Discord Error Blank Screen

Discord shows a blank screen for several reasons. An outdated app triggers this screen glitch in most cases.

Did you enable the Windows PC’s “hardware acceleration” feature? It could prevent this VoIP messaging platform from working properly. A corrupted app cache might also lead to the Discord error blank screen problem.

Besides, Discord users can encounter this error when using incompatible graphics drivers. Sometimes, third-party apps can conflict with the Discord app. Uninstall the problematic programs from the Windows PC to solve the problem. Clear the web browser’s cache to avoid getting this complicated screen issue.

7 Easy Ways to troubleshoot the Discord Error Blank Screen

Discord mostly shows a blank screen when sharing the device screen. Many have faced this problem while streaming online games and accessing the Startup menu. Don’t contact a professional beforehand, as this error can be solved easily. Restart the computer or laptop, open Discord to overcome this screen error.

Still, can’t see anything after accessing this digital platform? Follow these below-mentioned solutions to eliminate the problem immediately:

Check the Screen Share settings

Discord keeps on updating its features to improve the user experience. However, if the PC doesn’t support the new screen share feature, the display will turn black. Change Discord’s screen share settings to fix this error.

First, open the Discord app or website, and tap on “Settings”. Head to the “Voice & Video” tab and find the “Screen Share” option. Can you see “Use our latest technology to capture your screen”? Toggle off this option and restart Discord. And, it won’t show a blank screen when sharing the PC screen.

Run Discord as an Admin

Discord users need to run the app as administrators to record the screen. If the app doesn’t have access to the device, it might cause a blank screen error. Change the app permissions to overcome the problem immediately. Open the PC, right-click on the Discord app and select “Properties”.

When the “ Properties “ window opens, navigate to the “Compatibility” section. Go for the “Settings” option and click “Run this program as an administrator” afterwards. Click “Ok”, choose “Apply”, and close this window. Open the Discord app and check if you still get a black screen. Proceed to the next solution if the Discord error blank screen exists.

Clear the App Cache

Discord stores the temporary files on the device to improve the performance. And, this Discord cache can become corrupted over time. When this happens, some of the app features stop working. A blank screen appears when you try to enable these features. Remove the cache to resolve this error from Discord.

Press the Windows and R keys together, write “%appdata%” when the Run box opens. Press the “Enter” key or click “Ok” to open the “Roaming” window. And, then locate the “Discord” folder. Right-click on it and choose “Delete” when the pop-up menu opens. Restart the PC, open the app and stream games without hassle.

Update the Display Drivers

You need an updated graphics driver to use the Discord “screen share” feature. Otherwise, the app might show a black screen when sharing the screen with other gamers. Hold the Windows and X keys simultaneously to open the Quick menu.

Choose “Device Manager” and tap on “Display Adapters” when the new window appears. Locate the graphics driver name, right-click on it and select “Update Driver”. Windows will update the display drivers within a few minutes. After that, open the Discord app to check if the black screen issue is resolved.

Update the Device’s OS

The current Windows or macOS might have issues recording the screen. Moreover, it’s also possible that the OS isn’t compatible with the latest Discord app. Update the PC’s software to fix the Discord error blank screen.

Do you use Discord from a Windows device? Hold the Windows and I keys together and opt for “Update & Security” from Settings. Wait until the next window opens and tap on “Windows Update”.

Windows users also need to choose the “Check for Updates” option. Windows will show the “Update Now” option if any update is available. Click that to install the latest Windows OS version on the device. Open Discord and use the screen recording feature without getting a screen error.

How to Install the latest OS on a Mac device?

Mac users need to first access the Apple menu. Click “System Preferences”, choose “Software Update” when the next window opens. Tap on “Update Now” to update the macOS. Go to the Discord app and try to choose the “screen share” feature. If the device starts recording the screen, you have resolved the problem.

Disable the Hardware Acceleration Feature

Ensure “Hardware acceleration” is disabled when using Discord. Moreover, if the PC has a faulty GPU, this feature might not work. Turn off this feature to share the screen with the other Discord users.

Open the app, move to its Settings and tap on “Advanced”. Search for the “Hardware Acceleration” option from this window. Move the slider from right to left to disable this Discord feature. Restart the computer, open Discord, and the black screen won’t further display.

Update the Discord App

Do you use Discord from an Android device? Go to the PlayStore, and write “Discord” in the search box. Choose Discord from the search results, and tap on “Update”. Open the app and enable the screen share feature to prevent this error.

Moreover, the Windows users need to hold the Windows and R keys together. When the Run box opens, write “%localappdata%” and press “Enter”. Double-tap on the “Discord” folder and choose the “Upadte.exe” file to install the latest app version. The Discord screen won’t turn black after the update.

And, Lastly, Uninstall and Reinstall Discord…

Remove this messaging app from the PC using the Control Panel tool. Open a web browser, write “Discord’ in the address bar, and press “Enter”. Access the Discord website, click “Download” to reinstall the app.

Are you still getting a black screen? Contact an expert for instant help.

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