How to Reveal the Command Symbol in Fortnite Season

Ariana Grande asks Fortnite players to reveal the command symbol. And, they need to find a hologram in the game to get that. Otherwise, you can’t complete the Character Quest in this new Fortnite season. Epic Games introduced the Fortnite Names event last year.

This new spooky-themed event includes a Containment Specialist, originating from the Ghostbusters series. Additionally, there are new outfits like Dark Jonesy, Nitehare and Ragsy in Season 8. Fortnite also added a new Spacefarer Skin which depicts Ariana Grande as a bounty hunter. And, you can unlock new gun skin by choosing this game character.

Gamers can also purchase Ariana Grande’s Fortnite skin from the in-game shop. Use the V-bucks to collect these items. Moreover, you will get the option to pick up the skin or grab the entire bundle. But, it might need more than 2,500 V-bucks to collect these items. Thus, try to find out the Cube Queen Command symbol.

You can get the Ariana Grande Fortnite skin once you get these symbols. But, you need to look for the hologram on the game map.

Where can you find it? Follow this guide to know that:

How to get the Command Symbol in Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter?

Players need to complete five new challenges in Fortnite season 8. All challenges are centered around seeking a monster around the map. Additionally, you need to interact with different objects when exploring the game locations.

New to this game? Then, you might not know the five activities in Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter” quest. Here is what you need to do to get to the next level:

  • Collect a record, find the turntable and place it there.
  • Records are always next to the Turntables.
  • Thus, it won’t take much time to locate them.
  • Identify the caretaker’s footprints to get 30K XP.
  • Find the Cube Monsters and collect the symbols.
  • Reveal the command symbols that you have collected.
  • Launch the signal flares to complete the challenge.

It won’t be that easy to win the first three challenges. However, if you complete them, you can get 30,000 XP. It will help you to increase the Fortnite game rank. Moreover, you can unlock new game characters and weapon skin as well.

Where to Reveal the Command Symbol in the Fortnite Season 8?

This Monster Hunter challenge asks you to visit a location. And, then perform the three unique tasks to get to the next level. It’s slightly more complicated than the other Fortnite challenges.

Sometimes, it might be hard to find the command symbols. However, players should know the location to reveal these commands.

Here are the places where you have to reveal the command symbols:

Believer Beach

Open the game map and double-tap on “Believer Beach”. Go to the end of the pier in Believer Beach and search for the Palm tree. It will be on the right-west side of this Fortnite location. And, you will get the Command Symbol or Hologram at its base.

Corny Crops

Close this map and sign out from the game. Wait for a few minutes and open Fortnite from the PC. Click the “Map” option and locate “Corny Crops”. Head to the west side of this map and look for the Command Symbol between the bar and the giant hole.

Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows is a large town near the southern edge of the Fortnite map. And, you can see the Command Symbol when you open this map. Didn’t get the hologram? Go to the east side of the river and check the small cliff. Here, you will get the next Command Symbol of Arianda Grande’s “Monster Hunter”.

Retail Row

You might have played on this map before. The developers added mystery bottles in Retail Row in the last season. And, you have to find out the Command Symbol in this new season. Head to the southern edge of Retail Row and find the fenced-in basketball court. Get into the playground and move southwest to collect the item.

Weeping Woods

There is one more place where you can reveal the command symbol. And, it is pretty easy to find the hologram in Fortnite’s Weeping Woods. Open the game, and select “Weepings Woos” as the map location. Then, look around the field between the two buildings near the pond. A command symbol will appear when you come close to this location.

Which will be the Best Place to Reveal the Command Symbol?

Weeping Woods is the ideal place to land to complete the “Reveal the Command Symbol” challenge. It doesn’t have as much foot traffic as the other landing spots in Fortnite season 8. Moreover, surviving and finding the command symbol is easier in Weeping Woods. Tons of trees around allow players to protect themselves from enemies.

How to Reveal the Command Symbol in Fortnite Season 8?

After choosing one of these five locations, look for the glowing blue tablet. And, three lights will pop up when you come close to it. Stand near any of those and perform the action that appears on the hologram. Repeat the moves for the other two lights to reveal the Command Symbol. After unlocking the final challenge, you will get the Fortnite Season 8 battle pass.

Which Actions do you need to Perform to Reveal the Command Symbol?

The actions might vary from one hologram to another. Moreover, sometimes you may have to repeat the same actions three times. But, in some cases, there might be different actions to reveal the command symbols. Players either have to swing their pickaxes or jump. Besides, you might get the option to jump, crouch or emote to complete Ariana’s challenge.

Where can You Play the “Reveal the Command Symbol” Challenge?

Fortnite Season 8 challenges can be played from different platforms. You can play this multiplayer game on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Additionally, it is also available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Install this game, complete the “Monster Hunter” challenge and collect exclusive in-game items.

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