WaasMedic.exe High CPU Usage on Windows 10

Your computer needs some free space on its hard disk while using it. Otherwise, it might start running slowly and face various other problems. Now, certain programs might take up too much hard disk space on your PC. And, WaasMedic.exe, which is responsible for ensuring smooth system updates, is one of them. Windows users might often see that this application uses too much CPU on their devices.

Are you facing the WaasMedic.exe high CPU usage problem? Then, you can apply certain methods to fix this problem quickly. And, we can suggest the most important ones to you. So, read to find out how you can effectively resolve the WaasMedic.exe high CPU usage.

Simple Ways to Fix the WaasMedic.exe High CPU Usage Problem

Waasmedic.exe might use up too much CPU on your device due to various reasons. So, you might not get a solution by the same method every time. Depending on what causes this problem, here are some effective ways to resolve it: 

  • Stop the Windows Update Medic Service

Your Windows system features the Update Medic Service feature. Usually, it can ensure a smooth system update on your Windows PC every time. But, it might take too much CPU resources while doing that. And that is when you might not want to continue using this feature.

The Windows Update Medic Service can often cause the WaasMedic.exe high CPU usage when it is enabled. Now, you can try other ways to fix that. But, disabling it should be the most effective solution. After all, this feature cannot cause any trouble when it is disabled.

To do this, you can download the Windows Update Blocker from the internet on your computer. Then, extract it on your device and launch the program. You can disable the Windows Update Medic Service from the Windows Service options in the Menu.

Apart from that, you can also do this easily from the Services section on your PC. Find the Windows Update Medic listed there, right-click it, and opt for stopping it. You can start this service again if you need to. 

  • Use the Registry Editor to Disable WaasMedic.exe

You can also disable Waasmedic.exe if it takes up too many CPU resources. And, for that, you must open the dialogue box on your Windows system. Then, type and search for ‘regedit’ to reach the Registry Editor. After that, you must proceed to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaaSMedicSvc.

Find and opt for WaaSMedicSvc on the left panel you see. Then, right-click on Start on the right panel and opt for a modification. Enter ‘4’ in the Value Data field below the Value Name. Once you are done, click on OK and then close the Registry Editor. Then, restart your PC and check whether the problem persists.

This step would surely provide you with an effective and long-term solution. So, you must give it a try if nothing else works. 

  • Disable or Delete Third-Party Antivirus 

Are you using third-party antivirus software on your computer? Then, disabling it might help you fix the WaasMedic.exe high CPU usage issue. As it happens, your antivirus software might place WaasMedic.exe on its blacklist. So, you need to place it back into the whitelist first. After that, disable the antivirus software and see whether that resolves the CPU usage problem.

Now, you might not want to keep your antivirus software disabled all of the time. And, the same might apply to WaasMedice.exe. You must uninstall your antivirus and get a better one in such a situation. After all, you cannot remove Waasmedic.exe forever from your Windows system. 

  • Unplug All External Devices

Have you connected any external devices with your PC? Then, that might explain the high CPU usage on your device. So, you must try disconnecting them from your device to fix the problem. In case you are wondering, this does the trick in many cases. So, you can reduce resource usage significantly by disconnecting external devices.

However, you can keep your keyboard and mouse connected to your PC. Other than that, you must remove external hard drives, printers, speakers and other such devices. Then, check whether this has reduced the resource usage enough. 

  • Update All Device Drivers

Outdated driver software can cause a wide range of problems on your Windows 10 system. And that also includes the WaasMedic.exe high CPU usage, among others. So, keeping them up-to-date can help you fix this issue in many cases. You can simply download software to automatically update all your device drivers.

Apart from that, you can also update all the drivers manually through the Device Manager. You will find all your devices and adapters listed there. You need to right-click them and opt for a driver update to update their drivers. If you already use the latest drivers, the problem lies somewhere else. 

  • Postpone Your System Updates

You might find a solution to this problem by stopping system updates. After all, that would also stop the WaasMedic.exe from working. As a result, your device would use fewer resources. However, you cannot stop your Windows PC from downloading updates altogether. But, you can postpone it by as many as 35 days.

And, to do that, you have to go to your Update and Security settings. Then, open the Advanced Options listed there and opt for the date. Your device will then postpone system updates until the date you have chosen. Till then, you can look for other solutions to the problem.

Get an Experts Solution

The WaasMedic.exe high CPU usage issue is quite a complicated one. So, you might face trouble while trying to fix it on your Windows PC. And, the aforementioned methods might sometimes fail to provide a solution. You must reach out to a reliable expert for an optimal solution in such cases.

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