Is KissCartoon Safe

Animated TV shows and movies are still popular across the world. You might have heard of KissCartoon as a streaming service where you can watch a wide variety of such animated masterpieces. The best part of KissCartoon is that you can stream cartoons for free on this platform.

Is KissCartoon safe and legal to stream anime movies and shows? You should find out this before you navigate to this website and start streaming. 

Let’s know about KissCartoon, and whether it has any risks. We’ll also guide you to some of the best alternatives to it.

KissCartoon: What is it?

KissCartoon is basically a streaming website that offers a wide variety of animated content, mostly. On the other hand, you will find most shows and movies in HD quality. If you or your kids love to watch cartoons or animated shows, then this can be a divine place for you.

Is KissCartoon safe to browse? We’ll come to this later. However, the website seems quite organised, and you can easily land on the cartoon you’re looking for. Operated by Kiss Anime Network, KissCartoon was originally hosted in Vietnam. And, the hosting company doesn’t implement copyright laws.

So, chances are there that you’ll find pirated content on KissCartoon. Kiss Anime Network also offers pirated shows in the following categories:

  • U.S. comics
  • Korean drama TV shows
  • Manga

KissCartoon has been in the industry for over a decade now. However, the original KissCartoon website was banned in 2017 when Vietnam was requested to handle the criminal activities by the U.S. ambassador. All you can come across are the fake clones of the original KissCartoon website.

We are out of clues of who is operating these fake clones of KissCartoon. Yet, there are a few popular links to land on the KissCartoon streaming platform, and they are:

  • And,

Features of KissCartoon

Cartoons and other anime shows can be a great time killer. KissCartoon makes it easy for you to watch them by combining all the leading shows and movies under one roof. 

Here are some important features of KissCartoon at a glance:

  • Wide selection of animated television shows and movies is available
  • High-quality content (mostly HD)
  • KissCartoon offers an in-built video player
  • You need not download any specific app to enjoy cartoons
  • Most platforms support the site

All these sound exciting and thrilling, but is KissCartoon safe? Let’s answer the million-dollar question.

Is KissCartoon Safe & Legal?

The standard of safety relies on the fact whether the particular site under question is likely to bring any threat or not. In that term, KissCartoon is not safe. 

Reportedly, this specific website has infected tons of systems. The hosting company of KissCartoon gains money by showing advertisements on the site.

You will notice infinite redirects and pop-ups. Your web browser uses a definite JavaScript file to load such advertisements. Attackers might inject viruses with those files, and there’s a great chance that your system might download malicious threats. Now, those threats might look for cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, your computer might act tremendously slow as the viruses exploit your PC resources. Unfortunately, the KissCartoon website doesn’t take any preventive measures to prevent those advertisements. So, your computer might get infected if you visit KissCartoon.

Is KissCartoon Legitimate?

No, it’s not because KissCartoon hosts pirated content. You might find that a few links of KissCartoon might not work simultaneously as they get banned from time to time. The hosting company clones other websites to stream cartoons and other content through a different server and domain name.

Additionally, you will come across multiple KissCartoon sites, and this invokes greater chances of virus and malware infection. Moreover, you will find a difference in domain names by checking those links’ suffixes.

Alternative Sites like KissCartoon

KissCartoon might not be available in your region due to piracy and other complications. However, if you wish to watch unlimited cartoon or anime content for free, you can try a few sites similar to KissCartoon. 

Here are some sites that you can check out:


Do you look for Naruto and other anime series to watch for free this holiday season? Then, KissAnime won’t disappoint you at all. The user interface of KissAnime appears to be flawless and smooth.

Get both streaming and downloadable content from KissAnime. On the other hand, you will get lots of dubbed content in your mother tongue. 

Go through the following features supported by KissAnime:

  • HD-quality shows, and movies are available
  • You can access the site from any network-enabled device you want
  • The site offers an inbuilt video player
  • Immense database of anime content


This particular website is one of the most recommended sites similar to KissCartoon. Paste on the address bar of the web browser, and it should redirect you to KimCartoon. You will get to witness a wide selection of cartoons and other TV shows on KimCartoon.

We found the video quality impressive, and we think that you are going to love KimCartoon. The site also comes up with a built-in video player with a large content database. On the other hand, it’s super easy to access different shows and movies on KimCartoon. 

The only problem with KimCartoon is that pop-up ads will interrupt the seamless experience. Make sure that you don’t click any advertisements and stream the site with VPN enabled.


If you wish to watch cartoons only, then Cartoon Extra might be your destination. This site offers a huge range of cartoon content. Regardless of their release date or availability, you can enjoy a plethora of cartoon and animated shows on any web browser.

Are you a fan of popular series such as Loony Toon, Sponge Bob Square Pants, or Dora the Explorer? You can try CartoonExtra instead of KissCartoon. 

As you can see, there’s a big no to the question: ‘Is KissCartoon Safe?’, you can visit the CartoonExtra website for free.

However, we can’t guarantee that there’s no potential risk on CartoonExtra. You can take a joy ride to your nostalgic childhood with CartoonExtra. Make sure that you take preventive measures before visiting the website.


Are you more into anime rather than traditional cartoon content? 9Anime might be the site that you are searching for. 

As a replacement for KissCartoon, 9Anime offers the following features for viewers:

  • High-definition anime videos
  • Free streaming service
  • Built-in video player
  • Huge database
  • Accessible on any system and web browser
  • User-friendly interface

Additionally, 9Anime offers updated content so you won’t run out of shows ever.


You might miss watching Ben 10 and other Cartoon Network legacies. Then, you should take a look at Toonova. This particular streaming website offers high-quality video content along with flawless binge-watching.

We found the navigation pattern quite straightforward on the Toonova interface. Just browse the website, click on the show that you intend to watch, and the website will take you to the destination. The page will contain information about the series, premiere platform, along with dates, genre, and more. 

In addition, Toonova is also available as an app on Google Play Store. So, you can install it from there. The platform doesn’t display advertisements and is completely safe for children. On the other hand, you can stream cartoons for free on Toonova.

Secured & Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon

Is KissCartoon safe? Sadly, it’s not and most platforms with free cartoon streaming services are not safe at all. In that case, you should search for legal and safe sites that provide you with tons of anime, cartoons, and similar content.

We have mentioned a few legal alternatives to Kissartoon and similar websites. Here we go:


Try Crunchyroll if you are looking for a top and legal website to watch your favourite anime or cartoon series. This site offers premium or paid plans to view unlimited content. However, you can watch a few series and shows without any paid membership on Crunchyroll.

The trick to view the selected show for free is – to watch a couple of advertisements. Under that circumstance, you can watch shows only in low video quality or 480p. If these terms and conditions sound good to you, then you can obviously opt for the platform.

Additionally, Crunchyroll keeps its content updated from time to time. Therefore, try the free service, and if it suits you, then you can subscribe to premium ones.


This all-time favourite TV channel is now available as a website. If you have been a Nickelodeon fan, then you should go for it. Viewers can access the website through TV, computer website, smartphones, and other devices.

With Nickelodeon, you can access original content without worrying about copyright invasion. Additionally, it offers HD-quality video for free. Undoubtedly, your children might find the website more interesting due to the presence of interactive games.

Disney Now

Disney Now is the best place to watch Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other masterpieces. If you can afford a premium subscription, then you will definitely enjoy Disney Now.

Apart from cartoons, you can enjoy Disney movies and shows on this ad-free platform. The user interface of this site is impressive.


You can also opt for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Viewstar, etc. if you are more comfortable with legal sites. They might cost you, but you can be assured of content originality and copyright protection. These are some of the best alternatives to KissCartoon.

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