Discord Audio Crackling

Discord users reported audio glitches after installing the recent update. You will hear a crackling sound when using the voice chat service. Many experienced this issue while streaming online videos. Try to close and restart the VoIP app to fix this audio problem.

But, restarting Discord may not solve the issue, if the audio settings are incorrect. Thus, you need to check the PC’s audio configuration in the first place. Change the audio settings to prevent getting a crackling sound when using Discord. Besides, users have to verify the app’s microphone and headset settings.

Still, Discord audio crackling? Follow this guide to know the reasons and solutions for this error.

What Causes the Discord Audio Crackling Issue?

There are several reasons why Discord generates this audio problem. There is a high possibility that the PC’s USB port is damaged. Did you change the app’s input settings? It could be another reason behind this audio crackling issue. You can experience this issue due to incorrect sound panel settings.

Moreover, this sound issue can trigger for using a damaged headset. Out-of-date audio drivers can cause a crackling sound when using Discord. Check if the “Use Experimental” option is enabled in this app. This feature is responsible for this audio glitch. Thus, disable this option to stop getting this issue when streaming the videos.

Sometimes, faulty PC hardware can cause this Discord sound error. Find out the problematic parts and replace them to fix the problem. Do you use a headset with a mic? Try connecting it to another computer or laptop and check if that works. Or, you can use new headphones to eliminate the Discord audio crackling problem.

Easy Fixes for Discord Audio Crackling Error

There are easy ways to resolve this sound issue from the Discord app. But, first, try to sign out from the app account. Wait for a few minutes and log in to the Discord account by entering the correct credentials. Now, start the live video and check if the error persists.

If you are still hearing a cracking sound, implement the following solutions:

Reset Discord’s Voice Settings

You might have configured the voice settings incorrectly, and resetting it will resolve the Discord audio crackling issue. Open the app from the Windows PC and enter the account details. Locate “User Settings” and go for the “Voice & Video” option.

Navigate to “Reset Voice Settings” and choose this option afterwards. Close the app and turn off the Windows PC after a few minutes. Restart the device and double-tap on “Discord” when the home screen appears. Now, check if the app is making a crackling sound. Apply the next solution if the audio error persists.

Check the Default Audio Output

Did you change Discord’s audio output mode? Then, it could result in the Discord audio crackling issue. Thus, check and change the output settings to fix the issue. Open the app and tap on the “Gear” icon to access Discord’s settings.

Search for the “Voice & Video” option when the pop-up menu appears. Additionally, you need to select “Voice Settings” and tap on “Output Device”. Set this option as “Default” and increase the output volume. Choosing the output device manually can affect the Windows PC’s audio functionality.

Thus, once you set the correct audio output, check the PC’s input sensitivity. Moreover, you need to disable Discord’s “Noise Suppression” and “Audio codec” features. It will improve the app’s audio quality and clarity when streaming videos.

Check Windows PC’s Sound Settings

Checking the Discord’s sound settings is not enough. Additionally, you have to verify the Windows device’s audio configuration. Locate the “Sound” icon from the taskbar and right-click on it. Select “Sound Setting” and click “Sound Control Panel” afterwards.

Move towards “Recording” and choose “Input device”. Set this option as “Default” and wait until the green check mark appears. Now, it’s time to select “Recording” to adjust the microphone sound. Locate the connected mic name and right-click on it.

Opt for “Properties” and go to “Level” to increase or decrease the volume. Tap on “Apply”, and close this microphone settings window. Open the Discord app, try to stream a live video and check if it’s making a crackling sound.

Still experiencing the audio issues in the Discord? Then, you need to change the Windows PC’s output device settings as well. Open the Sound tab, and head to “Playback”. Tap on the correct Speaker or headphone name and select “Set as Default”. Save the changes, close the window and play the videos without glitches.

Use the Discord Web app

Users can get audio issues due to the glitch in the Discord app. Use the Discord web app instead to resolve the problem. It has the features that you won’t get in Discord’s desktop version. For instance, The web app allows you to share an avatar’s URL.

Moreover, you can use third-party browser extensions to improve the app’s functionality. However, you won’t get this option in Discord’s desktop app. Thus, open a web browser, write “Discord” in the search bar and press “Enter”. Start a video when the web page opens, and you won’t further get any sound issues.

Update the Audio Drivers

Every Windows 10/11 user should keep the audio drivers updated. Otherwise, it might cause the Discord audio crackling issue when streaming videos. Have you updated the audio drivers before? If not, then hold the Windows and R keys together and enter “devmgmt.msc”.

Press the Enter button and opt for Sound, Video and Game controllers. Locate the audio driver name, right-click on it and choose “Update driver”. Windows will then look for the audio driver compatible with the Windows PC. It will install the latest driver within 10-15 minutes. Then, open the Discord app and use it without sound problems.

Lastly, Uninstall and Reinstall Discord…

Uninstall this streaming app if none of these solutions works. Open the Control Panel if you use Discord on a Windows device. Locate “Discord” and right-click on it to remove the app. Android users need to press and hold the app. Tpa on “Uninstall” when it starts to jiggle. Open the Play Store to reinstall Discord on the Android device.

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