MP7 vs MP5

MP7 and MP5 are the best submachine guns in Call of Duty: Warzone. These weapons help the players to eliminate the close-range enemies from the game. However, you will need an assault and sniper rifle to cover long distances. The SMGs are more effective than other rifles due to their high fire rates.

Moreover, SMGs like MP7 or MP5 play a vital role in Warzone loadouts. These guns have faster strafe speed when aiming at the players on the battlefield. Many gamers choose MP7 and MP5 for their excellent hip-fire accuracy and lower recoil rate. Use SMGs over assault rifles to cause more damage to oppositions in deathmatches.

MP5 and MP7 are the most used SMGs in this multiplayer game. Because you can use a lot of attachments in these guns, choosing the right submachine gun might be challenging. Certain factors are needed to consider.

Here are a few details about these powerful SMGs of Call of Duty: Waoxzrzone. Go through them to get a clear understanding of MP7 vs MP5.

MP7 vs MP5 — Which one Causes More Damage?

Choosing the right weapon is important in Call of Duty’s battle royale. Otherwise, you might lose the match against the opponent team. The developers added MP5 and MP7 after the latest game update. These two SMGs provide more damaging output in the game. And, this makes it difficult to decide which is better and a more viable option.

The MP5 gun is the best option in the Modern Warfare mode. However, the MP7 might not provide effective results for Warzone. Therefore, you should always check the SMGs’ recoil and fire rate beforehand. The online gamers also need to consider the time-to-kill rates of the SMGs.

Alongside, you need to check the MP5 or MP7’s attachment options and their perks. MP7 or MP7 is not a default weapon of Call of Duty: Warzone. You can unlock these SMGs after reaching a certain level of the game. Or, you can buy these guns from the in-game store. But, before any of these guns, check which one will be the best for you:

MP7 vs MP5 — Which One has the More Recoil and Fire Rate?

A gun’s recoil is a major factor in FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone. The lower the recoil rate, the easier it will be to control the SMG. MP7 is easier to use than MP5 despite its higher fire rate (968 RPM). However, you need to aim in the correct direction to defeat the enemies.

Many Call of Duty: Warzone players face problems while using MP7. It is pretty difficult to set the crosshair of an MP7 when tracking an opponent. Switch to MP5 in such circumstances to win the battle. Moreover, it takes more bullets to damage an enemy in MP7. So, use MP5 instead to target the other players more effectively.

MP7 vs MP5 — Which One has More Time-to-Kill Rates?

If you decide to use a Wraxone machine, then look at its time-to-kill value. The less the time-to-kill rate is, the less it takes to defeat enemies. The MP5 has an average of 144 milliseconds of time-to-kill value, and whereas MP7 takes 186 milliseconds to take down an unarmed opponent. So, it’s pretty clear which SMG to use to cause more damage in less time.

MP7 vs MP5 — Which One is the Best for Medium-range Fights?

Though these two SMGs look similar, there are certain differences. Every Call of Duty: Warzone should know which weapon to use to achieve the targets. If you want to defeat medium-range enemies, don’t use MP7. Because it doesn’t offer much scalability in these types of battles. But, MP5 works like an assault rifle in medium-short range fights.

MP7 vs MP5 — Which One has the More Attachment Options?

There is a set of attachments you need to use with the SMGs like MP5 or MP7, if you are using MP5, equip a muzzle, laser, grip and stock. Additionally, the players need to find the perfect ammunition for the MP5 gun. Use an Agency Suppressor to increase the weapon’s recoil.

Do you want to use MP7 in the War Zone battles? Find a muzzle, barrel, underbarrel laser and ammunition for the SMG. And, this means you can’t use a grip in MP7 to reduce the recoil per shot. And, it increases the chances of missing the shots. So, use MP5 instead of MP7 to get the best attachment setup.

MP7 vs MP5 — What are their Perks?

Perks in Call of Duty: Warzone provides extra benefits to online players. You can suppress the footsteps and increase HP and sprinting speed with these. Thus, before choosing a weapon, you should check its perks.

For instance, MP5 offers more E.O.D than the MP7 gun. This indicates that MP5 can reduce the non-killstreak explosive rate and fire damage. Additionally, it has an Overkill perk that allows you to carry a primary weapon as a secondary one. You can also use up to five attachments in the secondary and primary SMG. MPS also has the amped perk, which lets the players swap weapons faster.

The best perk to use with the MP7 gun is E.O.D. It will help you to counter any Thermite Grenades or Claymore attacks. Moreover, this SMG also gives you the option to overkill like assault rifles. And, this allows the gamers to compete with the enemy, irrespective of their distance. However, this perk is not there in the MP5 gun. So, choose MP7 vs MP5 to cover the best game ranges.

MP7 vs MP5 — Which One Ensures Victory in the War Zone Game?

MP7 is the best alternative to the MP5 gun in Call of Duty: Warzone. And, you can unlock MP5 after reaching Rank 4. But, you can’t get the MP7 fun without entering level 54. This indicates it takes more time to get MP7 than MP5.

Moreover, the difficulty level increases with your game rank. Complete the daily challenges to boost the XP to increase the game level. Until then, use MP5 with a sniper rifle to beat the enemies.

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