Windows Error Code 0x80131500

Microsoft allows Windows users to download the applications from the Microsoft Store. This built-in software helps the PC owners to update the pre-installed applications. But, the users experienced issues in the Microsoft Store while downloading certain apps. And, there can be several reasons behind the error code:0x80131500. It could be because of network connection issues, and incorrect time and date can cause this issue in the Microsoft Store.

Did you disable the TLS 1.2 feature from the Windows PC? It can result in the Microsoft error code:0x80131500. Additionally, a virus-infected file can prevent the users from accessing the Microsoft Store.

Even store cache can cause issues while installing or updating an application. Clear the Microsoft Store data to resolve this critical issue. Restart the Wi-Fi-enabled devices to fix this unwanted Windows issue.

Potential Reasons behind Error Code: 0x80131500

Due to misconfiguration, the 0x80131500 error message can appear. Consult with an IT expert and change the Windows settings without any hassle. Sometimes, antivirus software can prevent the PC from connecting to the Microsoft Store.

Damaged/missing system files can also cause issues while installing the required apps. Besides, a corrupted hard drive can lead to the error code: 0x80131500. Incorrect DNS configuration can be the potential reason behind this Microsoft Store error.

Outdated Microsoft Store might cause issues while updating the Windows application. Update the Microsoft Store to avoid getting the error code: 0x80131500. Moreover, you can consider resetting the Microsoft Store from the Windows PC. But, if that doesn’t solve this error, change the wireless network immediately.

4 Easy Solutions to Fix Error Code: 0x80131500

There are plenty of ways by which you can eliminate this Microsoft Store error. Use the Windows troubleshooting tool to resolve error code:0x80131500. Don’t know where to find this tool? Hold the Windows and I keys together and when the Settings menu opens, tap on “Update & Security”. Select “Troubleshoot” from the next window and choose the “Additional Troubleshooters” option afterwards.

Click on “Windows Store Apps” and finally opt for the “Run Troubleshooter” option. This tool might take a few minutes to detect the Microsoft error. After that, it will fix this error from the Windows 10 and 11 computers. Still cannot download or update the pre-installed applications? Then, follow these troubleshooting methods to solve this Microsoft Store issue:

Clean the Microsoft Store Cache

Reset the Microsoft Store to remove all the cache data, including login details. Navigate to the Windows device settings, click on “System”, and choose “Apps & Features”. Now, tap on “Store” and choose the “Advanced options” first and then select “Reset”. It will clear the Microsoft Store cache and troubleshoot the error code: 0x80131500. Install the applications from the Windows Store without any further issues.

Moreover, you can use the Command Prompt tool to clear the Store cache. And, the Windows users need to hold the Windows and R keys for that. When the Run dialogue box opens, write cmd” and press the Enter key or click on ”OK”.

In the Command Prompt window, write “WSreset.exe” and hit the “Enter” key to clear the cache. Restart the Windows computer and try to download the preferred application. It won’t display the 0x80131500 error message.

Configure the Regional Settings

Incorrect regional settings of the Windows device can cause this Microsoft Store error. Thus, changing the region and language might solve the problem. Not aware of this regional setting process? First, open the Windows 10 settings tap on the “Time & Language” option. Now, locate the “Region & Language” option and select “Add a Language”. Then, choose “English” from the list of the languages.

Go to the “Options” tab and opt for the “Download” option. Once done, access the “Time & Language” window and tap on “Speech”. Choose the preferred language (English) and click on “Apply” to confirm these changes.

Change the region to “The United States”, “United Kingdom, or “Canada”. Restart the PC and open the Microsoft Store to check whether it still shows the error. If the error remains, check whether you have selected the correct language.

Run the System File Checker Tool

SFC is the built-in Windows utility that can scan and restore damaged system files. Additionally, you can use this tool to repair the missing or corrupted files. Once you recover the Windows 10 files using the System File Check, open the Microsoft Store, and it won’t restrict you from downloading or updating the software. And, you need first to access the Command Prompt app to run this tool.

Hold the Windows and R keys together to open the Run dialogue box and write “cmd”. Press the “Enter” key to get to the Command Prompt window and write “sfc/scannow”. Hit the “Enter” button again to start the scanning process.

SFC might take a few minutes to detect the problematic system files, and it will replace those Windows files immediately after that. Now, restart the Windows computer, and it won’t further display the error code:0x80131500.

Disable the Antivirus Program and Windows Defender

Don’t uninstall the antivirus software, increasing the data security risk. Disable these applications from the Windows device instead. Check whether the error code:0x80131500 appears after doing this. Do you want to know how to disable the antivirus and other Windows security apps? Head to the Windows search bar and write “Windows Security” there.

Press the “Enter Key” to open the Windows Security page. Click the “Virus & threat protection” option, go to the Apps section, select  “Open app”, and opt for “Disable”. Besides, Windows users should toggle off the “Windows Defender” option. Disable all the Windows security options to fix this Microsoft Store error. Enable these apps again if the Windows Store is showing the error message.

Alternative Ways to Solve Error Code: 0x80131500

Run the DISM tool to repair the Windows Store installation files. Remove the existing Microsoft account and create a new one. Open the Microsoft Store by adding this new account to resolve this error. Further, you can change the DNS settings from the network’s properties. Update the Windows operating system to fix the error code: 0x80131500. Contact an IT expert for more effective solutions.

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