gcp marketplace

The Google Cloud marketplace is one of the fastest ways for customers to get started with Google Cloud. You should provide stacks, materials, datasets and services that are able to be manufactured so that the clients can update their applications in less time. You can sell items with known pricing functions, such as subscriptions, pay-as-you-go and custom prices. You will also be provided with surveys showing how your customers react to your products and marketing strategies. The first process is to import and list the applications in the GCP Marketplace.

Sent in your request.

The first thing is to create your account and upload your application or business from the Google Cloud Platform GCP Marketplace. Before you can start selling, you must first list your application or business in the GCP market. However, make sure you have met all the criteria for listing of your company before you submit the product. Check that you have fulfilled all of the packaging requirements for your app and have set up payment options.

Uploading pictures

Ensure, by reading the authentication criteria in the GCP registry, that the container images pass these automated tests for various applications in the GCP marketplace. As these verification tests are passed on for the container photos, ensure that the images for the version are labelled with release track and version numbers. This would help to organize and increase the effects of the changes.

Ensure that you build your pictures and push them to the directory container that you have built during setup. You would need to import these files if you are to create a continuous integration pipeline.

Fill in the apps.

Include the applications in the blend.

You will need to apply to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner portal the tech solution for sale in the third step. You need to enter your marketing material on the portal as well as configure your app models. Go to the official GCP Marketplace website for more information about how to build the solution.

Usually, customers find native cloud solutions as well as third-party developer-certified software on the market. The third-party applications not only help this cloud platform fill hole in its portfolio and meet the various needs of large customers but also make it easy and calm for users to make sure they use the right service and that all their orders in their selling market integrate properly and successfully

Receive approval

You then need to upload the technology solutions in the fourth and final stage to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The personnel of GCP Marketplace carries out automatic checks to see if you are willing to sell. Solutions are available. The experiments are also carried out by security screening, functional surveillance and measuring integration testing.

The GCP Marketplace team reviews the flow of deployment, marketing literature, user guide and product stability solutions. You cannot be ready to sell the solutions on the GCP market before the team is clear.

Bottom Line

A decentralized cloud infrastructure called Google Cloud Platform is a Google that has recently begun focusing on Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud workloads, helping developers manage their workloads through the Google Cloud and GCP systems.