Discord Error Kernel32.dll

The kernel32.dll error seems to be quite common on Windows systems. And, it is not exclusive to a specific program or file. So, you might come across it while trying to launch Discord as well. Your device would fail to launch the app until you find an appropriate solution to this error.

So, you might want to proceed with fixing this problem right away. But, how do you fix the Discord error kernel32.dll? If you are looking for a solution, there are many possible fixes you can try.

Let us look at some of them that are worth giving a try. The methods mentioned below are usually enough to fix the error in most cases.

7 Ways to Resolve the Discord Error Kernel32.dll

The kernel32.dll error does not have the same solution. After all, it might indicate a wide range of possible issues with your device’s system. So, you might need to try all the possible fixes for this error. Apply the following solution one by one until you get an effective solution: 

  • Restart Your PC

As you probably know, a system restart can resolve many temporary errors on your computer. And, this is often the first solution that many people might consider. You must give it a try for fixing the Discord error kernel32.dll immediately. Turn off your computer or simply perform a reboot using the Start menu Power button.

Open Discord on your device after the restart to check on the error. If it occurs again, you might want to look for viruses on your device. 

  • Scan for Viruses

The kernel32.dll error might indicate a corrupt or missing system file on your device. And, in turn, might mean that your computer has viruses and malware. So, you must find and remove any malicious files or software if there are any.

There are many viable antivirus programs out there if you have not installed one already. Use any of them to scan your PC for malicious files.

Getting rid of malware can fix the Discord error kernel32.dll in many cases. But, it might not always be enough to resolve the issue. You need to apply additional fixes as well in such situations. 

  • Repair Damaged System Files

Removing malicious files and software does not repair files already damaged. It only helps you avoid further damage to your crucial system files. So, you need to repair the corrupted system files to fix the Discord error kernel32.dll. If you are wondering, you can do that with the System File Checker program on PC.

You need to open the Command Prompt as an administrator to scan your device with the SFC. Reach the Command Prompt using the Start menu search bar and enter the command “sfc/ scannow”. SFC will scan your device and start fixing any damaged system files it finds.

  • Update Your Device Drivers

The Discord error kernel32.dll might also occur due to a driver issue. So, you must also try updating the drivers for a solution. But, which driver do you need to update? If you are unsure, this error usually has something to do with hardware drivers.

You might require quite a lot of time to update each hardware driver. So, you must consider using driver update software for this task. There are many reliable options if you are looking to install one on your device. Apart from that, you can always manually update your hardware drivers.

Restart your device after the driver updates to register the changes. Then, launch Discord and check whether you get the kernel32.dll error again. 

  • Fix Hard Drive Corruption

The error you are facing might also indicate a corrupted system hard drive in some cases. And, you must proceed with the appropriate solution immediately in such situations. The Check Disk Utility can help you detect hard drive corruption and fix it. So, you should try it out to fix the Discord error kernel32.dll.

Navigate to the Command Prompt and start it with administrator rights. Then, enter “chkdsk x: /f” there to find and fix hard drive corruption. The “x” in the command stands for the letter used for your system drive, usually “C”. Wait while the program applies a solution, and then exit the Command Prompt. Launch Discord once you are done to check whether the error persists.

  • Check for RAM Issues

The Discord error kernel32.dll often occurs due to an issue with the device memory. In such cases, you might need professional help for a long-term solution. But, you must make sure whether the device memory is at fault before you get help. Make sure the RAM is placed properly in your device and remove it to clean it up.

You must also use the Window Memory Diagnostic tool to check for faulty RAM. Enter “mdsched.exe”, and click on OK to open this program on your PC. Then, opt for restarting your computer for checking the problems when the option pops up. Replace your RAM as soon as possible if your PC shows damaged memory. 

  • Get the Latest Windows Update

Updating the system might work if the previous steps could not fix the Discord error kernel32.dll. After all, system updates contain patches for a wide range of issues with your PC. So, go to the Update and Recovery Settings to look for the latest system updates. Install it as soon as possible to fix the kernel32.dll error.

Updating the system would also update your drivers and replace the missing files. So, open the Discord to check on the problem once you are done.

Finally, Reinstall Discord

If the error keeps occurring after applying the aforementioned fixes, there might be an issue with Discord. And, you must reinstall the app in such cases to ensure an effective and long-term solution. Ensure to clear all the app data from your device before proceeding with the reinstallation.

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