvq-pb-101 error.

Check the server status by clicking on the “Netflix Help Center”. Don’t connect more than two devices with the router while using Netflix. Disable the proxy servers and VPN services. Renew the Netflix subscription and clear the data cache to fix this issue.

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