Laptop Motherboard Repair

Does your Hp laptop start properly? Does it take time to load or takes time to power on? Then you might be having problems with your motherboard. The motherboard is one of the important components of a laptop. Once it’s damaged, your laptop will stop working. But, the shutting down of your laptop can be due to many reasons. There are some signs which will indicate that the problem with your laptop is related to the motherboard failure.

However, if you want to do your laptop repair from experts then you can connect via call.

Laptop Motherboard Failure Signs

The following signs are an indication of the motherboard failure. If you are encountering any of these signs, then you are in need of a motherboard repairing for your laptop:

  1. Blank screen.
  2. Lost files.
  3. Hardware failure.
  4. Freezing of the system.
  5. Blue screen.
  6. Not booting up. 
  7. Randomly shutting down and restarting.

However, if you do not face any of these problems, then you can take a sigh of relief. Your motherboard is not damaged. But, if you are facing these problems, then you need a laptop motherboard repair.

Laptop Motherboard Failure Causes

Now you know the signs for the motherboard failure. So, let us see, what are the causes that can lead to the failure of the motherboard: 

  1. Overheating. 
  2. Liquid spills. 
  3. Any physical impact which can cause serious damage.   
  4. Electrical fluctuations and surges. 
  5. Smoke. 
  6. Dust and debris which can get collected on the fans. 
  7. Wear and aging.

If your laptop is prone to any of these conditions, then you should stop immediately and fix the issue. This will save your motherboard and your laptop. But, if your laptop’s mother is damaged, then you have to know the procedures to fix it. 

Procedure For Laptop Motherboard Repair

So, now, let us see, what are the motherboard repairing procedures. 

Check and Remove any Dust Particles from the RAM

One of the primary reasons for motherboard failure is due to RAM. If your RAM gets damaged, then your motherboard will not properly. So, if the RAM is the problem, then you should replace or repair it immediately. 

Check the Battery 

Your motherboard problem can also be caused by the draining of the CMOS battery. You can take out the battery and restart the laptop again. Now, check if your problem has been solved or not.

Remove any Additional External or Internal Hardware

If your laptop is having any additional hardware, you should remove them immediately. For a motherboard to function properly, additional hardware creates a hindrance in the process. The only hardware required is the SPMs, Processors, RAM, and Fan. After removing the additional hardware, see whether it is booting properly or not.

If it starts properly, then it is alright. However, if it still does not start properly, then there is a problem with one of your internal hardware. Check each of them to see which of them needs to be replaced or repair.

Check the Hardware for the Graphics

A graphics card is one of the hardware which is connected to the motherboard. It can be the reason behind the malfunctioning of your motherboard. Take out the graphics card and plug in the video cable of your laptop. Then restart your laptop. If you see that it is having no issues in booting up, then there is a problem with your graphics card. So, you have to replace or repair the graphics card to solve this problem. 

Check the Screen of your Laptop

At first, you have to check that if there is any damage to the screen of the laptop. Check that the video cable of your laptop is connected properly, and there is no loose connection. Make sure by disconnecting and connecting the video cable again.      


These are all the things that you need to check when you are facing a motherboard problem on your HP laptop. However, it is quite difficult for an average customer to check all these and then perform the laptop repair.

However, you can know the causes and try to prevent them in order to avoid your motherboard getting damaged. Causes like overheating, dust accumulation, and other reasons can be prevented easily by the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Laptop Motherboard:

What happens if motherboard of laptop is damaged?

Errors with the blue display. 
Hardware and random freezing no longer function. 
No audio or laptop screen works. 
Devices connected are not working.

Can you fix a dead motherboard?

It’d be possible, but it would take forever. Motherboards are way too complex for human to really fix. 
In these days, the majority of motherboards contain layers of gold/metal silicone inside. 
Even if trace is damaged, motherboard might be killed.

Is it worth it to replace a laptop motherboard?

Computers may require the replacement of the motherboard for several reasons, including liquid damage, a burnt-out graphic chip, an excessively damaged power jack, etc. Motherboards are one of the costliest components in a machine, but many laptops still value repair costs!