Error Code 1105

The Discord app usually provides you with a smooth experience on both computer and mobile devices. However, it is not free from problems, and you might face various errors while using it. They come with a code that makes identifying the problem easier for you. And, error code 1105 is one such issue that many Discord users have reported recently.

You cannot access the Discord app until you fix this error on your device. So, you might want to proceed with a solution right away. The simple fixes mentioned below might help you fix the Discord error code 1105. You must give them a try if you are looking for an effective solution.

Discord Error 1105: Causes and Solutions

The error 1105 mainly indicates an issue with the server or network. In some cases, it might also have something to do with the app data. So, it might take some time to figure out the right solution in your case.

Here are the effective methods you must try for making that task a bit simpler for you:

Check the Server Status

Server issues are among the most common causes of the Discord error 1105. So, you must check the service status of Discord to make sure whether that is the actual case. In case you are wondering, you must visit for more information. Check whether all the services of Discord are operational in your region.

Do you find an issue with the server? Then, you have to wait until the support team resolves it from their end. Otherwise, you must proceed with the next solution if the servers are functional.

Fix Network Issues

You might get the Discord error 1105 due to a network issue. In that case, you must try reconnecting to the network. This should fix any connection errors and let you connect to the Discord server. But, if that does not work, you must also try restarting your router.

Switch off your router and unplug it for at least a minute. Then, restart it and try connecting to Discord with its network. Restarting your router should fix any errors that the device faces while working. Does the error 1105 persist after that? Then, you must simply try using a different network to access Discord.

Fix Your Authorisation with the Server

You might fail to access the Discord server due to improper authorisation. In such cases, fixing the authorisation should fix the error. But, how do you fix your authorisation? If you are wondering, you can do that by logging out of your account and logging in again. This often fixes the problems you face while accessing Discord.

Go to the User Settings in the app and click on Log Out. Confirm your decision, and then close the app. Then, launch Discord again and enter your credentials to log in. Do you keep getting the error code 1105? If yes, then it might occur due to corrupt app data.

Clear the Local App Data

Your device stores various cache files for Discord, and that might often get corrupted under various circumstances. Failed updates might often cause damage to app data on your device. Regardless, you need to clear the corrupted data for an effective solution in such situations. After all, there is no way to repair with the tools on your device.

You need to delete the files in Cache and Local Storage on Windows devices. These two folders might often contain corrupted temporary files resulting in error 1105. Once you remove their contents, you should be able to access Discord again. Then, your device would generate new temporary files for the app.

Use a VPN to Access Discord

You must check whether you are using a restricted network to connect to Discord. After all, you might fail to access the server simply because it is blocked in your location. So, how do you deal with the problem in such situations? Using a VPN is among the best ways to get through a restricted network.

You can find many free and paid VPN services that perfectly suit your requirements. Enabling the virtual private network should let you access the Discord server. If the problem persists, it might have something to do with the firewall.

Grant Access to Discord through the Firewall

Your Windows firewall might often prevent you from connecting to safe networks. So, it might be a possible reason behind the Discord error 1105. However, it is not as common as the aforementioned causes. So, you must try the previously-mentioned solutions first. If they fail, you must check whether Discord is allowed through the firewall.

Navigate to Windows Defender Firewall in the Control Panel and click on “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”. Then, click on Change Settings to add Discord to the list of allowed apps. You would need administrator rights to proceed with this step. Check the box next to Discord and allow it for Private and Private networks. Then, launch the app again and check whether you can access the server.

Switch to Another Server Region

You might fail to access the server because of its region. You can try changing the server region to fix the issue in such cases. However, you can do that only if you are the admin. So, ask the admin to change the server region, if required, for fixing the error.

Go to your server’s drop-down menu if you are the admin and click on Server Settings. Then, find and select the Server Region option to change the region. You can choose between multiple regions for your server. But, all of them might not be suitable for fixing the error in your case.

What if these Solutions do not Work?

You might fail to fix the Discord error 1105 with the aforementioned methods in certain cases. Then, you must make sure that you are using the latest Discord version on your device. Apart from that, you can also consider reinstalling the app for an effective and long-term solution.

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