Discord Error New Login Location Detected

You usually would not face any issues in accessing your Discord account with the right credentials. But, the app might sometimes prevent you from logging in due to a “new login location”. As the message suggests, this error has something to do with your location. And, a lot of users have reported receiving the same message from Discord.

The error message also tells you to check your email to verify your account. So, you can usually fix the problem by completing the account verification. But, that might not always be a simple task, as many people complained. So, read on to learn how to deal with the Discord error new login location detected.

Why do You get the Discord Error New Login Location Detected & What are its Solutions?

The cause of the location error is not very clear from the error message. Also, there are many possible solutions you can apply to fix it. Not all of them might be effective in all cases.

So, you might have to try each of them to find the appropriate solution. Here are some simple yet effective ways to fix the Discord error new login location detected:

Relaunch Discord on your Device

Temporary errors within the app might cause a wide range of error messages while using Discord. And, you can expect an effective solution by simply relaunching the app in such situations. So, close Discord and start it again after a few minutes to refresh the process. If you are using a PC, visit the Task Manager and stop all Discord background processes.

Launch the app again on your device once you are ready. Then, check whether you can log in to your Discord account this time. You can also try restarting the device if the problem persists. But, you would probably need to apply the next method for a solution in such cases.

Disable the VPN

Are you using a VPN connection to access Discord? Then, that might explain the Discord error new login location detected. After all, VPN services change your device’s location to enhance your privacy.

And, that might not always cause problems when you try to access your Discord account. But, in case it does so, you need to disconnect from the VPN before logging in to Discord.

Launch your VPN app and turn it off to fix the error. Are you using a VPN server on your router? Then, you must log in to your router and disable the VPN server. Relaunch Discord on your device once you are done and try to log in.

Does the error message appear again? Then, you might want to verify your account for a solution.

Verify Your Discord Account

Discord should ask you to check your mail whenever it detects a new login location. So, you must do that if the previous methods were ineffective. You should get a mail with your IP address and location on it.

Click on Verify Login to complete the verification procedure. Then, you are supposed to receive another message saying that the IP authorisation link has expired. Opt for logging in to resend the link and resolve the error.

But, what if you have not received any mail? In that case, you are not alone, as many users have reported the same issue. You must wait for some time for the verification mail in such situations. Reach out to the support team if you do not receive any mail.

Reinstall Discord on Your Device

Did you fail to verify your Discord account due to some reason? Then, you need not worry, as reinstalling the app might do the trick. Doing that can help you fix a wide range of Discord errors. And, it might be effective in resolving the Discord error new login location detected.

Delete Discord from your device and locate its app data folder on your system drive. Then, make sure to delete all the data from the previous installation. Otherwise, you might face issues while trying to reinstall the app. Go to the official Discord website and download the installation file once you are done.

Proceed with the installation and try to log in after you install Discord on your device. Does the Discord error new login location detected show up again? Then, there might be a problem with either your account or your device.

Log In with Another Device

Do you repeatedly fail to log in to the Discord app on your device? Then, you must consider using a different device for the login. Install the app on another device if required, and then launch it. Enter your account credentials and check whether you can access your account.

This should resolve the Discord error new login detection detected if it had occurred due to a device problem. But, what if you do not have another device to access your Discord account? In that case, you can simply use the platform’s web version.

Use the Discord Web Version

Are you unable to access Discord using the app? Then, you need not worry as you can use it on your browser. However, this method would not work if your account has an issue.

Launch any web browser and visit the official website of Discord. Then, click on ‘Open Discord on your web browser’. Entering the right credentials should open your Discord server on the browser without any issues.

If the “new account login location” error persists, you would have to verify your account or create a new one.

What if You Fail to Fix the Login Location Error?

You can usually fix the Discord error new login location detected with the aforementioned solutions. But, many users have reported a failure in accessing their accounts.

You might also fail to verify your account due to various reasons. In such cases, you must contact the Discord support team for help. Creating a new Discord account, if possible, can also ensure a long-term solution to this error.

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