How to Use VPN on PS4

Playstation is one of the most powerful products sony has ever released. Though the sole purpose of the PlayStation series is to provide the ultimate gaming experience to its users but apart from just gaming and entertainment purposes, Playstation 4 can be used for other purposes too. 

Recently I have been observing that a lot of people are asking a question on the internet that is how to set up a VPN on PS4. So I thought about writing an article on this topic and give a quick guide to help you to set up a VPN on your Playstation. 

But before showing the guide let me give you a brief introduction on why you need a VPN for your Playstation 4. 

VPN on Playstation 4- What is the need?

So before directly jumping into the setup and installation guide on how to set-up VPN on PS4, let me first tell you why there is a need of using a VPN service on your Playstation 4. 

The sole purpose of Playstation is providing an exceptional gaming experience. Now in recent times, people are often likely to play an online game with their friends rather than playing offline games alone. 

Therefore, here the VPN comes into play. Now for a better online gaming experience, you will need a better server speed. VPNs allow you to connect to different servers from all over the world. So using a VPN gives you the option to choose the best suitable server from a huge list. 

Apart from just online gaming, a VPN will also allow you to access to those games that are not yet released in your country. You can also access some games before their original release date. But, you must solemnly swear not to use the VPN for any illegal activities, otherwise, you might have to bear the VPN UAE fine based on the rules and regulations.

So now you can understand why you need a VPN for your PlayStation 4. And how it can help you to increase your gaming entertainment quality. 

VPN on Playstation 4- How to set up?

Now that you have to know what you can do if you install a VPN on your PS4, you might want to know how to set up a VPN on PS4. 

Well, worry not as this is exactly what I am going to discuss in this section. Basically, you can set up a VPN on your PS4 in three different processes such as via your wifi router, via your mac, and via your personal computer. 

Set up VPN on a PS4 via your Wifi router

This is possibly the simplest way to install a VPN on your Playstation4. There are two ways to carry out this process. 

One is, first you need to buy a Wifi router with an inbuilt VPN access. This might be a costly option but it is the best and easiest option. 

The second one is, you can purchase a VPN subscription. Here you need to manually enter the VPN details in your Wifi settings. Now the thing is that to carry out this procedure you might need a little bit of technical knowledge. 

So if you are not confident enough to set up a VPN all by yourself then you should always select the first option that is buying a VPN enabled wifi router. But if you want to set up the VPN manually then there are a lot of guides available on the internet. 

Set up VPN on PS4 via your Mac

Setting up a VPN enabled router for your Playstation 4 means that your whole home network will work through a VPN. So as to avoid this situation you can set up the VPN on your PS4 via your Mac. 

To carry out this procedure you will need a Mac system and an ethernet cable. The first step for you will be to log in to a VPN provider. Now to set up that VPN on your PS4 follow the below steps-

  • Install any VPN software on your Mac system. 
  • Insert the ethernet cable into your Mac system. The ethernet port in a Mac should be situated in the backside of the system. 
  • Then connect the same ethernet cable into the backside of your PS4. 
  • Now go to the System Preferences and select the Internet Sharing option from the left-hand side panel. 
  • From that the Sharing section choose the Wifi option. 
  • There you will find a section saying “To computers using”. In that section, make sure that the Ethernet option is clicked. 
  • Now check that your internet connection is shared between your Mac system and your PS4.
  • In the next step, you need to open your PS4 and go to the settings section. 
  • Network Settings-> set up internet connection-> select the Easy Connection method. 
  • This process will automatically set up your Ethernet connection. 
  • Now you will get a prompt. Here select the “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” option. 
  • Now you can check the internet connection in your PS 4 and you will see that your device is now connected to the internet via a VPN. 

Yes it’s that simple 

Setup VPN on PS4 via your personal computer 

So this is the third way that I was talking about setting up a VPN on your PS4. The procedure is quite similar to that what you did for your Mac system. The only difference is that here you will need to set up the internet connection by using your Windows operating system. 

Just like before, first, make sure that you have a valid VPN provider subscription. So now that you are sure about everything, just follow the below steps to set up a VPN connection on your Playstation 4.

  • Install the VPN software on your Windows operating system. 
  • Pugin the ethernet cable into the backside of your personal computer system and in your Playstation 4. 
  • On your personal computer open the control panel and from there select the option saying “Network and Sharing Center”. 
  • In that section select Change Adaptor Settings from the left-hand side panel. 
  • Right-click on the chosen VPN icon and choose the properties option. 
  • There you will find the Select Home Networking Connection section. From there select the home internet connection that you would like to share with your PS4. 

Here you are done with your personal computer set up. Now you have to set up your PlayStation 4

  • Open your PS4 and go to settings. 
  • Network Settings-> Set up internet connection-> Select the Easy Internet connection method.(by using a LAN cable)
  • Now select “Do not use a Proxy Server” (when you will get prompted).
  • Finally, you can test the internet connection on your PS4 and you will see that your PS4 is now connected with the internet via a VPN.

And there it is! You are done with your VPN set up on your PS4. 

So In the End

Now you can also see how easy it is to set up a VPN on your PS4. So if you want to level up your gaming experience by playing more exciting more smoothly on your PlayStation 4 then you can always go for the option of setting up a VPN on your PS4. 

The above methods of set up that I have mentioned above are applicable to any PlayStation 4 model. So set up your personal VPN on your PS4 and play games that you have never played before. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can a VPN help with gaming on a PS4?

Enhance your PS4/PS5 experience today with VPN. 
These VPNs will allow you to speed up your PlayStation experience, to protect you while playing online, and to be set up easily.

How do I download a VPN on PlayStation 4?

Step 1: Configure your VPN. Find your VPN first, set it up on your computer and install it.
Step 2: Connect your PS4 with an Ethernet cable to your computer…
Step 3: Change your VPN’s connection settings.
Step 4: Set up your PS4 connection.

What is the best free VPN?

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