Is Madden Coming to Nintendo Switch

Madden is one of the most popular games from EA Sports. And, it has a vast player base across all the platforms. However, many players have been waiting for this game to be available on Nintendo Switch. It would have undoubtedly gained millions of more players.

There have been speculations that EA Sports is going to release Madden on Nintendo Switch. However, there has been no such announcement from the game developers. So, you might wonder whether Madden would be available on your Nintendo Switch. In that case, we have some useful information to help you.

What do We Know so Far?

EA Sports has recently released the Madden 22 for 5 platforms, including PC and Playstation 5. So, it is not available for Nintendo Switch yet. However, according to speculations, the developers are hiring software engineers with experience in developing Nintendo games. As a result, many players are expecting to see Madden games released on Nintendo Switch.

Even if that is true, it is not known which versions of the game would be available for Nintendo players. Madden 13 was the last version that the developers had released on this platform.

Hopefully, the later versions of the game would come on Switch. However, we cannot be sure how likely that is to happen. After all, the developers have not confirmed the speculations to date.

As they stated in 2018, EA Sports has no plan to release Madden on Nintendo Switch. And, they have not given any updates on this matter yet. So, there might not be any reason for players to expect a Madden release on Nintendo Switch.

How Could Nintendo Switch Add to Your Madden Experience?

There are many good reasons why players love the Nintendo Switch. Here are some ways that it would have enhanced your Madden gaming experience:


Do you like to play your favourite games while on the move? Then, Nintendo Switch offers you a great option for that. And, this is the first advantage it offers that might usually come to your mind. Moreover, it is one of the top reasons people prefer this platform. A Nintendo Switch release would surely make Madden NFL much more popular than ever.

1080p Graphics Option

When you use it in handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch offers a 720p resolution. But, you can get a 1080p resolution by using the desktop mode. You simply need to connect the device to a Type C power port to do this.

SSD Storage

As you might know, SSD storage technology has an advantage over HDD technology. Among other things, it can offer more security to your data. Moreover, it also provides a better reading/ writing speed. So, you can have a shorter loading time while playing on Nintendo Switch.

User-Friendly System

The platforms on which Madden is currently available have a fairly easy-to-use interface. However, many players might find Nintendo Switch to have a more user-friendly system. Even if it is not better when it comes to user-friendliness, at least it does not fall behind.

Available to a Larger Age Group

Nintendo Switch is enjoyable for people of pretty much all ages. And, not every other platform might offer you the same. So, a larger number of players could enjoy a game like Madden on Nintendo Switch than on other platforms.

Limitations that Madden Might Face on Nintendo Switch

There are certain challenges that the latest Madden game might face on Nintendo Switch. And, they could be the reason why this game is not available on this platform yet. Here are some limitations present on Nintendo Switch that might affect Madden:

Low Memory

Nintendo Switch might fall short when it comes to fulfilling the memory requirements of many games out there. So, those games cannot be released on this platform. You can buy external memory for your Nintendo Switch. But that might still not fulfil the requirements for the latest Madden game.

The Game Store Mainly Has Nintendo-Owned Games

This is yet another big challenge that Madden would face on Nintendo Switch. Very few third-party games are available on Nintendo’s game store. And, Madden is not one of them right now. You would be able to buy it only after it is available in the Nintendo store.

Joy-Cons Might Feel Uncomfortable

You might find the Joy-Cons of your Nintendo Switch uncomfortable while playing certain games. In such cases, you have to switch to a controller. So, you might not be able to enjoy Madden with your Joy-Con after playing for a certain time.

How to Download Madden NFL 22 On Compatible Platforms?

You can easily download the latest Madden game on your PC or console. Here are the ways to do that depending on the platform you are using:

On Your PC

You can simply buy Madden NFL 22 from Electronic Arts’ official website. Apart from that, you can also find this game on Steam at a discounted price during a sale. However, you cannot get the trial version of this game on your PC.

On Playstation 4 and 5

Do you want to download Madden 22 on your Playstation? Then, you can do that from the official EA Sports website as well. In this case, you need to select Playstation as your platform on the website. Then, you must log in with your Playstation account and proceed to buy the game. You can download the game easily after making the purchase.

On Your Xbox

To download Madden, you must open the Store on your console. Then, opt for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play. You can download games from EA Sports using either of these passes. Look for Madden 22 in the Library and opt for downloading it once you find it.


It seems that Madden games will not come to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. So, you have to play it on the aforementioned compatible platforms for now. However, you might want to look out for any announcements from EA on this matter.

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