How to View Discord Server Picture

We are familiar with Discord, and it has been claimed to be the most popular communication platform in the gaming community. It has approximately 19 million active users, and as the number of users increases, the daily message exchanges also increase. But, many recent users might face specific problems dealing with Discord.

There are countless options that are good enough to keep you occupied on Discord. But, as soon as you get used to this, you will realise how simple and easy this platform is. So, we will discuss some basic guidelines to make things easier for you.

We will particularly focus on viewing and downloading Discord server pictures. The new users want to customise their profiles so that their friends find them easily.

One of the common questions that are often asked by the users is how to view Discord server pictures. We will answer that today.

How to View Profile Pictures on Discord?

The Discord server picture is like the profile picture. It is in a circular shape and this circular icon is viewed by other members on the sidebar. The icon will be shown in a tiny portion on the left side of the screen.

The approx size for the server logo is 512×512 pixels, and the minimum size is 128×128. If you expand the size, then it will appear as dotted lines, and the quality of the image will be gone.

Changing and uploading the server’s icon is possible; to do this, you must first know how to view Discord picture. A few steps are mentioned that will help you out:

  • First, you have to go to the server’s Settings. Now, you need to left-click on the Settings. Over here, you can edit the basic settings if you want.
  • After you get inside, now, click on the Current Server icon. This automatically opens up the folder, and you can also select any other image as a server picture if you want.
  • A message will pop up after you have completed uploading the new picture. The pop-up message will ask you to save your progress.
  • After that, click on the Save option to save any changes on the server.

The Process to Download a Discord Server Picture

In case you are on Discord and want to download the server’s picture, the steps are given below. Before that, you must open the browser to continue the process. The steps are quite easy, so you won’t face any problems:

Developer Mode

The very first step is to open the Developer Mode and to do so, you have to open the Settings Bar in Google Chrome. You will see this option on the top right corner below the X button. After that, hit the More Tools option and open the Developer Tools. There is also a shortcut key that you can use. Just press Ctrl+Shift+I to go to the Developer mode.

Inspecting The Element

Now in the Developer Mode, you need to look for the Body option and click it. You might notice that certain parts are highlighted when you fly over the Elements of the Discord. You need to click on the code that says ’Body’ as mentioned.

Server Icon that You Want to Download

Keep on moving your cursor and go to the left sidebar. Now, click on the code that says <div aria-label-”Servers”>. Search the icon that you want to download and once you do keep on opening the codes. Stop when you see <foreignObjectMask>.

It indicates that an image is a foreign object in the app. Again open further codes unless you see “img class”. Along with it, you will also see the source code of the image file inside. Now, double-click the link and copy it.


Now comes the final step. After that, you need to open the link in a new tab, and you will view the image servicer picture that you have downloaded. You will see that some profiles are animated or gifs.

In case you want to download the gif file, you just have to replace the “.ping” or “.webp” with “.gif”. This is the picture that other members are going to view when they will search for your server. An eye-catching Discord server will help you to gain a lot of views.

This will help you to grow on Discord. Discord servers usually use the newest and trending NFTs to strike curiosity visitors. Make sure you are aware of Discord rules to interact with others.


It might be a little challenging to save a Discord profile picture as it might be harder to right-click on it. Nothing will happen if you just go and right-click on the server picture. Thus, you need to follow the steps.

These steps will guide you to view the server picture and save it. The developer console is very important and will help you copy the image’s link. After that, you will be able to get the answer for how to view Discord server picture.

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