how to get american netflix on android

The use of Smart TV devices is increasing day by day. These Smart TV’s are now replacing traditional TV’s. Smart TV can do many things that traditional TV cannot do. However, smart TVs are Television that can be a substitute for an android phone or a computer.

It can download applications, run Netflix, YouTube, etc. streaming platforms, record and save media, and many more. So, you’re free of paying bills for your cable services. You may pay for a Netflix subscription and watch Netflix on your Smart TV all day long.

Hence, the programs on Netflix vary according to regions, and profoundly, the American content storage is larger than other countries. If you need to get the best out of your paid money on Netflix, then you need to know how to get American Netflix on Smart TV.

How to Get American Netflix on Android / Smart TV

You might be wondering how to get American Netflix on Smart TV. However, there’ve come multiple ways to access Netflix on your smart TV. All methods do not work to provide the American Netflix service. All the methods that work will be discussed in this article so that you can choose the method that suits you the most.

1. Use a VPN Router:

A VPN router is a router that can work with a VPN. Most of the routers in today’s market can do so. So, you can rely on these methods. It does not take much workload, either. Only a few clicks are enough to get the American Netflix version.

  •         You need to buy a VPN first
  •         Once bought, connect the VPN to your router.
  •         Once installed, you need to open a web browser and search for This is generally the URL to enter the router’s setting that you are currently connected to.
  •         Go to Services>VPN on the webpage.
  •         The Start OpenVPN Client might be disabled at the moment. Enable it to start using your VPN.
  •         Whether you need a username or password to overcome this stage.
  •         You should use the VPN administrator’s username and password to get access to the web page.
  •         Go to setup and click on the Basic Setup box on the webpage.
  •         You need to change the DHCP settings here.

Static DNS 1: 8888

Static DNS 2: 8844

Place a tick on the Forced DNS Redirection

  •         Save all the changes that you made.
  •         You need to alter the Additional DNS Mask Options as well. You have to set these settings as asked by the VPN.
  •         Finally, save all the settings and apply those settings on your device.
  •         Now, the same band should be used to set up the Smart TV and VPN.

So, are you ready to enjoy your favorite TV series on Netflix apart from America? All you have to do is to log in to Netflix, search for the content you want, and enjoy. You do not need to put extra money or download a pirated copy of the contents to watch the show you love. These small steps will save you from all those works.

2. Watch American Netflix on Android Smart TV:

Android smart TV does not need much attention from the user. It does not need much time either. It is as simple as watching American Netflix on your mobile devices. Let’s grab the following steps to watch Netflix on the smart TV.

  • Do you have the latest Google Play? Then go to the Google Play store
  • Find the search bar and select it
  • English alphabets will appear on the screen
  • Select the alphabets one by one to spell out VPN and press enter
  • You’ll find several VPNs on the list. Use your controller to select one of those.
  • Download the VPN from that page and wait for it to be installed
  • Once installed, open the VPN.
  • Select the American server from the list. Your VPN may have several USA servers in the list. Select the server with the most speed, as shown in the list.
  • Go back home. It will minimize your VPN while running. That means all your downloaded and uploaded data will be shared and received through a USA server. In order to check whether your VPN is working, type and search a website that is blocked by your ISP.
  • Now log in to Netflix and enjoy the American Netflix library.

You won’t find the process difficult. You do not need to go through all those technical terms and browse through many websites till you find a way that works. This way, you can watch American Netflix from Canada or any other country with relatively less amount of work.

However, people also use Amazon TV FireStick for their favorite programs of the American version of Netflix. The process is almost the same for Amazon TV Fire Stick as well. You just have to go to the Amazon store instead of Google Play, and the rest is the same.

If you plan to download a third-party VPN that is not available in Amazon Store, you have to download an application called Downloader. Using Downloaded, you can download any third-party application you want on Amazon Fire Stick Smart Tv.

Final Words

Smart TV is replacing traditional TV. You do not have to watch the shows other people have scheduled for you to watch. You can watch the shows you love whenever you want. For that, streaming services are there to make your dream come true.

Though a streaming platform like Netflix is not totally user-friendly, it prohibits users from watching content based on their location. VPN is the answer to that. So, you need to know how to get American Netflix on Android TV. Using a VPN, you can watch the shows you love on platforms like Netflix sitting in front of your Smart TV in your favorite chair.

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