Discord Error Download

Discord can be downloaded on different platforms, including a Windows device. But, many have faced problems while installing this app on their PCs or smartphones. Usually, it occurs when there is no internet connection. Restart the home router for an uninterrupted downloading process. Disable the Windows security features to avoid Discord download errors.

Sometimes, antivirus software can block you from downloading this app. Uninstall these problematic programs to resolve this problem immediately. Moreover, an outdated web browser could generate issues when downloading Discord. Update the browser to install the Discord app without further interference. Reboot the PC to fix the Discord error download if that doesn’t work.

What Causes the Discord Error Download?

Several reasons could trigger this issue when installing this messaging app. It could be because of corrupted system files, and the apps running in the background can prevent you from downloading Discord.

Did you install Discord before? Then, the previous app cache could lead to the Discord error download.

Moreover, you can’t download Discord when there isn’t sufficient space. Remove the unwanted programs from the devices to get more storage. Clear the browser cache to eliminate this downloading error from Discord.

Besides, an outdated Windows OS could cause issues when downloading this program. Install the latest device software and download Discord in minutes.

3 Solutions to Fix the Discord Error Download

Did the Discord download stop for connectivity issues? Power cycle the modem and PC for a hassle-free app download. Many get this error for downloading Discord from an illegitimate source. Thus, you should always try to download it from Discord’s official website.

The chances are high that your browser has a built-in protective extension. Disable the browser options to download Discord without issues. Don’t download the app when there is an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Switch to another Wi-Fi with more than 30 Mbps speed to solve the issue.

If that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to overcome the Discord error download:

Update the Device OS

The PC’s OS may be incompatible with the latest Discord version. Update the operating system to get rid of the Discord error download. But, before that, you should restore the important data to another storage device. Otherwise, you might lose them if the software update fails.

Connect the PC to the router via an ethernet cable. Open a web browser, and head to Microsoft’s Windows 10 download site. Navigate to the “Create Windows 10 installation” section and tap on “Download now”. Wait until the next window opens and select “Upgrade the PC now”.

It might take at least 20-25 minutes to complete the OS installation. Don’t turn off the device until then or close this website. A new window will appear when Windows installs the latest software. Then, open a web browser, go to the address bar and write ‘Discord”. Press “Enter” to get the Discord website. And, click “Download for Windows’ when the web page opens. Open the app and stream the popular games without hurdles.

How to Update the Software of an Android phone?

Discord is only available on Android 5 or later. If you use outdated mobile software, update it immediately to fix the Discord download error. Ensure the device is connected to Wi-Fi or renew the mobile data pack.

Besides, you need to have more than 70% battery percentage on the phone. Open “Settings”, navigate to the “About phone” section and tap on “Software update”. Select the “Download and install” option and wait until the next window appears.

If any updates are available, it will be displayed on this page. When prompted, click the “Update” button and go for the “Install” button.

Reboot the device once the software installation process is complete. Open the Play Store, go to the search box and write “Discord”. Choose “Discord” from the searched results, and click “Install” to download the application without getting any error messages.

But, if you still can’t download Discord, check whether the “Flight Mode” is on. Disable this option and use the downloading steps again.

How to Install the latest iOS on the iPhone?

Discord won’t be downloaded on the iPhones which don’t have the latest iOS. You need to have at least iOS 10.0 to use this messaging platform. Thus, update the iPhone software to overcome this complicated error.

Restart the Apple product, go to “Settings”, and move towards the “General” section. Tap on “Software Update” and choose the “Install Now” option afterwards. Enter the passcode and wait 30-40 minutes to install the current iOS version. The iPhone will automatically restart after it completes the software update. Open the App Store after that and download Discord without any interruption.

Update the Drivers

A driver conflict can cause issues while downloading Discord. Update the drivers to fix this issue immediately. Hold the Windows and I keys together to open the Settings window. Tap on “Update & Security” and locate the “Windows Update” option afterwards.

Click “Check for Updates” and opt for the “View optional update” option. Move towards the “Drivers Updates” section when the next window opens. Choose the driver you want to update and select “Download and install”. And, then access the Discord website to download the app easily.

Use an Antivirus Program

Malware or virus can block you from downloading Discord. Run antivirus software to remove them from the PC or laptop. Don’t have an antivirus installed on the device? Then, go to the Start menu, click “Settings”, and tap on “Update & Security”.

Choose the “Windows Security” option and head towards the “Virus & threat protection” tab. Now, it’s time to search for the “Current threats” option and select “Quick Scan”. It will display the virus-infected programs or files that are on the PC. Remove them immediately to continue the Discord download.

Alternative Ways to Resolve the Discord Error Download

Clear the phone’s app cache if the above solutions don’t fix the download error. Additionally, you need to also remove the Play Store’s data. Uninstall and reinstall the Play Store updates to fix this Discord error.

Run SFC to replace the corrupted system files with their cached copies. Contact an expert if you are still experiencing problems downloading Discord.

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