Harvest Beehives Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular and educational video game that can be enjoyed by anybody. It comes with moderate challenges and helps with upgrading your gaming skills. Since Minecraft 1.15 got released, players have come across the Buzzy Bees in the gameplay. Along with bees, there are Beehives, Honeycombs, and Honey Bottles. In other words, you can harvest honey and collect honey from it.

Honey is the only food item available on Minecraft that can eradicate poison’s side effects. Additionally, honey comes in bottles and helps you to restore three chunks of heart. On the other hand, honey is the right substitute for milk. But, how to harvest beehives Minecraft?

Well, harvesting bee hives is a bit tough for beginners. Harvesting the honey might drive the bees angry. Additionally, not every bee hive has honey. Let’s find out how you can harvest honey on Minecraft.

Where can You Find Bees on Minecraft?

Before you start thinking about how to harvest beehives Minecraft, you should better look for bees. Usually, you can find bees in flower forests, plains, and many more areas. Here is the complete list of areas where you can possibly find bees and their hives:

  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Sunflower plains
  • Birch forest
  • Birch forest hills
  • Flower forest
  • Wooded hills
  • Tall birch hills
  • Tall birch forest

Probably, you can’t find a beehive at once. If you spot a single bee near you, watch it carefully. Otherwise, you can follow the bee home. Remember that bees don’t appear in the rain or at night. If you’re playing using Creative Mode, then you can use a Bee Spawn Egg to spawn bees.

Another trick to lure a bee back to your garden is to hold a flower in your hand. The bee will then follow you to your garden. Be careful while searching for bees on Minecraft. It’s not quite easy to recover from bee stingers. But, the bee isn’t that lucky. It might despawn and die right after it stings you. Refrain from attacking bees or any member of the hive. Otherwise, bees will counterattack you with poisoned stings.

How to Harvest Beehives Minecraft?

You can collect honey from either a bee nest or beehive. Minecraft lets you build a beehive and harvest honey. On the other hand, finding a bee nest is never easy. That’s why you can build a beehive on your own. Follow the instructions below to learn how to harvest Beehives Minecraft:

  • Go to the 3X3 crafting grid. Fill the upper and lower slots with a total of six wood planks. Three wood planks go to the upper slot, and the other three planks stay in the bottom slot.
  • Afterwards, you have to place 3 honeycombs harvested from bee nests in the middle Slot.

See, it’s too easy to harvest a beehive on Minecraft.

How can You Harvest Honey on Minecraft?

Harvesting honey isn’t a complicated task. With the right technique, you can easily make a beehive on any gaming device. Here’s how to harvest beehives Minecraft and get honey from them:

  • Start with creating a Crafting Table by using 4 wood planks. You can select any wood planks, such as Crimson Planks, Oak Plank, and whatever you prefer.
  • Next, position the Crafting Table on the ground. Additionally, open the table so that you can bring up the 3X3 crafting grid.
  • After that, it’s time to create a Campfire. Arrange 3 sticks, 1 Charcoal or Coal, and 3 Wood or Logs to craft a Campfire on Minecraft.
  • Arrange all the above-mentioned items in a 3X3 crafting grid.
  • Meanwhile, you must have found a bee nest or beehive. You need to place the Campfire just beneath the beehive. This will drive bees away, and you can collect honey without attacking or being attacked by them.

However, you can’t collect honey until the beehive is full of honey. You need to wait for the beehive to get full. The honey should drip out of the hive from all sides of the hive. You should notice golden pixels oozing out of the beehive.

How to Collect Honey from the Beehive?

After you spot beehives full of honey, it’s time to collect honey in honey bottles. Simply get an empty Glass Bottle on the beehive. The usage of a glass bottle to collect honey varies from one device to another.

For example, PC users must right-click and hold to fill up the bottle. If you use Minecraft Mobile, simply tap and hold the mobile screen. Xbox players have to long-press the LT button.

In addition to this, you need to press and hold ZL on Nintendo Switch. If it’s a PlayStation, press and hold L2 to collect honey in honey bottles. If you want to collect honey from a bee net, then you should use Shears to get a Honeycomb.

How does a Beehive Differ from a Bee Nest?

You have to craft beehives on Minecraft, whereas the bee nest is naturally spawned by bees. Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before you proceed with how to harvest beehives Minecraft, you should check out how beehives differ from bee nests.

You can create bee hives anywhere you want. Additionally, you need not search for bee nests. Just make sure that you craft bee hives near flower beds and forests so that bees can get never-ending supplies to make honey.

Benefits of Bees and Honey on Minecraft

Bees help in creating new lives by spreading pollen everywhere. In addition to this, they make honey, and that’s an extremely important food item on Minecraft. Players can restore three hunger units by drinking honey.

On the other hand, you can make sugar by placing honey in the crafting Grid. If you want to make a block of honey, simply put four bottles of honey in the Crafting Grid. If you want to speed up the honey collection process, set up automatic dispensers. Hopefully, the guide was useful regarding how to harvest beehives Minecraft.

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