Uninstall Valorant on Windows Devices

Valorant is one of the popular multiplayer games that Riot Games develop. It was the most anticipated free-to-play online game of 2020. More than 60% of gamers used to stream Valorant on Twitch or Discord. However, this number has decreased in the past few months.

Many decided to uninstall Valorant after the recent update, because this game keeps on crashing when the login screen appears. Even after entering the correct login credentials, it shows an “Invalid access” error. Besides, you may experience screen freezing issues after entering the game lobby.

Is the game taking time to load? Usually, it occurs when the Wi-Fi is slow. Thus, check the Wi-Fi speed in the first place. And, if the internet speed is more than 40 Mbps, then something is wrong with this RPG game. Uninstall Valorant and reinstall its latest version to fix the problem.

But, do you know how to uninstall Valorant on Windows? Follow this guide to remove the game without hassle.

Why Should You Uninstall Valorant from the PC?

Unable to log in to the game? The chances are high that the hackers have changed the ID and password. Uninstall Valorant immediately to protect sensitive data from them. Additionally, you need to run a malware scan of the PC. Detect the problematic files and remove them as well.

Many came across the malware Vanguard recently in Valorant. It prevents the gamers from opening the app and turning it off automatically. Moreover, the game might run in the background even after logging out. Don’t use a virus-infected game; uninstall it now and enhance the device’s protection.

Not only this, the PC slows down its performance after installing Valorant. However, it might occur if the device is running out of storage. Remove the unwanted programs and files. And, try to open the game and check if the system lagging issue is there. Uninstall Valorant from the gaming laptop or computer if the error persists.

How to Uninstall Valorant from Windows PCs?

The gamers need to remove Valorant and Riot Clients to uninstall the game. Additionally, you need to search for the Vanguard file on the gaming device. Most apps can be uninstalled from Windows PC’s “Control Panel”. But, you may receive an error message while removing Valorant.

Ensure Valorant’s anti-cheat system – Vanguard is closed. Open the device’s system tray, double-tap on the Vanguard icon and choose “Exit”. Select “Turn off” when the pop-up message appears on the Windows screen.

The Vanguard app will show you a confirmation message. Select “Yes” to complete the uninstallation process. Restart the gaming PC and follow the steps to uninstall Valorant:

How to Uninstall Valorant from Windows 10/11 Devices?

Valorant works fine in the latest Windows laptops or PCs. However, it might generate technical glitches and restrict you from playing the game. And, you need to uninstall Valorant in such circumstances.

It is pretty easy to remove a program from Windows 10/11 devices. Hold the Windows and I key together to open the Settings tool. Double-tap on “Apps” when the next window pops up. Additionally, you need to select “Apps & Features”.

Look for “Valorant” from the pre-installed apps list. Right-click on it and go for “Uninstall’ to remove this battlefield game from Windows 10/11 PCs. Head to “Add or Remove” and check if the Vanguard app is there. Right-click on the app name if you locate it.

Moreover, you need to choose “Uninstall” to remove this game-related program. Restart the Windows 10/11 device and open the Settings app.

Didn’t find Valorant in the app section? Then, you have removed the video game successfully.

How to Uninstall Valorant from Windows 7 or Older Versions?

The steps to uninstall Valorant might vary from one Windows OS to another. Do you play Valorant from a Windows 7 PC? Hold the Windows and R keys together and write “control” on the Run program.

Press the Enter button and head to “Programs” when the Control Panel opens. Additionally, you need to find out Valorant from the program list. Right-click on it and choose “Uninstall” when Windows displays the pop-up menu.

Select “Yes” to initiate the app removal process. And, it may take at least 2-4 minutes to uninstall Valorant from Windows 7 computers. Don’t turn off the device during the process.

Moreover, the gamers should check if there is sufficient charge on the laptop. Otherwise, it might stop the uninstallation process. Reboot the laptop or computer when the app is removed. Open Riot Games’ site if you want to reinstall Valorant.

How to Uninstall Valorant from a Windows 8 or 8.1 PC/Laptop?

Turn on the device where you have installed Valorant. And, hold the Windows key for a while to open the Start screen.

Here, you will get a list of the apps that are installed on the device. Locate “Valorant” and double-tap on it.

Choose “Uninstall” from the system tray. Moreover, the gamers need to click “Yes” when the confirmation message appears. Restart the PC or laptop after a few minutes. And, get to the Start page and check if Valorant is there.

Fail to uninstall Valorant? There is nothing to fret over. Because you can also remove this game from the Startup menu. Hold the Windows and X keys together and opt for “Programs and Features” from there. Here, you will get the list of the apps that are currently installed.

Search for “Valorant” and double-tap on it to choose “Uninstall”. And, choose “Yes” when prompted. Wait for at least 3-4minutes until Windows uninstalls the game. Reboot the PC, open “Programs and Features” and Valorant won’t be there.

Lastly, Uninstall the Riot Client Program ….

Riot Client automatically installs on the device when downloading Valorant. And, you can’t play video games without this built-in program. If you have uninstalled Valorant, now it’s time to remove Riot Client. Open the desktop, go to the home screen and locate this app.

Right-click on it and opt for “Delete” from the pop-up menu. Choose “Next” from the confirmations screen and tap on “Finish” afterwards. It will uninstall Riot Client from the Windows 7,8 and 10 devices. Or, you can also use the Command Prompt tool to remove this program.

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