How to Play Among Us on a Macbook Pro

Among Us has become a popular multiplayer game within the past few years. Players are searching for new ways to get involved and find more crews. Mac users also showed interest in playing this game from their laptops. But, Among Us doesn’t support macOS devices. You can only play it from Android and iOS devices.

Do you want to play this online game from the MacBook Pro? Then, you need to download and set up an Android emulator. Moreover, Apple users can also use Boot Camp Assistant to install the game. Or, you can boot into Windows and get Among Us through Steam

However, you need to update the macOS before installing the game. Ensure the MacBook Pro is compatible with an Android emulator. There are many emulators available for the Macs. Choose the one that can be used to download Bluestacks. Otherwise, you can’t install or play Among Us on the MacBook Pro.

Easy Steps on How to Play Among Us on a Macbook Pro

It is pretty simple to get Among Us on a Mac device. However, you need to verify there is at least a 40% battery level before installing the game. Or, you can connect the device to the power adapter to download the game without interference.

Many MacBook Pro users think that this game won’t be supported on their laptops, but you can play it using the following steps:

Download Bluestacks on the Mac

Android games like Among Us can’t run on Mac laptops without an emulator. Find a reliable emulator that can run smoothly on the MacBook Pro. Don’t know which Android Emulator will be ideal for the device? Use Bluestacks; it is easy to use and has the best Android interface.

However, ensure to check the system specifications for installing Bluestacks on macOS. You need at least 4GB of RAM on the device. It will only work on macOS High Sierra and higher. Moreover, the MacBook Pro should have a 64-bit OS architecture. And, you will need an Intel or M1 processor to get Bluestacks on a Mac device.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Bluestacks in the older MacBook Pro model. This indicates that you can’t play Among Us” on the MacBook Pro, which was released before 2012.

Did you have the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro? Then, open the Safari browser and write “Bluestacks” in the address bar.

Click on the download link when the web page appears on the Mac screen. Don’t close the Bluestacks window until the download is complete. It may take 10-15 minutes to get the Android emulator’s installation file.

Press the Option, Command and Space keys together to open Finder and write “Bluestacks”.

Find the Installer, double-tap on it and choose the macOS version. Choose “Install Now” when the new window pops up. Enter the login credentials when prompted and click “Install Helper” to continue.

Unblock the Bluestacks

Bluestacks is now ready to install. However, the latest MacBook Pro users might face issues doing that, because the macOS Monetary or later versions can block this Android emulator. It will prevent you from installing Bluestacks even after entering the password. And, the “System extension blocked” window will appear if this happens.

However, solving this installation issue is pretty easy.  Choose “Open Security & Privacy” from the pop-up window. This will automatically open Mac’s “System Preferences” tab. Can you see the “System software from developer Bluestacks Systems, Inc message”? Tap on “Allow” to unblock Bluestacks and complete the download.

Log in to the Google Account

Before you install Among Us, you will need to sync the Google account. Thus, go to the MacBook Pro’s home screen and double-tap on the Bluestacks icon. Select “Let’s go” when the app opens and enter the email address and password. Fail to sign with the Google account? Use a different login ID to fix this problem.

Download Among Us

Now, it’s time to find and download Among Us on the MacBook Pro. Access the App Center window and go to the search bar to write “Among Us”. Press the Enter button to get this Android game on the search results.

Tap on “Among Us” and select “Install” to add it to the game list. However, the Among Us page sometimes takes time to reload. Many reported that the Google Play Store doesn’t open on the MacBook Pro. It might be because of installing an outdated Bluestacks program.

Missing installation files can also trigger this problem. And, you have to uninstall and reinstall Bluestacks in such instances to install Among Us. A weak Wi-Fi signal can interrupt the installation process. Thus, check the MacBook Pro is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Start a Game

Wait for the Among Us game to download and click “Open”. Set the touch and joystick control options and tap on “OK”. Choose “Got It” and go through the game policy and rules. Additionally, you need to access the main menu to choose “Online”.

Once you enter your name, three options will pop up – Host, Public and Private. Select “Host” to create an online game session. “Public” will let you play this survival game with random players. And, “Private” allows you to join a private match hosted by your friend. Select “Join”, complete all the tasks, and find the impostor to win the match.

Can’t Play Among Us on MacBook Pro? Here’s How to Fix it

Among Us might sometimes cause issues to open on the Mac device. Usually, it occurs when there is no network connection. Switch to cellular data from Wi-Fi and check if that works. Moreover, you can restart the laptop and open the game to solve the problem.

You can’t play the game if the Among Us game server is down. Wait for a few minutes until the problem is fixed, and then start a game. Moreover, there is a high possibility that the host has removed the server. Choose another game server or region to play Among Us without further inconveniences.