Tame Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft’s Axolotls is a new game character added with the recent Caves & Cliffs update. This aquatic creature moves quickly and can be hard to detect. However, you need to know how to tame Axolotls if you get one. It is mostly seen in the various water bodies in Minecraft locations.

Unlike the other in-game mods, the players don’t need to feed anything to tame it. Instead, you need to pick it up using a water bucket, and it will be added to the list. Moreover, the gamers can place it back down to where they found it.

Did you install this role-playing game recently? Then, you might not know how to tame Axolotls in Minecraft. Follow this guide to get in-depth knowledge about finding, teaming or breeding Axolotls.

Where does the Minecraft Axolotls Spawn?

Different Minecraft entities have different spawning habits. You should know when Axolotls’s sully spawns,  to add more aquatic mobs in the game. These creatures only spawn on the water and below Y-level 63. Moreover, their respawning process starts when the light level turns 0.

Do you know any of the Axolotls’ spawn locations? It will be within five blocks of a stone-type block. Besides, there should be a solid Minecraft block above their spawning spots. Used to spawn only in the underground caves in the previous game versions.

However, they changed their spawning location in Cliffs and Caves 2.0. Mojang thought about adding new locations to spot Axolotls in the recent game update. Further, the players can find this creature in Lush Caves. Or, beneath the Azalea trees of the in-game map locations.

Can You Tame an Axolotls in the Minecraft Game?

Minecraft allows the players to capture the mobs by taming them. However, you can’t tame Axolotls like a cat or a wolf. These are passive animals that can be captured and transported easily. Once you put the Axolotls in the water buckets, you can carry them wherever you go.

Moreover, the players can lure them with a bucket of tropical fish. Or, use a lead to capture them in the buckets without hassle. Be careful where you drop the Axolotls pet in the game. Because these creatures can die if they spend more than 5 minutes out of water.

Where to Find the Axolotls Mob In Minecraft?

The Minecraft players can notice these creatures around sea level or lower. Moreover, the developers introduced four new colours of Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17. You might be familiar with Axolotls’ pink colour if you have been playing Minecraft for years.

However, Mojang added wild (brown) Axolotls in the game recently. Additionally, you can find gold (yellow) and cyan Axolotls near the caves or in dark locations. In-game breeding has a 50/50 chance for a baby Axolotls to inherit the colour pattern of either parent.

How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs?

Blue Axolotls can’t spawn naturally in this video game. The only way to get them is through breeding.

Are you planning to breed two or more Axolotls? Then, the chances are high that one among 1200 Axolotl babies will be blue.

But, do you know how to breed an Axolotls? Ensure these mobs have entered the “love mode”. Usually, this occurs when you capture them with a Bucket of Tropical fish. And, a baby Axolotls takes an average of 15-20 minutes to become fully grown.

Can You Spawn an Axolotls in the Creative Mode in Minecraft 1.17?

The players can also spawn Axolotls in Miencatft’s “Creative Mode”. Open the online game, and press the “T” key to open the console box. Write “/gamemode c” to enable the Creative Mode. Here, you can find the Axolotl Spawn Egg, pink with magenta spots.

This exclusive spawn egg is unavailable in the game. You can only get them in this game mode by accessing the Creative Inventory menu. Unlock this spawn egg to get a rare Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17. Besides, there is a command to spawn Axolotls. Open the chat window and write “/summon axolotl” and press “Enter”.

Do you want to spawn Blue Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17? Write “/summon Minecraft: axolotl ~ ~ ~ Variant:4” in the console box. And, don’t forget to hit the Enter button after typing this command.

Where to Find Tropical Fish for Minecraft’s Axolotls?

You can only feed Tropical fish to Minecraft’s Axolotls. However, finding these fishes might be challenging in this multiplayer game. The players need to craft some buckets with iron to capture the Minecraft’s Tropical fishes.

Go to the ocean by checking the in-game map to get them. Tropical fish spawn in groups of eight at 24-64 blocks away from the player. These fishes will spawn until the ocean water becomes cold or frozen. Fill the buckets with water and find a school of fishes around the craves.

Head back to the Axolotls and surprise them with a treat. Moreover, as long as you have the tropical fish buckets, the Axolotls will move around. And, these water mobs will follow you wherever you go. So, collect as much as Tropical fishes you can to get more Axolotl.

How to Create an Axolotls Army in the game?

The new Minecraft creature can do a lot more than you think. Axolotl can be pretty useful in Minecraft 1.17. Add these water mobs when you want to go fishing. Additionally, you can use Axolotls during an underwater fight in the 1v1 matches.

But, the players need to first culture at least two Axolotls. Breed the Axolotls to create an army and put them all in buckets. Release these critters from their buckets when you encounter an underwater enemy. Axolotl will be effective against the hostile mobs of Minecraft.

Never use Axolotls against the neutral mobs like Dolphin or turtle. It might defeat the Axolotls and reduce the chances of winning the match. Moreover, Axolotls can recover a player’s health during an ongoing match. Add this creature as “Pet” and conquer the ocean monuments.

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