McDonalds Happy Meal Pokemon Cards

Pokemon recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. And, McDonald’s participated in that by bringing back Pokemon cards to happy meals. These cards have a much higher demand than it might seem.

Lots of people rushed to buy Happy Meals and collect as many cards as they could. McDonald’s had even announced a shortage of Pokemon promotional cards.

Each Happy Meal came with a pack of four Pokemon trading cards. And, there are a total of 25 unique Pokemon 25th-anniversary cards available out there.

Here, we will look at all that you must know about them. Keep reading to learn where to get McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon cards and what to do with them.

Which Cards do the Pokemon 25th-Anniversary Cards Include?

The set includes a total of 25 cards, as mentioned earlier. As you might know, there are three types of Pokemon cards – character, trainer and energy. The 25th-anniversary cards only consisted of character cards.

So, this set does not include the trainer and energy cards. Moreover, each Happy Meal also included one hologram card apart from three regular ones.

The hologram cards were simply a holographic version of the 25 unique cards. And, that means you have a total of 50 cards to collect. Especially so, if you want to get the holographic version of all unique McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon cards.

Here are all the Pokemon cards that you can find in the 25th-anniversary Happy Meal collection:

  • Pikachu (Unified Minds)
  • Squirtle (Unbroken Bonds)
  • Litten (Sun and Moon)
  • Charmander (Burning Shadows)
  • Chikorita (Lost Thunder)
  • Snivy (Black and White Black Star Promo)
  • Treecko (X and Y Black Start Promo)
  • Bulbasaur (Shining Legends)
  • Rowlet (Sun and Moon)
  • Cyndaquil (Lost Thunder)
  • Totodile (Phantom Forces)
  • Mudkip (X and Y Black Star Promo)
  • Sobble (Sword and Shield Black Star Promo)
  • Froakie (Kalos Starter Set)
  • Piplup (Ultra Prism)
  • Chimchar (Ultra Prism)
  • Oshawott (Black and White Black Star Promo)
  • Chespin (Kalos Starter Set)
  • Torchic (X and Y Black Star Promo)
  • Scorbunny (Sword and Shield Black Star Promo)
  • Popplio (Sun and Moon)
  • Fennekin (Kalos Starter Set)
  • Grookey (Sword and Shield Black Star Promo)
  • Turtwig (Ultra Prism)
  • Tepig (Black and White Black Start Promo)

How rare are these Cards?

Many collectors might wonder about the rarity of the aforementioned cards. If you are wondering the same, you can find your answer on the card. Check the symbol on your McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon cards in the bottom right corner.

Do you see a star there? If yes, then you are holding a rare card.

But, what if there is a circle or a diamond symbol in the bottom right corner? If you are wondering, a circle means that the card is a common one. And, a diamond means that you have found an uncommon card. So, it is quite easy to find the rarity of your collected Pokemon cards all by yourself.

Where can You get Pokemon 25th-Anniversary Cards from?

As you probably know, you cannot get Pokemon cards from McDonald’s Happy meals currently. The McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon cards were available from February to December 2021.

So, you might have to wait for the next time they offer you Pokemon cards. And, there is no way to know when that will be.

Are you specifically looking for the 25th-anniversary Pokemon cards? In that case, you must search for them online. After all, many people seem to be selling them for profit.

Many of them bought Happy meals in bulk to collect the cards. You might find the cards that you are looking for at a reasonable price from one of the sellers.

What can You do with McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon Cards?

You need to collect enough Pokemon cards first to do anything with them. There are various things to do with them once you have done that.

Here are some of the things we suggest:

Trade them

Did you get a card that you do not want? Then, there is no reason to throw it away or simply give it to someone. Instead, you can trade it for a card you like and want.

So, find someone who has the card you want and is interested in the one you have. You both can get your hands on the Pokemon cards you were looking for.

Get them for Your Child

You might not be interested in collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon cards. But, your child might like to collect them and ask you for them. In that case, you should get the 25th-anniversary Pokemon cards, which are limited. But, you would have to look for them online now that they are not available with Happy Meals anymore.

Play the Pokemon Card Game

The Pokemon card game is quite fun to enjoy with your friends. You might want to try it if you have not done that before. Or, it might have been a long time since you had played the game. You might want to check whether it is as fun as it used to be in that case.

There should be 60 cards in the Pokemon card game. However, you can also proceed with the game if you have fewer cards. Toss a coin to determine who gets to start the game.

Then, you must draw 7 cards and set them aside face down. Select your active and basic Pokemons before drawing 6 prize cards. Keep the remaining cards on the side and proceed with the game.

Hopefully, you remember the rules of the game. If you do not, ask someone for help or look up the rules somewhere.


Even though Happy Meals do not include Pokemon cards right now, you can still collect the cards. You can find them online as mentioned above. Apart from that, you can also check out the latest set of cards that Pokemon has released. They release a new set with new Pokemons every year.

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