Reset Samsung TV With Black Screen

The black screen of death occurs when the input source fails to send the data to the Samsung TV. Users won’t see any picture on the display even when the backlight is on if the cables are loose. A worn-out power cord can also prevent the Samsung TV from turning on. 

Moreover, an incorrect input source can generate issues when displaying pictures on Samsung TVs. Thus, ensure to choose the correct TV source to avoid black screen errors. You can encounter this technical issue for out-of-date firmware. 

Did you connect the Samsung TV to a broken power outlet? It could restrict the Smart TV from powering on, resulting in a black screen.

There is also a high chance that the Samsung TV remote has a dead battery. This is why you are unable to turn on the device. Remove the existing battery and reinstall it after at least 2-3 minutes. If that doesn’t work, the black screen issue is caused by incorrect TV configuration. 

Now, let’s find out the reasons and solutions on how to reset Samsung TV with black screen.

Possible Reasons why the Samsung TV displays a Black Screen

Samsung allows TV users to reduce power consumption by enabling “Energy Saving Mode”. However, this feature can interfere with the TV settings and prevent it from turning on. Besides, the Samsung TV screen might turn black if the “Sleep Timer” feature is on. 

Another common cause of black screen death is overheating or display malfunctions. Thus, you must look for signs of damage on the Samsung TV screen. Dead pixels, blurry screen and discolouration, indicate the TV has a broken screen. Contact a technician if you experience these glitches and replace the screen immediately. 

Easy Troubleshooting Tips on How to Reset Samsung TV with Black Screen

If the Samsung LED TV has a black screen, resetting it might fix the problem. Unplug the power and USB cables from the Smart TV and wait for 60 seconds. Press the remote control’s “Power” button when the Samsung TV is unplugged. Reconnect the power cords after 60 seconds and try to turn on the TV. If the screen remains black, try out these solutions to eliminate the problem.

  1. Unplug the Samsung TV from Wall Outlet

The Smart TV won’t turn on if it’s connected to a faulty or damaged power outlet. Thus, users must disconnect the power cable from the TV’s port and wall outlet. Wait for at least 60 seconds before plugging the power cables into the correct Samsung TV port. 

Press and hold the Samsung TV’s “Power” button for at least 20-30 seconds. Ensure not to press the remote’s “Power” button. Otherwise, you won’t be able to drain the residual power left on the Samsung TV. Once you connect the required cables, the TV will power on without glitches. 

  1. Check the TV’s HDMI Cables

Did you connect a gaming console to the Samsung TV via an HDMI cable? Ensure the HDMI connections are not loose and secured properly to the port. Additionally, you must disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable to fix the black screen error. If that doesn’t work, the problem lies with the HDMI port.

Screen issues might occur on the Samsung TV if it has a damaged HDMI port. Thus, if you detect any sign of wear and tear, repair it immediately. Users must check whether the HDMI cable is connected to the correct port. 

Check the user manual to know which HDMI port is right for the streaming devices like Roku and Firestick.

  1. Diagnose and Troubleshoot the Backlight Issue

If the Samsung TV is on and there’s no picture, the problem lies with the backlight’s LED power strips. To resolve this problem, ensure the Smart TV is on. Use the remote control to check whether the device responds to the commands. 

If the TV is allowing you to control it via remote, then the T-CON and motherboard are working. However, the faulty backlight strips restrict the device from turning on. 

If one of the backlight strips’ light breaks, the entire strip stops working. Without replacing the LED backlight strips, you can’t fix the black screen error. 

Do you know how to replace the Samsung TV’s backlight strips? Remove the Smart TV’s glass panel by unmounting all the screws. Take out the existing backlight power strips and install a new one. 

Mount the glass panel screws using a flat-head screwdriver. Turn on the Samsung TV and enjoy your favourite shows without screen glitches.

  1. Update the Samsung TV

Install the latest software for the Samsung TV to resolve the black screen error. There are multiple ways to update this Smart TV firmware. If the Samsung TV screen has a dim light, navigate to “Settings” using the remote. Select “Support” and tap on “Software Update”.

Choose “Auto Update” and wait until the TV starts the software update process. It will turn off and on automatically once the update is complete. However, if you notice an error message on the screen, connect the TV to Wi-Fi. Access the Samsung TV settings and head towards “Support”. 

Locate “Software Update” and opt for “Update Now” afterwards. New updates will be downloaded and installed on the device within minutes. Don’t turn off the Samsung TV until the update is complete. The TV will reboot automatically and display pictures on the screen. 

  1. Reconfigure the TV Input Settings

An incorrect TV input source can cause hindrances while accessing your favourite channel. Thus, ensure to set the Samsung TV’s input correctly to avoid streaming issues. Press the “Power” button if the Smart TV is off and hold the remote’s “External Power Source” button.

A list of input choices will pop up on the Samsung TV screen. Select the right Input settings and remove the devices that you no longer use. Choose “Save” using the remote control’s “Up” and “Down” arrow keys. Restart the Samsung TV, and the black screen won’t appear further.

  1. Disable the Sleep Timer Mode

The Samsung TV screen will appear black if the Sleep Timer mode is on. Thus, consider disabling this feature to fix this screen glitch. Access the Samsung TV settings and navigate to “General” when the next screen appears.

Choose “System Manager” and locate “Sleep Timer” from the list of features. Select “Off” to disable the Sleep Timer mode. Disconnect the power cables from the Samsung TV for 20-30 seconds. Restart the Smart TV and check if the black screen error is resolved.

  1. Disable the Energy/Power Saving Mode

Are you experiencing the black screen error after enabling the Energy Saving mode? Consider disabling it to overcome the Samsung TV error. Go to “Settings” using the TV remote control and open the “General” window. 

Head towards “Eco Solution” and locate Energy Saving Mode/Power Saving Mode. Toggle off this feature and stream the online content on the Samsung Tv without glitches.

Lastly, Factory Reset the Samsung TV ….

You can encounter a black screen error on Samsung TV due to misconfiguration. Thus, try to reset the TV’s default settings to fix the issue. Press the remote’s “Menu” button to open the “Settings” window. 

Select “Support” and tap on “Self Diagnosis” afterwards. Choose “Reset” and enter the default Samsung TV PIN when prompted. The Smart TV will start the factory reset process within a minute. It will restart automatically, and the screen will light up once the reset is complete.

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